5 Reasons Why My First Movie Failed 

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Let's talk a bit about Sprouting Orchids (my first attempt at a feature film) and why it ultimately failed.


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5 Jan 2019



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AustinMcConnell 2 anos atrás
Want a Sprouting Orchids T-Shirt or Hoodie for no particular reason? Available now, for a limited time.
Yousef Zidan
Yousef Zidan 3 meses atrás
yawn Anos atrás
aw man, i would’ve actually bought that...
Dillon Wright
Dillon Wright Anos atrás
Here's something to help you with your next movie, use Dan Harmon's Story Circle, it will help structure your story, and all you'd have to do is figure out how each piece transitions into the next.
Robin Lace
Robin Lace Anos atrás
I wanna watch the movie.
Jacob Teel
Jacob Teel Anos atrás
Rotten tomatoes gives it 71% Imdb gives it 8/10 It may be terrible to you But to many others it is a good movie!
Dave Cho
Dave Cho Mês atrás
Awesome video, thanks for the advice, but honestly, I don't think if I was a director, I would be as mean as you were 😂😂😂
I'm Making A Movie
I'm Making A Movie Mês atrás
the poster/logo is rather nice
MissEnefiok Mês atrás
I just discovered your channel and I love it! You are crazy talented, and not afraid to try and fail in public which is so inspiring. I've worked as a 1st AD for 7 years on countless productions, very few of the directors I've worked with stand-out as amazing story-tellers to me. You are an amazing storyteller, so please keep making films. Personally, I think the genres that you are a fan of, aren't the genre of stories you're supposed to tell. Honestly, I'm a huge fan. I can't wait to see your name on the big screen one day! If you're ever in the UK and need an awesome AD to help take the load off, hola. :)
Adam Gladwin
Adam Gladwin Mês atrás
he looks so young in the movie
Crimson88 3 meses atrás
I am young and I want to be a filmmaker. I love a load of brilliant filmmakers. My goal is to become one of these people, and maybe inspire another artist. My movies will be crime dramas. And some of them use the theme of love in a weird way. Most characters in my movies will have a complete lack of understanding of what love is. This will theme is a major one including nihilism, violence, and the nature of reality.
rYansms 3 meses atrás
Please release it online we want to watch it
Kai_T4 3 meses atrás
Do you still talk to or have you spoken to anyone who worked on it with you?
Daniel Sandner
Daniel Sandner 3 meses atrás
Rule number 6, which is actually THE number 1: "Do not make yourself the lead in your movie." The only two who could pull it in the history of cinema were Orson Welles... and Charlie Chaplin.
Bolicob IV
Bolicob IV 3 meses atrás
As an aspiring game designer, this video applies to me too
Matthew Stevens
Matthew Stevens 4 meses atrás
I'd like to amend a statement you've made to this; Don't make things so you can say you've made them, make things for the sake of making them. Writinga novel so you can say you wrote a novel is an easy way to make yourself hate writing novels. Writing a novel so you can learn have learned how to write novels is a better motivator. Do it for the experience and for the reward of a complete product at the end. Even if it's bad, a bad something isn't nothing.
Ruffus Goodman
Ruffus Goodman 5 meses atrás
Your story made me want to help these projects instead to kickstart one of my own. I want (once I believe it is good to invest) to help and collaborate with young projects
SevenDeMagnus 5 meses atrás
So sad but it's valuable. 6th could be the title and graphics (it's hard to make out, unlike that mid 2000's movie poster whereby the tree branches look like a face.
Mahdi 5 meses atrás
It didn't fail if you learned something
Shelberto The Turtle
Shelberto The Turtle 5 meses atrás
If you don't complete the goal you set out for you failed learning something is a consolation prize
Wrestling Figure Mania
Wrestling Figure Mania 6 meses atrás
Also the title is kinda weird
김애기 6 meses atrás
Just realized the Sprouting Orchids logo is two people
Ray - 7000
Ray - 7000 7 meses atrás
“ardent and tedious” I think you mean arduous and tedious?
NOKTAN CREATIONS 7 meses atrás
If your old work does not look cringe ..... . . . . . . Sorry you are not improving..
elyria wonk
elyria wonk 7 meses atrás
You are great at youtube
Daniel Zhydkov
Daniel Zhydkov 7 meses atrás
I don't care
Famous YouTuber Noah Salmon
Austin, if you ever got the chance or were feeling up to it, would you try making Sprouting Orchids again? Like attempting to fix all the problems the original film had?
The Jedwardo
The Jedwardo 7 meses atrás
release a blu ray i’d genuinely love to watch it
Creative Club
Creative Club 7 meses atrás
10:00 it's mee!!😅
Lemonade Boys Official
Lemonade Boys Official 7 meses atrás
Glad you learned from your mistakes man!
AG Entertainment
AG Entertainment 8 meses atrás
shooting was less than a month!? Damn you shot that thing fast
Adam Angevine
Adam Angevine 8 meses atrás
huh i also have been doing 48 hour challenges and honestly they to do hurt but almost every time in the end they come out pretty good and then i can sleep so that's a pretty good plus
IMMINOSUS 8 meses atrás
The last mi ute sounded like something a disney villan would say before killing off a character lol
Yash Gadhavi
Yash Gadhavi 8 meses atrás
Just like you killed lg15
pro shooters
pro shooters 9 meses atrás
Is there a way I can see the movie I just want to know who bad it really is or good?
Vraisairs 9 meses atrás
So, the end.... It made it look like he was making another movie. So where is it? Is it in production?
English Audio
English Audio 9 meses atrás
Nice. I've just started a yotube channel. Please check it out.
Octave 9 meses atrás
Your first reason why your movie failed is everything. Don't even bother mentioning the 4 others. Because if you really have something to say, something deep, something heartfelt, and you put it with talent in a good story, the 4 other reasons are way less of a problem, and you'll be able to overcome them, eventually. They might weaken the final result, but the depth, the heart of your work will still be there. The only advice you can give someone who wants to make a feature is : Use your own experience of life. And if you don't have any, get some, live your life, and then write. Art is not about aliens, it's about human emotions.
Brady Gaddis
Brady Gaddis 9 meses atrás
You NEED to sell the movie again. I would totally buy it.
gardian buddy blah blah
where can i watch that movie
Matilde Romano
Matilde Romano 10 meses atrás
Longshots 10 meses atrás
honestly, I want to make a short, but I'm terrified, I don't know who I can approach because I don't really want to go to film school. I don't know anyone, or even how to turn to anyone. if anyone has made a short film or is currently making one, how do you get cast or crew? how can I start the production process?
J kiddin
J kiddin 10 meses atrás
This video made me realize I want to make a movie not to make a movie, but to tell a story.
Micah Reviews
Micah Reviews 11 meses atrás
You should recreate sprouting orchids now that you have become more mature in filmmaking. Since you have a big fan base now you could get more money for it most likely. I would love to see a remake because I thought this was a cool concept for a movie
Evan Sercombe
Evan Sercombe 11 meses atrás
You say it was terrible... but then why did it get such good ratings?!
Prime Studios
Prime Studios 11 meses atrás
I desperately want to see this movie with director's commentary. "Sprouting Orchids" could live a second life as an instructional tool for film makers. As in, "Hey man, have you seen 'Sprouting Orchids'? It's so awful! I learned a ton!"
VZ Matthews
VZ Matthews 11 meses atrás
That ending callback was so cool 👏
Disruptiv media
Disruptiv media 11 meses atrás
Great video and my god you sound like Richard Dreyfuss, which makes the viewing experience more fun!
Dino S. Dominic
Dino S. Dominic Anos atrás
Some people do, some teach, it's hard to admit it, but that's how things are, but don't stop planning or dreaming kids.
Elijah Fern
Elijah Fern Anos atrás
God, I want to watch this film.
Edge LØRD 9000
Edge LØRD 9000 Anos atrás
I’m writing my own movie with some friends, and I feel like these videos could help me out
Corn Pone Flicks
Corn Pone Flicks Anos atrás
Good advice all around, though I don't think a movie needs a moral. It certainly helps to have a theme, but it doesn't need to impart a lesson. Too often, attempts at morals are really heavy-handed and condescending, and I could just do without them.
H Schenck
H Schenck Anos atrás
Generous advice, thank you!
Chilcos Anos atrás
I prefer the old funny videos to this Do more
c20ux Anos atrás
If anything thanks to you YT channel you got ten 10/10 fake reviews on IMDb lol
Péter Baán
Péter Baán Anos atrás
My wife is my greatest critic. She never fails to tell me if my project is a piece of shit and I love her for it. She is the untrained eye (or ear, because I'm a musician) and the blunt critic. Love her
zantigar Anos atrás
This video had me in stitches, howling with laughter. For that alone, it was totally worth having your first feature fail. Your candor, contrition, and humility give me faith that you will go on to greater glory!
Mr.JackTheNasty Anos atrás
every time i see scenes from the movie i think "holy shit he looks a lot healthier now " english is my seccond language
Radien Anos atrás
Congratulations on whatever new film you have taken on!! I'll keep an eye on your channel for information about it as it progresses. If you submit it to a film festival that shows in my area, I'll see about attending. I once dated someone who was an extra in low-budget sci-fi Memento wannabe, and it was... not good. So if I was willing to watch that for her, I'll definitely go see yours, as I have no doubt it will be significantly better than THAT film. ;)
Seth Decker
Seth Decker Anos atrás
Would you ever consider putting the elements of the film out for your subs to cut into a short film? It might be fun to see how other people handle your art!
Cool Videos
Cool Videos Anos atrás
Where can we watch the film?
Masil Rizwan
Masil Rizwan Anos atrás
his movie is rates 8/10 by imdb
HarleyAF Anos atrás
Anyone else realise the movie has 8.0 on IMDb that’s higher than once upon a time in Hollywood
KiethVeseyOfficial Anos atrás
I made 4 short films on my BRdesk channel. Each one of them is under 1 minute.
Spaceballs Anos atrás
I feel like a comedy arthouse/indie film about Austin making Sprouting Orchids would be weirdly good.
jacidstorm Anos atrás
1 Mil!
Gecko o
Gecko o Anos atrás
Well something that I have learned is that a lot depends on who you know, I mean you will not tell me that the plot of your movie was worst that most of the super hero movies of this days.
Storbang Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing that. I know I have a tough road ahead of me in producing my own material. 🤓
Derek Dean
Derek Dean Anos atrás
Lots of people have yes men. They write something, throw their little hands in the air like they just don't care and declare themselves geniuses. People's egos don't allow them to share with people who will tear it apart. Get some no men. Get some people who hate your guts and want to go camping with you so they can kill you in the woods and let your body float down a river. Become, slight acquaintances with these people, so when the time comes, and you finish something, these are the people who will read it. Your real friends won't, and their opinions usually won't help, but the people who want to see you fail, oh they'll read it. They'll print it out themselves, double spaced so their little red pen can scribble large brushstrokes of vindictive told ya so. And when they give it back to you, assuming they have any ability to break down scripts, you'll know if you have something or not. All the elevator pitch, save the cat, etc etc, it's horse pucky. It's sitting down, realizing it's going to take way more than a first draft, and it's willing to hear someone, to your face tell you it sucks, and what's wrong with it. And they might be wrong, and if they are, you slap that fedora off their head and tell them, but winning over frienemies is the ultimate test on if the script is good or bad. Unless they want to sabotage you by inflating your ego, if so, they are now a yes man, and you need to get a new frienemy. As you get older, you'll realize, spouses, are the ultimate readers. Because they want you to leave the computer alone and mow the flipping grass, so when they tell you to keep on writing. Nice.
Christine Yarnold
Christine Yarnold Anos atrás
I thought the title was Sprouting Organs when I first heard it... Just me?
James Anos atrás
That ending gave me chills and made me so happy
Thomas Middlebrooke
Just searched imdb, and rotten tomatoes. 8/10 on imdb with 224 votes, and a 74% audience score. It must have resonated with somebody!
Classic Hollywood
Classic Hollywood Anos atrás
This video: The Theatrical Cut i made a movie. it stunk: The Extended Cut
SkeletalSounds _
SkeletalSounds _ Anos atrás
funny you bring up Primer, tho. that film also popped in my head after hearing about your experience. seems like Carruth was kinda who you desperately wanted to be
micha. Anos atrás
Slayer Wolfx
Slayer Wolfx Anos atrás
1:55 the title starts
OnyX Studio
OnyX Studio Anos atrás
Where can we get that movie
daniel sarn
daniel sarn Anos atrás
I think he is a pretty creative guy I just think he was disappointed with himself and his shitty attitude towards people who helped him make his film, can't be as bad as that complete ass Troy Duffy though. I hope you live and learn Austin, at least you have the nuts to admit it. Good luck!
Andy Kench
Andy Kench Anos atrás
I'm not sure all Hollywood movies actually have a story to tell; just a mix of sex and violence and attractive people doing stuff, much like hte last movie they were all in.
Nick Pastorino
Nick Pastorino Anos atrás
Let me save everyone 12 minutes: He tried to make a full length feature film on less than $3,000 along with a tiny crew while staring in and editing it himself. Wow. So it was basically a lack of common sense that caused his failure. He compares his "film" to Resevoir Dogs when Resevoir Dogs had a budget of 1 and a quarter MILLION dollars. Come on man, wth? The true lesson he should have learned was to be realistic.
ferociousgumby Anos atrás
Things fail. No one thinks it will happen to _them._
ferociousgumby Anos atrás
It wasn't any good?
Kodek Productions
Kodek Productions Anos atrás
It wasn't unique? I mean it was, but also wasn't.
uwu thot
uwu thot Anos atrás
you should sell the disk, i’d buy it
Soubhagya Grover
Soubhagya Grover Anos atrás
This is legitimately an ode to everything everyone does throughout their lives. I too am a filmmaking student and I cannot describe how this helped me. Thanks.
Vomitedtoe71 Anos atrás
Can I watch the movie tho?
penguinYT1 Anos atrás
Does rewatching Sprouting Orchids mean you're about to start another movie?
Marcus Turner
Marcus Turner Anos atrás
Austin doesn’t realize how much any one of his subscribers would pay for a copy of Sprouting Orchids
Marcus Turner
Marcus Turner Anos atrás
I feel like anyone who made something a while ago thinks of it worse than it really is
MesskeyLIVE Anos atrás
I’m making a bootleg/low budget Avengers Infinity War lol
CJ Avery
CJ Avery Anos atrás
“i have some cool 3d animations of weird alien worms” may i ask why you have clips of weird alien worms?
Fred latin Medic
Fred latin Medic Anos atrás
Wrote a book, made a feature film, was a child voice actor, rewrote HP CC someting i'm missing?? Oh yeah, anti ink cartidge spokesperson
kuf geo
kuf geo Anos atrás
Maybe the plot of sprouting orchids was rushed,but at least Austin went through some notable character development. Off camera. A win is a win.
karawik Anos atrás
If you ever get a good idea start an kickstarter or indigo project I'll back
H_Gamer Anos atrás
What if the movie had succeeded? Would you been still making a video about your mistakes? It is fascinating seeing someone grow due to there mistakes. You would usually think people who say fail more to learn are just trying to motivate, but this video is an evidence that it is not something they just say to motivate you.
Wunderbar! Anos atrás
But still better than Birdemeic
Ery Almario
Ery Almario Anos atrás
You could remake it
Time Travel MM
Time Travel MM Anos atrás
Bahaha, you wanted to make "art"? You won't fit in with Hollywood. They make the same stunk stuff except they make it work with a marketing campaign that lures all the dumb masses to it who can appreciate it. You need that.
Robin Branson
Robin Branson Anos atrás
Austin, your channel often feels like an exercise in professional-grade reflectiveness. It's a highly undervalued skill in adult life, and you're really, really good at it. My interest in the content of your videos aside, I appreciate your maturity in this area. Keep it up.
dan Anos atrás
Now I am scared that I will fail my first film
ConZ Anos atrás
@GFFmatt So what yout saying is go for a film that will be a buildup to be a film you really want to make (Idk thats what I'm thinking rn)
GFFmatt Anos atrás
Dan. Layeghi you will. You should. That’s how you learn. So make it!
joolian feline
joolian feline Anos atrás
Hey 8/10 on IMDB not bad.
JULES Anos atrás
WAUW this just crushed all my dreams
DULLEX_421 Anos atrás
Caus it’s bad
Horsegymnast9 Anos atrás
First point really hits home
Mutex88 Anos atrás
But still.. you DID make a movie. And honestly, I'd like to watch it.
Andrews Anos atrás
Ask me next time. I will give you a feedback you will for weeks.
i made a movie. it stunk.
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