Castlevania Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix 

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Dracula's influence looms large as Belmont and Sypha investigate plans to resurrect the notorious vampire. Alucard struggles to embrace his humanity.
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Castlevania Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix


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29 Abr 2021



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scroeffie 30 minutos atrás
last season what kind of BS is that i want more please
Tiny Bee
Tiny Bee Hora atrás
Just finished watching it. What a way to end the series. Definitely did not expect "THOSE TWO CHARACTERS" in the last part of the final episode to have a happy ending too. I can't wait to see whatever new I.P. this studio manages to adapt and animate. Amazing job from them overall.
Dave David Monz
Dave David Monz Hora atrás
How about s5? Hahah
Hitesh kokani
Hitesh kokani Hora atrás
Abhi mazaa aayegaa na bhiduu❤️❤️
Sudha bhatnagar Shubhanshu bhatnagar
Netflix please dub the Netflix anime in Hindi
Z Man7
Z Man7 3 horas atrás
Who are future Belmonts going to fight if they gave Dracula a happy ending? It's pretty much a closed book ending.
wilson fisk
wilson fisk Hora atrás
Doesn't need to be Dracula lol
J 4 horas atrás
We need Berserk remake
Rofix D'Inferno
Rofix D'Inferno 5 horas atrás
after the Boring of 3rd Season that Closed by 2 QUITE EPIC Episode, THIS is what We've Been Waiting For!!!!!,
wilson fisk
wilson fisk Hora atrás
All seasons were amazing especially the last two
wilson fisk
wilson fisk Hora atrás
Yeah because you're the type of person that wants action to enjoy something, it's a bad habit you need to fix that
Dr Farzana Easmin Rima
Dr Farzana Easmin Rima 5 horas atrás
Milestone in the history of animated tv series.
Leia 6 horas atrás
As much as I would’ve liked to see another season, they ended the series really well.
Slayer 61
Slayer 61 6 horas atrás
Ooooohhh myyyyyy god
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz 7 horas atrás
Death is Bart Simpson lol
nyeong 8 horas atrás
I cried finishing this season
Mario Krezo
Mario Krezo 8 horas atrás
I think we can all agree this show was incredible from start to finish. I renewed my Netflix just for this.
Daniel De La Parra
Daniel De La Parra 9 horas atrás
Just watched the first episode and I hated it says "Created by Warren Ellis", WTF!! Whoever that guy is he didn't create Castlevania. Actually Konami forced the real creator of Castlevania to stay anonymous back in the 80's and he couldn't sign his creation, it doesn't mean some dude 30 years later can just claim he "created" Castlevania just because he addapted it to a TV show. At least it should say created by Konami or based on the Konami videogame
Johnny Seawalker
Johnny Seawalker 9 horas atrás
Perhaps the most beautiful adaptation of a video game I've ever seen. Went its own route a couple of times, but ended beautifully.
Log 9 horas atrás
This season was uhhhhhhhhh wild ride to say the least. Definitely not a perfect ending DEFINITELY NOT but it was fun to watch.
Monsters & Bosses
Monsters & Bosses 9 horas atrás
Awesome! This is better than Yusuke. I would have to play all the castlevania games again starting from the nes.
kraig skyland
kraig skyland 10 horas atrás
Just finished watching, and it was worth the wait 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Chaotic Revenge
Chaotic Revenge 11 horas atrás
I love this show but I'm sorry the sound design sucks so much.
Felipe Corpuz
Felipe Corpuz 12 horas atrás
Vantablack 12 horas atrás
so the next series in line for after this. iirc it's gonna be christopher belmont as the next protagonist right? im pretty sure simon was like the 1600s or 1700s or something? i forget as i havent played the games in years so im going off loose knowledge and wiki articles
Giotto Vongola
Giotto Vongola 12 horas atrás
im glad i watched the trailer after watching season 4
Duck Chuck
Duck Chuck 12 horas atrás
It got over way too quick? Do you guys have any other recommendations?
rupesh kashyap
rupesh kashyap 12 horas atrás
Oi, Death!
SirShane 12 horas atrás
35 years of material and you guys managed to screw up the story. Pretty amazed by that.
Baby Blue
Baby Blue 13 horas atrás
Just watched the last episode of the season..... wow
QuantumStriker 003
QuantumStriker 003 13 horas atrás
Wait........season 4 is available?!
Jimi 5 horas atrás
Спейс Мам
Спейс Мам 13 horas atrás
Why nobody has said that this is the last season? :(
Elyon 13 horas atrás
Just finished it! Highly recommend!
Anne S
Anne S 14 horas atrás
I ❤️ the ending. Just make sure you have your tissues ready for episode 9 and 10. 😭
Ayding V.
Ayding V. 15 horas atrás
FAN👏🏼TAS👏🏼TIC👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼FREAKING👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼SEASON!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Emiliano c
Emiliano c 16 horas atrás
I Just want to say that animation this season was f*king mindnlowing
Sham Majid
Sham Majid 16 horas atrás
I really wish hector can do something so leonor wouldn't die. They both deserve happy ending too.
CowBoah 16 horas atrás
I don't want the Castlevania universe to end. Netflix I'll keep paying my monthly so please do whatever it takes
Niki Radio
Niki Radio 15 horas atrás
Fir real so good hope for another spinoff
BlueJay 062
BlueJay 062 16 horas atrás
These are my types of anime. This and Blood of Zeus are so amazing, shame they're so short
Alleyesonme 16 horas atrás
Arguably the best video game adoption turned to a anime series ever made hands down,I very much enjoyed every season!!
Mia Far
Mia Far 16 horas atrás
Best show on netflix
mirko slobodan krstich martínez
Simplemente hermoso
ramses nebula
ramses nebula 16 horas atrás
Why is leonor and hector not over happenes? Why is leonor dead?
P Osmany
P Osmany 17 horas atrás
I love this I can't wait for season 5
P Osmany
P Osmany 13 horas atrás
@Ram Prasaththat's such a shame
Niki Radio
Niki Radio 15 horas atrás
@Ram Prasath yep but some spinoff are como
Ram Prasath
Ram Prasath 16 horas atrás
There will be none
paulo roberto
paulo roberto 17 horas atrás
Muito bom. Já vi todos os episódios.
Stephen Seignet
Stephen Seignet 17 horas atrás
Truly Amazing show! Every season amazed me so far, and this one did not fail. It was absolutely grandiose
MischievousMischief 17 horas atrás
My new all-time favorite anime
fruity 18 horas atrás
I was starting to type "ca" in the search bar in order to look for a completely different thing, but discovering this is way better! I didn't even thought there were plans for s4!
Eddy A.
Eddy A. 18 horas atrás
"Season 4, we could have more and delve in to the characters more but cancel culture sorry."
Eddy A.
Eddy A. 19 horas atrás
I just want to know more about the weird like. Alien shit, the broken moon, that Saint Gaila saw in the infinite corridor.
Linden Stromberg
Linden Stromberg 19 horas atrás
I just finished watching series 4. Wow! What an earth shatteringly awesome ending. I can hardly wait for series 5.
Sham Majid
Sham Majid 16 horas atrás
Well this is the final season tho.
Tiago Pirata
Tiago Pirata 19 horas atrás
I love Netflix ❤️😍
Lamar 19 horas atrás
Those random CGI scenes were so unnecessary this season, this show already has an amazing animation style & all these other animation shows should follow...don’t water down the content with cheap cheesy CGI stuff again please smh
nocna mara
nocna mara 20 horas atrás
I don't even remember the last time I was so sad a series was over. Breaking Bad, maybe? It's been a while.
jean paul red
jean paul red 20 horas atrás
A masterpiece!
Lucian Lu
Lucian Lu 20 horas atrás
My sophomore child is one of the animators of episode 9 of this Season.
M_S 20 horas atrás
This show is SO GOOD
Music4 Gamers
Music4 Gamers 21 hora atrás
so i just finished s4 so IF YOU DIDNT FINISH DONT READ FURTHER IM GONNA SPOIL IT FOR YOU IF YOU DO,IF YOU DIDNT FINISH DNOT CONTINUE READIN so the only thing i missed is more isaac scenes i mean i would like a movie or a longer special episode where it is shown how he "changes the world",i mean if he wants to get rid of all evil it would be a hella good episode filled with fight scenes and maybe more character development
bluebird 21 hora atrás
Wow, a final season that made waiting for it worthwhile.
Phelipe Belmont
Phelipe Belmont 21 hora atrás
Thank you, Netflix! Thank you so much! What a great serie! What a pride of Belmont's family :,)
boombo rat
boombo rat 21 hora atrás
Edna Haywood
Edna Haywood 22 horas atrás
If there's a werewolf on this season... does it talk???
Edna Haywood
Edna Haywood 22 horas atrás
Does at least some creatures talk?
IMBA-19-13 23 horas atrás
Freakin loved this season, we need more anime like these!!
Shaiikurl Solia16
Shaiikurl Solia16 23 horas atrás
And they say invincible was bloody and gore lol. Bitch pls castlevania did it best
Brian Kim
Brian Kim Dia atrás
Is there going to be a season 5???
JustnotMe Dia atrás
no this was the last season. But they're working on a new series in the same universe
Triple fff
Triple fff Dia atrás
Better get attack on titan
Finn Zee
Finn Zee Dia atrás
Done watching the last season and my heart is weirdly happy 😭😭😭💖💖💖 I'm going to miss all of them 😭😭😭
John Smith
John Smith Dia atrás
Fantastic season. The action choreography was phenomenal! Very moving at the end. Please give us a chance to witness a reunion with Dracula and Alucard! Thank you in advance! 👍 😍🤩 # road to season 5
JustnotMe Dia atrás
yesss!! I wish that will happen, too
Егор Бершак
Сценарий, современная повестка хромают на обе. Красиво, но винегрет!
Luca Rothenberger
They should make an warhammer adaptation - maybe even vermintide... The dysfunctional character dynamics, black humor and the grim dark fantasy setting of the old world would fit perfectly for this studio. Heck even tho its castlevania it could already be just as well a warhammer show with how its portrayed (the atmosphere of the setting) :D
Famosos Tube
Famosos Tube Dia atrás
very very good, thanks for this perfect season, Netflix.
Ambrish Eshan
Ambrish Eshan Dia atrás
My thoughts were like fight between 1. Dracula and Carmilla 2. Ratko/Red general vs Striga 3. Alucard + Trevor Belmont vs Death elemental 4. Issac + Hector vs Lenore + Morana 5. Sypha vs (Mind controlled) St. Germain 6. Red army vs White army
Rodolfo Suarez
Rodolfo Suarez Dia atrás
Watching the trailer: More.... More... MORE.... MOOORE!!!!!!
Naseem Ahamed
Naseem Ahamed Dia atrás
Episode 9 was lit! Epic reunion ~ Not spoiling.
JustnotMe Dia atrás
6 either
Jantcho Dia atrás
Esto es una obra de arte
Bap Dia atrás
What an amazing show with an amazing finale, this one will never be forgotten. 🥲
Æthelwúlf Dia atrás
Now that's what I call an ending.. A Masterpiece
Ban V
Ban V Dia atrás
Woooooow, I'm in Baby
SK SK Dia atrás
everything was good, except the wanna-be berserker armor
K Munda Cruz
K Munda Cruz Dia atrás
Lord Zuko
Lord Zuko Dia atrás
This was a satisfying conclusion to the series. Don't miss this!
Johnson Young
Johnson Young Dia atrás
The substantial mother postsurgically double because digestion spectacularly practise athwart a separate booklet. icky, bright poet
Abhijeet Kundu
Abhijeet Kundu Dia atrás
So many Black women "leaders" in a medieval Christian European setting; even in the isolated towns in the middle of nowhere as if it is modern time New York or something. Netflix is a cancer. In this case, Netflix is a fiend. It sucks all the entertainment out and fill it with their twisted bizarre political agenda.
Abhijeet Kundu
Abhijeet Kundu Dia atrás
@SlenderServin Even fiction is not beyond reasoning. It is very normal for modern settings to have people of different races because of globalization, communication and technology which has made the societies cosmopolitan. But doing the same with medieval Europe spoils the authenticity especially since the non-white people were absolutely not welcome in that time and place; is like re-writing the history. So, it makes me questioning your agenda. I am nowhere near white. But I do despise radical leftist SJWs like you who demonize anybody who disagrees even a little bit with your cult-like ideologies. There is absolutely no difference between a woke like you and a racist.
SlenderServin Dia atrás
You’re forgetting this is also fiction lmfao. Don’t get bogged down by your white supremacy too much
Rado Dia atrás
omg ! shivers all over the body.
The feminist conditioning in this is soo stupid. It ruins a lot of the show, but besides that, the show is amazing. I can't stand the feminist stuff though.
Z Man7
Z Man7 3 horas atrás
Carmilla was played up as a toxic feminist and she was killed by the chad Issac.
Talpho Dia atrás
What do you mean. The only example of that is carmilla but that is literally because she was abused by men in the past. This is literally her entire character motivation. Please elaborate
FATOO Dia atrás
Ahhhh!!!! I enjoyed it to the very end!! And what an ending!!! Round of applause 👏👏👏
Arun Ray
Arun Ray Dia atrás
Just finished watching this brilliant series! Honestly speaking this series ended in 9th episode with the death of Belmont and in my opinion the last episode (10th) was not needed where everyone just resarects out of nowhere. 10th episode was like a suppliment for those who can't handle tragedy. For me, 9th was the last.. And it was just great👍
Kladdelic Dia atrás
Woah that was great, I watched the finale yesterday evening and I am blown away. Great work, love the show, and all comes to end pretty elegantly. 🙂
1:34 this show this guy really want adapt berserk hahahahahah
Alexander Alvarado
This show is a masterpiece! Change my mind!
Tsg iSell
Tsg iSell Dia atrás
The cumbersome engineering intracellularly fill because credit scully place sans a abstracted liquid. adorable, stormy hawk
kamikazemind327 Dia atrás
Thank you so much to the creators of this show 💜 I absolutely loved this series. The adaptation from the games is superb. Bravo bravo bravo!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Another Lesley
Another Lesley Dia atrás
Here is the thing about Isaac: IF VILLAIn, WHY HOT?????
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz Dia atrás
Series was a banger, I read that there won't be another season though
Edvin John
Edvin John Dia atrás
Maybe a spin-off.
bitter truth
bitter truth Dia atrás
BEST FCKING ANIMATION PERIOD! no questions there is no anime or american tv series which made these much seasons with this much consistent animation or amazing plot......glad that now animated shows are coming out which can be enjoyed by adults
Edvin John
Edvin John Dia atrás
I agree. A hell of a show, one for the ages. Really rare to see something of this top-notch quality.
Tayshaun Lindo
Tayshaun Lindo Dia atrás
Netflix please, season 5
Rafael Costa
Rafael Costa Dia atrás
The best season, perfect fights, ty Netflix for reliving this game!!
That One Person
That One Person Dia atrás
The fact that this came out on my birthday makes my heart warm ☺
Darien Tellez
Darien Tellez Dia atrás
I’ve watched season 4 and it feels like they went all out with this one, the only question that remains is... what comes next?
Edvin John
Edvin John Dia atrás
They are planning a spin-off show.
Slenderminion Dia atrás
I am glad that i didn't watch this trailer before finishing the final season. That way the last few seconds didn't spoil the reveal for me.
JustKhazixMain Dia atrás
The art style is literally a degradation of the previous one
LogicPak Dia atrás
Adults watching cartoons. Pathetic .
Talpho Dia atrás
Wait, this is a troll right? What shows do you like?
yuan fang qian
yuan fang qian Dia atrás
@LogicPak are you simply ignorant or is this your sad attempt to be edgy? I wouldn't really call this a cartoon for kids. Plus, what's wrong with Adults who watch cartoons? A good show, is a good show, no matter the format that It's presented in.
Berat i
Berat i Dia atrás
@LogicPak 1 hour is gone and no respond. ;)
Berat i
Berat i Dia atrás
@LogicPak so you took the time. To make a comment for that. Just because some of your lads talk about it? If was you. I wouldn’t care about it
LogicPak Dia atrás
@Berat i some lads my age were talking about it on the WhatsApp group, so I searched it.. pathetic.
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