"Bring Back Manly Men" 

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Having a chat about Harry Styles' recent Vogue cover, and reacting to some of the comments about him.
Insta: jammi.dodger
Twitch: shaabaandjamie


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9 Dez 2020



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Jammidodger 2 meses atrás
Can we have a heart in the comments for people wearing whatever the hell they want 💛 Hope you liked the video!
GæFøx uwu
GæFøx uwu Dia atrás
bathwater 2 dias atrás
Mothpuff 3 dias atrás
Allison Hom
Allison Hom 4 dias atrás
lewinn 9 dias atrás
Crying 10 horas atrás
“Why is Styles donning a dress headline worthy?” It’s a fashion magazine. About fashion. Articles of clothing. Like dresses.
Mae Bin
Mae Bin 14 horas atrás
6:55 the picture of him with make up in the magazine is fake he wasn’t wearing make up 😔
GæFøx uwu
GæFøx uwu Dia atrás
As a gay trans cross dresser/fem-boy, This, *This was quite entertaining.*
AirFireLove 2 dias atrás
I admire Harry Styles, he’s a fantastic person. I was all for his wearing the dress and just his fashion in general. His stance on clarifying his sexuality: “why does it matter?” Lol
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle 2 dias atrás
why is she saying you cant? who even cares anyway she thinks shes living in the 50's or something. why should people have to act the way society tells them to just so they look manly. anyone who has to make sure they look like a man and act butch just to avoid looking feminine is just insecure about their sexuality.
Jane Hawkings
Jane Hawkings 3 dias atrás
the more I look at the pictures the better he looks
Addyson Glenn
Addyson Glenn 4 dias atrás
To Ben, the reason it was headline news is bc of people like you. And also he's the first solo man on the cover of Vogue US
Addyson Glenn
Addyson Glenn 4 dias atrás
I love Jammi and I /love/ harry sm. When worlds collied
coffin_rat 6 dias atrás
**laughs in trans man who wears skirts and dresses for fun B)))**
shoot u
shoot u 7 dias atrás
If my hypothetical husband walked downstairs in a dress, I wouldn't care. He can wear what he wants, what kind of person would I be to tell my "husband" how to dress?
teeny nini
teeny nini 8 dias atrás
"what would you do if your husband or boyfriend came to take you out for dinner and went wearing a dress?" i'd be like hell yes!! you look amazing in that dress! idc what someone would wear cause it doesn't and shouldn't matter, if they're happy and expressing themselves that's amazing and wonderful! clothes don't have a gender! let people be who they are and wear what they want
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle 9 dias atrás
Conservatives actually think they’re still in the 1950’s people can be who they want in this world I’m sick of people still thinking you have to be what society wants you to believe
105045林為亞 9 dias atrás
One word. Togas.
Epicjake15 10 dias atrás
C c jhvc j biology 🧪 iu
Chaz :D
Chaz :D 10 dias atrás
"Harry is obviously a straight man" So we just go and pretend that the pictures of him and his high school boyfriend don't exist.
Chaz :D
Chaz :D 10 dias atrás
When my 2 worlds collided and I didn't even know-
kennedi parker
kennedi parker 10 dias atrás
Addy Shorhnr
Addy Shorhnr 11 dias atrás
The before it was easy to make clothes times have called. They just wanted to remind your that they on propose made their son look like little girls till the father thought the earned pants
Amym02 11 dias atrás
Emma 12 dias atrás
Why is it that right wing people believe every social movement in society is an attack from communists, god I thought the “red scare” was something that should’ve diminished by the 21st century!
Kaalo Lovett
Kaalo Lovett 12 dias atrás
So kilts aren't manly? They are skirts.
Drew Miller
Drew Miller 13 dias atrás
2:30 lol mother candace💀 who made you principal of closets? People are still going to wear what they want regardless of what you feel is "allowed" and you're going to sit there and watch. Enjoy.😊
Tea Addict264
Tea Addict264 14 dias atrás
After this happened and many people were against it, a whole group of boys from my school dressed up in skirts and dresses and I loved it so much
Caitlyn Fields
Caitlyn Fields 14 dias atrás
If you have among us use this code QXWAZF
KK Tam
KK Tam 15 dias atrás
There was a time when it was practically unthought of for women to wear anything that wasn't a dress/skirt and now no one bats an eye at that so why shouldn't it be the same the other way around?
Ariana Zuehlke
Ariana Zuehlke 15 dias atrás
"You cant wear a dress if you are a guy." Well if I had a guy friend who wore dresses would that make him less of a man? Of course not! It takes a lot of courage to cross-dress and people like this make it harder for other people wanting to express theirselfs. Honestly it's like telling a girl she cant wear a suit. Wear what you feel comfortable in! Dont listen to them! Do what makes you happy! 💛
Flo Toll
Flo Toll 15 dias atrás
All that "boys have to stop wearing or liking pink"-thing is just so bad! My little 4 years old cousin has pink as his favourite colour and he rocks it! When he came to my room at our house and he saw the pink on the bisexual flag on my wall he LOVED IT! He also asked me to make him a bracelet in pink and was so happy about it! I love how he is so well thought by his parents that there is no problem with that.
Abby Morrison
Abby Morrison 16 dias atrás
Do you *think* Jesus wore pants?
NylaTheWolf 16 dias atrás
So every week in English we are supposed to choose 5 articles from a news magazine and write our reactions to it, then talk about it later. This story was one of the articles. My classmate said that she was curious about the girl who said “bring back manly men” and looked her up. She found her Instagram, and found a picture of that woman wearing a suit. All the comments were saying “bring back womanly women.” Absolutely amazing.
Logan Dettweiler
Logan Dettweiler 17 dias atrás
Men were the first to wear wigs and high heels!
Logan Dettweiler
Logan Dettweiler 17 dias atrás
Cassandra Hood
Cassandra Hood 18 dias atrás
soo.. if men cant wear a dress then can women not wear suits and what do nonbinary poeple wear because they are niether just saying these poeple dont make sence its a really big/long piece of cloth are you gonna die if a man puts on one "ment for women" No also if you really wanna get technicall in acent time men wore skirts and kilts pieces of cloth that are now "ment for women" so can women no longer wear skirts because they are technically "mans clothing" Idk these poeple are discrediting themselfs tbh
shirasade 18 dias atrás
Yesterday my six-year-old nephew had a fight with his two-year-old sister over who of them got to be the pink/purple cartoon bird I've got tattooed on my back. It's been his favourite colour since he was two years old, so he staked prior claim. :)
Iona W
Iona W 19 dias atrás
Linda Daheim
Linda Daheim 19 dias atrás
Yeah, poor men that have their masculinity in their clothes. What happens to them if they undress? Do they become mules? "Manly" clothes changed a loooooot over the decades. Ever seen the "dresses" Henry VIII wore - and he was the "manliest" man ever, a role model of its time. But well, there are always narrow minded people fussing about what other beople wear, love, live.... When women began to wear trousers, people considered the end of the world had arrived. I am a bit sad that I will not live to see the day when we are finally beyond all sex or gender discussion.
Aj Brooks
Aj Brooks 19 dias atrás
Uhhh Harry’s straight??? News to me... he legit has a song where he sings “the boys and the girls are in I mess around with them and I’m ok with it”
Aj Brooks
Aj Brooks 19 dias atrás
Jamie. Question. ARE YOU A LARRY (or larrie if u spell it like that) SHIPPER????
Aj Brooks
Aj Brooks 19 dias atrás
I love Harry styles especially for this 💛💛💛
Kit Szász
Kit Szász 21 dia atrás
can't imagine ben sharpie or that lady discovering that the différenciation between male/female clothing for children (in Europe) as not common until puberty. Boys wore dresses, as did girls
Saralius 21 dia atrás
How would I, a 99% straight, cis-woman, feel if my boyfriend showed up in a dress to take me out to dinner, Pierce? - Well, firstly I'd be extremely happy he felt confident and comfortable enough to do that and secondly I would probably be very surprised he wanted to go to a restaurant since neither of us really enjoy that very much. But I wouldn't be surprised since I most likely would have helped him pick the dress out in the first place. Also asked him if he wanted any help with hair and makeup. I love him and I want him to feel beautiful and happy. ❤ I think it's so important to be able to wear what makes you feel like you and to experiment with what that means to you in all different stages of your life. It can be very therapeutic and everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own way. (My bf has some gender dysphoria and is on the waiting list for getting help to figure those feelings out, but for now he is male presenting and wishes to be he/him/boyfriend and I love him no matter what and will do my best to support him in everything)
Candi Dahling
Candi Dahling 22 dias atrás
Does candice owens wear trousers? Maybe she should stop seeing as they're seen as masculine! Also no jeans, shorts, etc! Also what about Scottish men wearing kilts? These arguments are ridiculous! Oh and manly men? Does that mean that she wants a violent man? Or a man that thinks a womans place is in the kitchen/bedroom?
Mia Shinbrot
Mia Shinbrot 23 dias atrás
Indeed, what would happen if all men started wearing dresses? Pretty soon a dress would be seen as *obviously* masculine clothing.
G2 23 dias atrás
Candice: "you can't wear a dress, you just can't" Me, who personally thinks Harry didn't look very good in a dress and also personally has no desire to wear a dress: well well well now that you've told me I can't wear it I may just do so, simply to stick it to you
summcunt 24 dias atrás
I asked my wife if she would go out with me if I was wearing a dress. She said yes. Then she proceeded to buy me several dresses a few days later. I still haven't left the house wearing one, but I did try them on. I think they look good and are quite comfortable, but not sure I want to attract that much attention. I'm hoping more guys start wearing them so that I can wear mine in peace.
Vaidehi gupta
Vaidehi gupta 24 dias atrás
I read somewhere "Candace never left har middle school bully phase" and i dont think anything could be more accurate
Blackout Animations
Blackout Animations 24 dias atrás
Bruh, heels and makeup were originally made for men, and woman started wearing them to look masculine. Also, dresses weren't made for any one gender, they were made to cover up. If you have a problem with these things, go see a therapist. Also, guys in dresses are lovely and beautiful, so just shut up, and sit down, some dresses are lovely, and these dresses are.
DoodlePlayer 24 dias atrás
Jamie! You have PINK LIPS!!! You're not MANLY ENOUGH!!!1!! You might combust!
Traventine 24 dias atrás
The instant I saw Harry Styles in a dress I immediately stole my mother's clothes and went parading about the town. I have been infected with a terminal case of the gay. (sarcasm) It is hilarious and sad that people think that one person expressing themself means that every last man on earth is going to follow suit. Cross dressing isn't a pandemic. There are still manly men and there will always be manly men.
Jeremiah Tisdale
Jeremiah Tisdale 24 dias atrás
Candace Owens face in that thumbnail is just excellent LMAO!!
david's head
david's head 24 dias atrás
A lot of this is also with a view that woman have attributes that make them lesser or weaker than men which is just bullshit. There's also a lot of conflating masculinity with confidence which again, is super misplaced. I find confident people attractive but I don't find masculine people attractive often. Why is femininity and being a woman seen as needing to be submissive and co-dependent on a man? The patriarchy I guess. Controlling women by telling them that what makes them themselves is by shutting up and doing what they're told. Really disgusts me. On another note I don't really see the Styles image as particularly feminine, it feels quite masculine to me. It feels like he is expressing himself as a man. I'm not sure why but it doesn't read feminine to me.
Logan Alexander
Logan Alexander 25 dias atrás
I'm coming back to this video to inform you that Candace Owens has brought a baby into the world. Assigned Male At Birth. I hope for this child's sake that they never show "feminine traits".
Nathan H
Nathan H 25 dias atrás
Even in Canada face backlash for wearing anything.
Nerdisnopinata 25 dias atrás
Jean van den Berg
Jean van den Berg 28 dias atrás
There have been times in history men wore makeup more than women.
ParagonsOfAnarchy 28 dias atrás
I don’t need Candice Owens’ permission to wear a dress
Natalie Schreiber
Natalie Schreiber 29 dias atrás
If a mans response to “why don’t you wear a dress?” Is anything other than “I just don’t want to” they might have some personal issues to work out.
Rebecca Cotto
Rebecca Cotto 29 dias atrás
Why would I a women care what my Husband feels happy wearing? I'm just happy when he trims his nose and ear hair and wears something without random holes ( not part of the design). We have been married 30 years and I have never tried to dictate what he can or can not wear. I bet all the haters are of a religious background. You know you cant go to church without dressing up.
Dead Føx
Dead Føx Mês atrás
Unless I have somehow entered a new dimension, skirts and heels were invented for men. Stop saying it's bad thing to have men wear those things.
LaFilleEstFolle Mês atrás
I would 100% date a man in a dress over another flannel shirt and khaki cargo short wearing “manly man” clone. Confidence and expressing yourself is sexy
Marlin Pierce
Marlin Pierce Mês atrás
Hey, I'm not opposed to the Harry Styles cover but I will say for someone such as you whose point is that there is unwarrent fuss over something which is not a big deal, you are going on about it as a big deal.
BigBen BBGribouille
Women wear man's clothes every day. Why should we be theaten by men wearing some feminine cloth ?
toenail volunteer
toenail volunteer 25 dias atrás
beacause socitey lose their fucking shit when they see femininity as if being femininie is bad and weak and that's on patriarchy!
Katrin Hegemann
Katrin Hegemann Mês atrás
"Fun" fact: It was actually Hitler who swapped the pink/blue shift, because he thought blue being manlier and pink/red/purple also was still linked to royalty which he wanted to get rid of.
Vin Fairychild
Vin Fairychild Mês atrás
If a man showed up in a dress to take me on a date I’d marry him on the spot. So there. 😌
Uzdah Mês atrás
That video of Candace Owen's just saying "you can't" is the dumbest shit
Wilhelm Ernst
Wilhelm Ernst Mês atrás
They have been replaced by manly women.
Pascal Disho
Pascal Disho Mês atrás
I think the issue is not about what someone else is wearing. It's about people feeling uncomfortable seeing men wear, or do things associated with femininity. Just like people are uncomfortable seeing naked people on the streets, the fuss is about the uncomfortable feeling of something controversial (a straight man doing something associated with a woman). Obviously expression is desirable, but as long as we know our boundaries and we're not making people uncomfortable.
madabbafan Mês atrás
Flash back to the Golden Girls episode when Dorothy was, talking about her brother: Dorothy: I was always sneeking into Phil's bedroom and borrowing his cloaths Rose (giggling): Did you enjoy waring boy's cloaths when you were little? Dorothy: No, but neither did my brother, Phil. (Phil never appeared in the series but was married with a number of children and just happened to ware dresses).
Ashley O'Neal
Ashley O'Neal Mês atrás
Yo why is everyone losing their sh*t over this? It is a piece of fabric! It ain't that deep! Also I LOST it at "It isn't contagious" 🤣🤣🤣 You're awesome, Jamie!
PenguinGremlin Mês atrás
The Vogue shoot and this video have helped me come to terms with my hidden away part of me that wants to wear all the pretty skirts and dresses
Yunna-Ch4n :3
Yunna-Ch4n :3 Mês atrás
STOP MAKING THIS PEOPLE FAMOUS! 😂😂 They have a verify acc on Twitter for the love of god-
Chris V.
Chris V. Mês atrás
The James Bond man she wants doesn't exist without misogyny. If I accept women as my equal, then why would it be an problem if I was perceived as feminine?
Kata Evellei
Kata Evellei Mês atrás
IIRC there's an ancient Greek text making fun of Persian men for wearing trousers. They are described as effeminate weaklings in contrast to the tough Greek men wearing chitons.
Emma Bringhurst
Emma Bringhurst Mês atrás
Honestly, if a man showed up to a date looking fine in a dress, I'd want to marry him right then and there. I would be ecstatic that I wouldn't have to worry about him having toxic masculinity or caring about gender roles. I would want to dance with him and twirl him around in his dress (I hope it would be a flowy one because those are my favorite). It would be an amazing surprise and now I'm hoping that someday a guy will surprise me and show up to a date looking fab in a dress.
wanderer Mês atrás
Sally Jones "perfectly nice looking straight guy" Meanwhile directioners : Excuse me, hold my tea, do you know why princess park is famous for ;)
Sammy D
Sammy D Mês atrás
Wear whatever you want my dudes! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
David Struve
David Struve Mês atrás
The Romans conquered most of the known world whilst wearing skirts, you going to tell me a Roman Centurion wasn't masculine AF?
FURRY With Cat
FURRY With Cat Mês atrás
Hide ur femboys
Ted Wilson
Ted Wilson Mês atrás
This woman is worried about what everyone is wearing, but I'm wondering why she has wind chimes inside her house. That makes me worry about the level of evil this person is capable of inflicting on the world.
Clark Donacik
Clark Donacik Mês atrás
*sees this video a month later* *Just discovered this channel* *Quietly whispers thank you*
Jennifer is my name
Heck I'm a woman and I love wearing suits it makes me feel good.
Jennifer is my name
Also we don't know if the girl saying that he looks great in the dress are straight.
Jennifer is my name
Honestly he does look amazing in that dress.
vashappenin Mês atrás
"Sally seems a little bit obsessed with James Bond" AHAHAHAHA
Lyall Lunice C-137
Lyall Lunice C-137 Mês atrás
Oh my god Good Morning Britain sounds like having a dinner with my family
scoopishere Mês atrás
2:44 "You're not allowed to." said Candace, giving literally no explanation as to why.
takku Mês atrás
The way conservatives are reacting you'd think everytime a dude tries to wear pants and a shirt a person comes out of their mirror and attacks them.
Nightshade • Masquerade
When women dress more masculine, no one claims an attack on femininity... EDIT: generally lol
Memma Mês atrás
“BRING BACK MANLY MEN” Me: “no can more men please feel comfortable with wearing dresses in public? It looks really hot”
lydia simpson
lydia simpson Mês atrás
conservatives: ha! liberal snowflake! harry styles: ✨👗 conservatives: NO STOP PLEASE
Cookies Creme
Cookies Creme Mês atrás
Ben: There are outward indicators Also Ben: Boys are *taught* What is it Ben. What is it?
Silja peters
Silja peters Mês atrás
“I think this, therefore every other man/women on the planet must also think this”
rdklzkydd Mês atrás
"Perfectly nice looking straight guy" Hasn't Harry Styles literally said he doesn't label himself as straight?
Kitty Shade Skys
Kitty Shade Skys Mês atrás
What is it with ppl thinking that all gay men are fem boys? * v i s i b l e c o n f u s i o n *
Scribble Bee
Scribble Bee Mês atrás
We can't even buy cards that say "it's a girl" in blue or "its a boy" in pink let alone in any other colour and cards that say "it's a baby" are almost impossible to find If we can't do that as a society the there is definitely a problem. FYI gender reveal parties are kinda silly, just celebrate that you have a baby
Draco Strong-Heart
Draco Strong-Heart Mês atrás
Conservatives: Meeeeeen don't look good in dress Me and most women : Shhhhhhhh I've never been more attracted to a man before.
• Annika •
• Annika • Mês atrás
the “the east knows this” meme will never not be funny
Lieke Starke
Lieke Starke Mês atrás
For the record, if my boyfriend turned up in a dress to take me out to dinner i would be over the moon! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME
Nicole Alexander
Nicole Alexander Mês atrás
2:45 Oh shit, I didn’t realize that Candace Owens is the supreme overlord of the human species who dictates everything that people can or cannot do. I better go check her Twitter account to see what type of clothing is acceptable for me to wear based upon my gender (which is of course, also determined by her).
Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella Mês atrás
If she was in power than were gonna pull some revolution style stuff up in here. *Quickly re-reads my percy jackson books and all other stories about rebellion.*
Bubble Bean
Bubble Bean Mês atrás
💛🤍💜🖤 ❤🧡🤍💜💗
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