Apex Legends: Emergence Gameplay Trailer 

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World’s Edge is crumbling, a new Legend joins the fray, and the deadly new Rampage LMG is now in play: see how the Games are evolving in Apex Legends: Emergence.

A visionary Legend, Seer harnesses a swarm of micro-drones to find a clear path to victory. With an artist’s perspective, he sees beauty in the chaos.

And there’s plenty of chaos to go around: thanks to overmining, World’s Edge is crumbling beneath the Legends’ feet. Seer’s not the only one with an eye for potential: Rampart’s taken the opportunity to invent a new LMG that turns Thermite Grenades into literal firepower. Call it the Rampage.

Keep your gaze steady and your feet light when Apex Legends: Emergence launches on August 3. These might just be the most dangerous Games yet.

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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Music Credits
“The Dream (feat. Paunita Nichols)”
Written by Garrett Whoosh & JJ Farris



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Revenant Gaming
Revenant Gaming Dia atrás
Lil Nas x is OP
Cohyn Geneva
Cohyn Geneva 5 dias atrás
0:51 what.
Shock Diverse
Shock Diverse 5 dias atrás
Hello. I want to warn all players and developers of apex legends that the "administrators and employees of apex legends" who work in the game, so that the tournament works supposedly correctly .. they are manipulating, crashing, psychologically harassing "expert" players in this shooter field, so that they themselves win the tournaments and the $$$ prizes .. constantly, repeatedly and in the forums or helplines in EA games, they only give explanations that do not serve to blame us for this mistreatment psychological, cyber harassment by administrators and employees of the video game apex legends, since we, the expert players in this field of video games, have our cpu's, our connections constantly functioning correctly, and it is not our fault that the game crashes when you are going to win a game, when you are going to annihilate another player, etc. For days I have been recording these constant crashes in my games that prevent me from advancing in the tournament, prevent me from eliminating these "rats" employees, who abuse the option of working in this video game, using constant crashes, slowing down graphics, changing configurations of our cpu. without permission, etc. I have a lot of evidence on this. THE PLAYERS ARE NOT GUILTY OF SUICIDE. Those responsible for this continuous cyber-harassment are the same employees and administrators of apex legends videogame, who manipulate all the games by causing the game to crash and paying 10 minutes of our time for "supposedly" disturbing our fellow tournament players. I am more than 48 hours in continuous crashes in my two origin accounts. They chase me, they enter my game lobby, at the end of the games these players disappear so that I cannot invite them to another game and I cannot report them through the origin options. This matter is in the hands of a law firm, a police investigation in Spain. I recommend to all the players who have made them think through forum tickets, phone calls, help EA Madrid, that it is not their fault .. that they want us to think .. They are the same administrators or employees of apex legends who are constantly manipulating us AND NOBODY DOES ANYTHING. That is why it is in the process of a police investigation and a BIG massive complaint is in progress. I've been blocked on apex legends forums so I can't tell players what's going on. Now I see that they are committing suicide ???? this is true? I do not know if it is another tactic of these employees or administrators of apex legends to make us think that the fault lies with the players. They are psychologically mistreating the players, constant and repetitive cyber-harassment and this may be the cause of said suicides. I want to warn all GLOBAL players who investigate this matter, that it is not the fault of their internet connections, it is not the fault of the company that hire internet connections, it is not their fault of their cpu configurations to play. I hope this message is useful, since I have tests during 2 years of play that verify this continuous harassment of MY person through apex legends. Greetings to all, peace and health. I hope that together we can put these people in jail earning immunizations opr ALL THE DAMAGES CAUSED. I recommend going to doctors, police and lawyers and report these continuous ATTACKS to prevent us from choosing to have fun in a healthy community. Greetings to all, Merovinshio.
Hybrid 10 dias atrás
Lil nas X
Armin Fazeli
Armin Fazeli 14 dias atrás
SyZo ILLionz
SyZo ILLionz 16 dias atrás
Itz Official. I even took the time to think about it. I do not Like this game any more... I wont say Hate. Hate is a Powerful word and I respect what this game is doing to fight against the "Hate" Energy. Im hooked on the Game play, but I cant Wait Untill Something better Comes out.. 1. The Constant Fixes over Constant Content.. 2. The Waiting Period for new Characters. 3. The Price for anything in the game. 4. The red Shards.... Bull Sh!T... 5. Your creating your player base under the unrealistic idea that we Live forever.. With the Amount of waiting. You got me for the Gameplay Value. Im working on my own Battle Royale... Im sure it wont be as good... And at this point losing interest for Another Titan Fall.. If it ever comes out.. Your Little Naz X Character Solidified the Pure Upper Cut Black men get daily. Regardless of whats trending in tv... ( and im not racist or homophobic by any means. ) I cant wait to see this Game Fall or Fly out the Depths of Wack in my book. But after the way this season started and how i held this back to make sure i felt this way.. I do Not Like this Game. Respawn. Ive always liked your products, But ive had it with this one. You got me for Now, but I really hope something Better than this game drops soon. Seriously. Good luck Fellas... I hope BattleField trashes this game frfr...
Avis Fratama
Avis Fratama 20 dias atrás
Jefftukang Jeff
Jefftukang Jeff 21 dia atrás
using aimbot in advert.....SMH.
Nathan chavez
Nathan chavez 22 dias atrás
Apex lags
neverendinghustle 22 dias atrás
Every new season i download APEX enter and i leave before the game loads and uninstall
Saul Tecuanhuehue
Saul Tecuanhuehue 23 dias atrás
Some avatar effects
Shawndra Von Hatten
Shawndra Von Hatten 29 dias atrás
I “❤️” the European accent! Awesome video! 🙋🏼‍♀️☮️👍🏻
Dabonit1 Mês atrás
Add a revenant edition plz
Kronix 08
Kronix 08 Mês atrás
put back the spitfire plss
Benjamin Carmona
Benjamin Carmona Mês atrás
No kid
Joshua Simwaka
Joshua Simwaka Mês atrás
When is apex legends mobile releasing
Deadsilver104 Borntoball
Sheriff • 21 years ago
Bloodhound season
Mad Mike
Mad Mike Mês atrás
I hope the next legend is a pilot, cloaker or even Cooper.
Lovro Ribičić
Lovro Ribičić Mês atrás
Nerfffffff punch bro
Hassan Askari
Hassan Askari Mês atrás
Love it
Frances Lemay
Frances Lemay Mês atrás
Love apex légendes
Mokke Fu Hua
Mokke Fu Hua Mês atrás
Out of so many updates, Respawn still can't fix the server in Asia. Sweet, getting lag for no reason and disconnected from the server 40,000 times each game i start.
Mr ohno
Mr ohno Mês atrás
Where tf are the arena maps
Jrman513 Mês atrás
The first 1:30 is useless and gives no information.
Awysa Foe
Awysa Foe Mês atrás
But the still can't fix the hit box's like its honestly pathetic at this point.. 😒 Just make titan fall 3 so that can get destroyed by another toxic community like all online games.
ryxnlxxdlxy Mês atrás
When are you guys gonna add keyboard and mouse to console
Benjamin Carmona
Benjamin Carmona Mês atrás
Tell me you're joking
InfiniteWisdom_8 Mês atrás
InfiniteWisdom_8 Mês atrás
As if it wasnt bad enough youre playing again downies drooling on their bibs who get 95% aim assist because they pay 10 bucks a month for Apex coins. But then you clutter the ground loot with trash and you cant even find a real gun.
Cockroach Soup
Cockroach Soup Mês atrás
Thank god it was a different “Emergence”
meme supreme
meme supreme Mês atrás
c r o s s p r o g r e s s i o n
LogThatWeirdo Mês atrás
Honestly look at season 4 trailer, music, effects, and gameplay that all fits together. Look at this, no music, confusing gameplay, a bit off cool effects but that’s it.
Benjamin Carmona
Benjamin Carmona Mês atrás
Yeah, after season 8 the trailers start to be less hype, but what we gonna do about it 🤷‍♂️
Vronize Aian'eirian
I checked the patch notes, why there is no such a thing like "fixed the flying jesus laser guys"?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Mês atrás
Man I hope that LMG has spawn rate of a backpack everyone is going to use it 😭😭
jay Mês atrás
Loving seer so far !
J C Mês atrás
Mei zhen
Mei zhen Mês atrás
hi everyone I just got my Facebook page back, all thanks to *VIX4ORD* my Facebook page was hacked 4 years ago, and it totally broke me down because I had my business built on it, I almost lot everything, but I didn’t give up, before a colleague mine recommended him to me this month, I tell you that dude is super good. 👍🏻
Mei zhen
Mei zhen Mês atrás
hi everyone I just got my Facebook page back, all thanks to *VIX4ORD* my Facebook page was hacked 4 years ago, and it totally broke me down because I had my business built on it, I almost lot everything, but I didn’t give up, before a colleague mine recommended him to me this month, I tell you that dude is super good. 👍🏻
l l
l l Mês atrás
What this game needs is , another gaye character..ahahaha. not less sheilds or more bullets or snipers that snipe. Nobody will be playing this in the fall.
l l
l l Mês atrás
Gay Disco Battle Royal heal off.
ChazDigital Mês atrás
yes Mês atrás
emergence.. remind me of something..
I Xerlix
I Xerlix Mês atrás
Save titanfall
Donte Lewis
Donte Lewis Mês atrás
Seer is gonna be hella OP
Rashid Nizam
Rashid Nizam Mês atrás
By when we can play in mobile ?
Blémet Fabien
Blémet Fabien Mês atrás
I have 15021 games on Apex legends. I keep my complain for me when something is little broken... But THIS Time it's too much for me. This New carachter... This New gun. There is no Way. I'm so disapoint.
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza Mês atrás
Apex (Third party, abilities) legends
かすてら Mês atrás
シアが強すぎるので弱体化してください。 切なる願い
ああ Mês atrás
patty Mês atrás
Lil nas X bout to throw down in apex
Sharjeel Ahmad
Sharjeel Ahmad Mês atrás
Bloodhound really let out his Beidou spirit
Scott Jonathan
Scott Jonathan Mês atrás
Another trash of legend idk what they're so busy doing in respawn but they're out of right decision obviously
Sweat Babyy
Sweat Babyy Mês atrás
If they do one more bloodhound axe clip or Lstar hip fire team wipe I’m gonna lose it 😂😣
RAWVIPER X Mês atrás
Evil guy from princess and the frog
xx A xx
xx A xx Mês atrás
👀 Just checking in on the Lag status
Alex Warden
Alex Warden Mês atrás
So basically now we have a more Advanced bloodhounds
Damien Camerino
Damien Camerino Mês atrás
so seer is basically a portable crypto
Mason Dawson
Mason Dawson Mês atrás
please tell me the music from this trailer can be found somewhere. (After searching after a few weeks I can confirm it can not as of now 🌝)
FoxxWalz Mês atrás
Bloodhound in this trailer >
Dinky Mês atrás
trailer making it look like bloodhound is the new character
Andrea Bessman
Andrea Bessman Mês atrás
why does it make it look like you have a chance
im oxiiid
im oxiiid Mês atrás
Brotherkiller17 Mês atrás
looks great so when are you guys gonna get rid of the DDOS attacks and cheaters and make the match making better and fix the bugs and glitches? oh never okay nice to know
vynx script
vynx script Mês atrás
I love apex bro but i think its getting more and more demamding in terms of performance my pc can barely run it i hope respawn can do something about it or does anyone have tips? I'd apprciate your comments/tips
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Mês atrás
If these trailers actually happened in game, nobody would die that easy like in the trailers lol, they only have like 20 health
crazyamericangamer Mês atrás
EA please make good Halloween skins this year!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Mês atrás
If these trailers actually happened in game, nobody would die that easy like in the trailers lol, they only have like 20 health
Aj S.
Aj S. Mês atrás
Bloodhound sounds like they stepped on a lego with that scream
dark_platinium Mês atrás
every trailer we see heirloom but lvl 500 never got one.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Mês atrás
shadowkidgamer Mês atrás
Thats a good skin I will 100% buy it
HonourMate Mês atrás
What have I missed I last played at the start of fuzes season..
F.B.I Agent
F.B.I Agent Mês atrás
Not a lot really, kind of just the season 9 legend Valkyrie, a bow, some map changes to Olympus and some lore Well there’s the new permanent Arenas mode but it wasn’t as groundbreaking as we thought it was
Redd Wolf
Redd Wolf Mês atrás
1:06 Sounds like Hound cries "Vah'lah!" before jumping in.
If you know me then you dont
Thats lil nas X
Octane Mês atrás
Don’t worry guys I’m still alive
Max Watkins
Max Watkins Mês atrás
The thoughtless chime chronically attract because flax phytochemically tap times a zesty education. faithful, rhetorical cellar
Diegiok Mês atrás
they’re gonna have to buff the weaker legends to have some competition with seer , since he puts a lot on the table for his team being able to give intel and stun people , might as well give mirage full scan on his decoys
itzKHANN Mês atrás
Dude the way Bloodhound screams 💔🥺
Toadster Mês atrás
Bloodhounds part was so dope
nice jr
nice jr Mês atrás
nice jr
nice jr Mês atrás
can you make mirage's new ultimate with old 1
Makiradad Mês atrás
Y the new legend move like a ballerina smdh
Jacob Swetka
Jacob Swetka Mês atrás
Wait if seer can track people with his passive when he hears heartbeats would pathfinder and revenant still be heard because there robots
Gaming Videos
Gaming Videos Mês atrás
I wonder what will happen to bloodhound later in the season…maybe like next season he will be a hunter that Knows what his pray is doing and have a new story 🤔
FinalBoss Mês atrás
Just waiting on the Lil Nas X costume for Seer
George Goodnough
George Goodnough Mês atrás
Quamont Mês atrás
You got to give it to Seer The dude has STYLE
Low -threat
Low -threat Mês atrás
Seer literally will be dancing on your grave lol
Kirigaya kirito
Kirigaya kirito Mês atrás
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell Mês atrás
Good Bloodhound Trailer!! probably the next buffed legend
Corey Sato
Corey Sato Mês atrás
He kinda looks like Lil Nas.
Cash T
Cash T Mês atrás
probably the first season that doesnt excite me at all. new legend is a miss :/
Night Team
Night Team Mês atrás
Персонаж новый говно, анимация убийства у него говно, ульта с Q говно, скин говно, карта +- нормальная, и всё, нифига нового и интересного, лишь бы бабки качать, могли бы и лучше сделать
Lancer Rojas
Lancer Rojas Mês atrás
new legend in apex: lil nas
Wyte Fang
Wyte Fang Mês atrás
Over-rated game with dumpster TTK. Hard pass
Not Him
Not Him Mês atrás
there is no such thing as a coincidence
Charles Maduakor
Charles Maduakor Mês atrás
Oh lookie they finally put lil nas x in a game😂😂😂
Max Swindle
Max Swindle Mês atrás
That battle pass looks so good
Adhauz Mês atrás
Players: We don’t like this orange hue in world’s edge and kings canyon Respawn: Here is some more orange like you have been requesting
Mario Yami
Mario Yami Mês atrás
Yiurrrrrr servers sreeeeeeeerrrreeeerrrrrrrrrere trashhhhhhhhh
Mario Yami
Mario Yami Mês atrás
Do something about apexxxxxxxc server and matchmakinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Mario Yami
Mario Yami Mês atrás
Doooooo something about your serverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
MotoZ33 Mês atrás
Can’t wait to play as Lil Nas X
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