Don't Touch The Fish: Why Student Films Fail 

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Many film students may think that they understand how to put a successful short together, until they actually attempt it by trying to replicate one of their favourite movies and realises that something is off. In this video I’ll look at the biggest mistake made by young filmmakers embarking on short films through a concept I call: don’t touch the fish, focus on the rice. I’ll go over my early experience of making a short called 'Windstil' and outline basic principles to follow if you want to produce a quality, successful student film.
'Windstil' Short Film:
INSTAGRAM: indepthcine
List Of Films Featured:
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
The Godfather (1972)
Jaws (1975)
Following (1998)
Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Shaun Of The Dead (2004)
4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days (2007)
Inception (2010)
Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (2011)
Windstil - Short Film (2013)
Whiplash - Short Film (2013)
Whiplash (2014)
Interstellar (2014)
Thunder Road - Short Film (2016)
Hail, Caesar! (2016)
0:00 Introduction
1:04 Don't Touch The Fish
2:59 My Short Film Experience
6:09 How To Make A Good Short
7:39 Conclusion
Geographer - ‘Bright Idea’
Geographer - ‘Away’
Asher Fulero - ‘Night Snow’
Geographer - ‘Lightning Bugs’

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Juho Sallinen
Juho Sallinen 5 meses atrás
I see many comments here, saying they disagree with the message of this video. I don't think the video is trying to tell us not to aim high or be experimental or creative - it's just pointing out some of the most common pitfalls of student films and advises people to start on the right foot and learn the basics first. Many of you saying that failure is a great chance to learn from... of course it is, but I don't think you should deliberately try to aim for failure. The chances of you failing in your first attempts at filmmaking are pretty damn high anyways, so why self-sabotage and try to make a WWII epic with 2 friends and a 5 dollar budget? It's a different story of course if you do it tongue-in-cheek and just for fun, but I've seen many aspiring filmmakers and most if not all of them are very serious about their projects - and when their unrealistic expectations are not met with and they're denied of their instant gratification, most of them quickly lose interest. So I think you sir are right on the money: learn to cook the rice first! It may be a rather classical take on education, but it's proven to be effective.
Beretania Street
Beretania Street Hora atrás
@rubén garcía marrufo I’m not sure of what to make of your response. I’m not trying to be insulting - online replies can come off all wrong - I mean I actually don’t understand your premise. It’s difficult for me to follow your train of thought, so hopefully you can answer a few questions that will help me out. What do you mean by “art”? Is “art” the goal of all endeavors? If so, why? How/why does your voice speak the direct opposite of what this person says? What is it that you think this person is saying that’s so objectionable? What is your art project? Where can I see/hear it? Why does living close a border matter in context of what this video discussed? Do you believe that because you’ve imagined something, that it has been achieved? You ‘fuck’ to two different things, I think they were recognition and achievement, why, what’s wrong with either? I hope if you read and consider my question (whether the merit a response or not) you read it in the dispassionate way I intended to be written, there’s no intended anger. I must admit I read yours as defensive and full of rage, I was probably wrong in that but hope you do me the favor. Maybe you should do a 40 minute response to this, you did say this person’s view is completely antithetical to yours, you should respond creatively. I still think the video has great advice, please prove me wrong. Peace ✌🏽
rubén garcía marrufo
rubén garcía marrufo 18 horas atrás
@Beretania Street ok, not a genius. dont have to be a genius to ignore values that you dont agree with. creation thru adversity yes, constraints, yes, but i feel that htis video still uphelds the thing that im very much against. which is this idea of a successful film that are foreign of the art iself. fuck the idea of success as a monolith of achievement, recognition or monetary reward. if you are doing art to achieve this things that are very much inherit in the film industry then fuck that. the fact that i am watching youtube and commenting on it doesnt mean im not actively creating. it means that i also have a voice and experience that speaks in a complete opposite of what this person says. now if i made a whole video on why this perspective bothers me and its a 40 minute essay where then i am focusing all my creative energies in contradicting this person, then yeah, i am more focused in creating something to prove my point rather than to imagine beyond the limitations of creative enterprise, i have an art practice and i have a youtube account, i have a feed i subscrbe to things and i like to be bring to the conversation of subjects im passsionate about. processing this information and exchanging my point of view with others is part of any practice. i dont exist in a vaccum. for context, im a border person, lived my lived next to eh border on the mexican side. i can see very easily when border are erected. and im all against that. i am passionate about the possibility of being free to imagine. yt critisicsm is a part of my practice. imagination is not limited, and if it is then what is that line that your imagination is not ready to cross and why is it there on the first place. there is no wasted imagination, for the only imagination wasted is worry. luv yall
Beretania Street
Beretania Street 18 horas atrás
@rubén garcía marrufo I believe you missed the point. The creator is offering a different path, no where does it suggest that you’re not allowed to imagine. It suggests that as part of your journey, your practice, as a creative, you allow for constraints. If you believe that true creativity can only be achieved without limitations, you are mistaken. Even the medium of film is a constraint. If you really are the true genius, you can obviously ignore this, but the fact that you are watching BRdesk and are annoyed enough to comment, suggests you are not actively creating anything and your imagination is wasted instead on YT criticism. Like me - hahahaha. ✌🏽
rubén garcía marrufo
rubén garcía marrufo 19 horas atrás
this just shows that we are not even allowed to imagine. we are not the summary of our success. we are our failures.
Beretania Street
Beretania Street 12 dias atrás
@Mobius Studios oh wait, just checked out Mobius Studios films and his comments don’t make much sense, his feature film follows the don’t touch the fish rule to a T. His movie is completely done in Minecraft. He keeps it safe inside a software program.
Mani ravandi
Mani ravandi 2 horas atrás
great viedo thank u
Arjun Gill
Arjun Gill 11 horas atrás
Great advice! Thank you. Last summer I was thinking of making a zombie film which had a scene with 30 extras but boy did I underestimate it. As i was very happy with the idea, I realized by November that it was WAAAAY too much for my first film. That's when I decided I will do a short film but mafia related. Again, I underestimated it. I only focused on genre and what people like, what I wanted to do was way too big and out of m,y budget. I scrapped the ideas and I let myself have time to think. Thats when I watched videos like yours and others on youtube. With this pandemic around, it was already hard to figure out where to film. I made some of my own shorts in film class, one I uploaded on my channel which I filmed in 2 days and on my phone. While it was very simple, I was happy with it. It inspired me to push harder. Thats when I decided to think big but with what I have. Rely more on emotion, and depth. I decided to start writing a short film. A film which is going to be filmed in 2 separate houses, and in a backyard. A film whcih consists of 4 actors. A film which will take me about a month to film. A film which explores a persons morality and about moving on. I am very happy I came upon your channel and other similar to yours. You guys have saved me and now I have more confidence in this career path I chose.
Adam Struhala
Adam Struhala 13 horas atrás
I see the point, but i kinda disagree. At my country, we have many students of film, who are copying the style and techniques from 4-3-2, making realistic style pictures, and its so boring, seeing every year the same style pictures. I would suggest that if you want to make spectacle, watch Jaws - you can touch the fish, cause you are creating fear from something you dont see. And when you see it, it must be worth it. You are into gangster pictures? See Killing the chinese bookie, mean streets, korean gangster movies (Dirty Carnival). You want to make children movies? Study Taika Waititi. You want to make stylistic pictures in vein of Del Toro, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton? Study their movies. Found what you are interested, and think how you can deal with it with your budget and with your cinematographer. If you are into realistic movies, i dont recomend just 4-3-2, but as well Cassavetes, Rohmer, Rivette, they all look differently, all of them are cheap, all of them has some kind of style. There are more possibilities what you can do and how you can express yourself, how you can learn about cinematography, get your own style, without copying mechanisms only of rumunian new wave. Watch movies and think about them.
Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders 16 horas atrás
They fail because they don’t have a giant mechanical shark
rubén garcía marrufo
rubén garcía marrufo 19 horas atrás
fail. theres nothing wrong with failure. even herzog said he is the sum of his failures. this apply to all
David Vega
David Vega 2 dias atrás
As an up and coming filmmaker ive been looking for videos to help me get started and I have to say that this is the single best video I have seen so far. For anyone thinking about getting started in the film industry: I highly recommend you watch this.
trequor 2 dias atrás
I really dislike your voice. You sound incredibly disingenuous.
ImageMachine 3 dias atrás
Excellent video. I'd also like to point out that Nolan being 40 is still extremely young to make a film at the scale of Interstellar. Look at Scorsese. His first 100 million dollar budget was Gangs of New York when he was nearly 60.
Javier Navas
Javier Navas 4 dias atrás
real talk
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
And then there's David Lynch
Hurricane Studios
Hurricane Studios 5 dias atrás
Ain’t gonna stop me from making a 6 film superhero saga with no budget
PitmanFilms 5 dias atrás
Really helpful as I produce our short film in second year, there are things we are doing right and things we are doing wrong. this video is PERFECT.
Kevin Li
Kevin Li 6 dias atrás
what do you think of the short film the kids from 'super 8' made?
LetsCrashThisParade 7 dias atrás
This is a great video but the idea of being like "ok Ive worked here for a decade now... Can I cook the EGGS?" Is so funny to me
Bold Of you
Bold Of you 7 dias atrás
Easily one of the best videos I have seen for young aspiring filmmakers. Brilliant work!
LAZAR KUMAAR 7 dias atrás
It's good lesson
HitechProductions 8 dias atrás
My BIGGEST problem has been trying to do far too complex stories. By far. :^)
Lazarus1095 9 dias atrás
Does anyone here watching this video really come away from it thinking that the lesson is "perfect the fundamentals before you try making movies"? Because a much better lesson would surely be "make the student films, be prepared for the fact that they will suck, then use the experience you gained to make better versions on the second attempt". The big problem with the Japanese approach lauded here- which is essentially a medieval guild-style master- apprentice relationship- is that it is not and never was actually about teaching apprentices to do a good job. It was about reinforcing social hierarchies. Cooking rice properly may be harder than it looks to the uninitiated, sure, but it is not- it cannot POSSIBLY- be so hard as to justify making a person trying to learn it wait a decade before they can do anything else. I would be surprised if it took more than two weeks to a month in total to learn up to a professional standard, if the teacher knows how to teach. As for film-making... yes, of course "there are outliers". In any given profession some people will be better and learn quicker than others. But that does not in any way justify making everyone wait a half decade to a decade before they get to show whether they are even remotely likely to be good. Take any five directors you'd care to name who are good, and any five who are bad or even just mediocre. Would waiting a decade under an apprenticeship to make the bad ones... what, exactly?... "good"... "better than then actually turned out to be"... in any way justify making the good ones wait as well? Would the improved quality of the bad outweigh the delayed output of the good? For that matter, look at the good ones. Would George Lucas or Stephen Spielberg with ten more years of training under their belt really be so much better than versions we got as to justify shortening their output by so many years? Would Josh Trank with a decade more training produce a Fan4stic so much better than it was as to justify the loss of any five year stretch of Lucas and Spielberg's careers? I would argue no. The best approach is to make what you can with the skill you have, learn as you make it, then go back and redo your early stuff when you get better. That, and don't condemn the early work. Just think of it as being on a lower tier of quality.
EMS 76
EMS 76 10 dias atrás
I really don't think we need an analysis of why student films have issues. They are students. They are learning. Really guys? Film school is for learning from your mistakes. Simple as that.
Tyler Lynch
Tyler Lynch 10 dias atrás
Beautiful advice, humanly related
Chris Kokolios
Chris Kokolios 11 dias atrás
creating a movie not a short film is one of the most expensive art forms that exist.Even if the director can do everything else you still need actors to pay managers to promote the film to festivals it is important to have support from your family both financial and emotional to choose this way of expression because it is really tough although nowadays it is easier due to the evolution of 4k cameras and computer software
Patricia Jin
Patricia Jin 11 dias atrás
Me: Oh look a fish IDC: DON'T TOUCH IT Me: But...I DC: DON'T
Joshua Betancourt
Joshua Betancourt 11 dias atrás
Even the master had to learn the basics. Also this advice goes beyond filmmaking. Thanks a lot!
MAXBOX Productions©
MAXBOX Productions© 11 dias atrás
This video does mean well but ultimately treats film making as a profession and not for the art and expression that it is. This video has a similar attitude to the Royal ocean film society's video 'lessons for the no budget filmmaker' and yet is the complete antithesis to that very video. Royal ocean film society explains that the huge problem with student films is that they take themselves far too seriously, and that attempting a high genre film in a fun way is actually a lot more refreshing to see than a stale pretentious film that attempts t say a lot but ultimately says nothing.
Matilda Green
Matilda Green 12 dias atrás
i wish i learned this in the film course i paid £9,250 a year for
T N 12 dias atrás
"Touching the fish" Getting eaten by a shark
Alexandre Melo
Alexandre Melo 12 dias atrás
I can't say how this video is amazing. Thank you
MR3D-Dev 12 dias atrás
So funny how this extrapolates to video games. I see many students and recent grads trying to create huge open world games with intricate mechanics without knowing first how to make a good platformer.
Sonny Butanda
Sonny Butanda 13 dias atrás
The fish can also be applied to Trade jobs.
tontaelli 13 dias atrás
Did Windstil fail because it was insanely interlaced?
Brabbel93 13 dias atrás
I think it was cellist Yo-Yo Ma who was asked why he still practiced so-and-so-many hours a day. His replay? "Because I think I'm making progress!"
Eric Schneider
Eric Schneider 14 dias atrás
Bad take
Messiah Entertainment
Messiah Entertainment 14 dias atrás
Thx 1138(the short film), Bad Taste, Within the Woods, Guy and Madeline on a park bench, all are super ambitious films, some are genre pieces about Aliens, zombies, futuristic dystopian worlds, musicals, some are short films and some are features, all are made as school projects or on BARE bones budgets, all are made by directors in their late teens or 20s and all are by no stretch of the imagination perfect. I think alot of these directors were far from “perfecting the rice” when they made these films, but they informed the world about the filmmakers they would one day become, and in many cases served as the platform with which to make better, more polished features in the future. I don’t feel the student, or even in some cases the first film whether it’s a feature or short is necessarily meant to be successful or “good”, it’s not about that. And why not look at interstellar for inspiration? Sure, understand you’re currently limited in your ability to achieve certain things, but look at these bigger films for inspiration and see how to achieve more with the little you have. Look at Tenet for example, the first time I saw the inverted man flip back onto the wall during that hallway fight, I was blown away, but when you dissect it, the stunt actor is simply just doing a flip normally off the wall. It’s just well choreographed and reversed with added sound effects to sell it. That’s not the most complicated way to do an effect, but it was so powerful in the end. How can you not be inspired by that to push the boundaries of what you have to achieve something similar? I do understand and agree with parts of what’s being said. I’m not saying that learning filmmaking isn’t an ever growing process. Christopher Nolan for sure couldn’t have made Tenet or Interstellar or Inception back in 99 when following came out, he wasn’t the same person in his 40s that he was in his 20s, and Lucas I’m sure couldn’t have done Star Wars without his experience with his other films and working behind the scenes on Coppola and other’s projects first. I’m just saying that the analogy of waiting until you’ve mastered the rice seems so limiting, especially provided the expanded access to not only equipment, but knowledge that we have at our disposal today. The experience comes with life and trial/error, there’s no need to arbitrarily limit yourself at the beginning in your student film. I personally believe that the point of a student film is “failure” and is something to be embraced. The main idea should be experimentation, so go balls to the wall crazy, especially without the pressure of bigger budgets.
James Weeks
James Weeks 14 dias atrás
im 34 should i even bother to start lol
James Weeks
James Weeks 14 dias atrás
@Messiah Entertainment that sounds awesome
Messiah Entertainment
Messiah Entertainment 14 dias atrás
Ava Duvernay was in her 30s when she started and directed her first film. never too late to start
GANEVMUSIC 14 dias atrás
older students do better than young ones. I have scored many student short movies and they were pure crap. I also, scored movies by older directors way better. There is something that comes with age if you really love filmmaking do not stop and no you are not old at all ....pffff 34 hahaha you are just a kid go and do it trust me when you get to 40 you will say OMG I thought when I was 34 that I am old, what a stupid thought Trust me you are not old.
アンティオコス 15 dias atrás
if gaspar noe started with something like Carne and then made something like Enter The Void later in his career, i'd be very satisfied trying to learn how to cook the rice first.
SwegDawgs 15 dias atrás
If you just wanna make something fun for yourself, don't listen to this guy. Do what you want
Le Binge Doctor
Le Binge Doctor 15 dias atrás
A great lesson about humility. Thanks you!
jbrisby 15 dias atrás
I've worked with a lot of Asians, and I'm not at all surprised that it takes them five years to learn how to make rice.
HYPEBEAST 16 dias atrás
Learnt more in this 8 minute video than 3 years at film school 🤦🏻‍♂️
Francis Conrad
Francis Conrad 16 dias atrás
I don't know what made you make this BRdesk video. But you're incredibly wrong. You need to imagine it's 1900. There are no rules or styles. But you have a camera phone capable of 4k. Stretch it and go.
Rogers Photography
Rogers Photography 16 dias atrás
1:02 But before you "focus on the rice" you maybe want to learn how to clean your lens/projector first.
Chip Cook
Chip Cook 16 dias atrás
I like your take on this process. The sushi chef metaphor is fantastic. Also, I think back to Hitchcock, La Cava, or any Korda film in the 30s, and the set camera scenes. Somehow, with the camera set up in front of a stage, the story came through. Those may have been the most advanced tools available to them, but those basic tools really got the job done well.
Chip Cook
Chip Cook 16 dias atrás
And THX1138. There's a reason his student short appears at the beginning of the feature film. I think it's because Lucas stayed in the lines you suggest.
Pa šutiraj deeečkooo!!!
like 99.9% of student films are no budget films. without a significant budget there's no way you can make a war film, or space travel film or anything like that. so it's very difficult for students to touch the fish even if they want to
SwegDawgs 15 dias atrás
Unless you have a green screen and after effects
bobkilla430 17 dias atrás
Make 10000 films and I think you'll do good.
Scott 17 dias atrás
The biggest thing student films get wrong: Lighting.
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 17 dias atrás
Such good advice, this video is guaranteed to boost the quality of any student’s work who watches it.
Lacolas Productions
Lacolas Productions 17 dias atrás
I feel a lot better about hating my old projects now
David DeChamplain
David DeChamplain 17 dias atrás
In answer to your opening question it seems really hard.
Arkian 17 dias atrás
Because they are students and they have no money? Lol
Alex Ullom
Alex Ullom 17 dias atrás
man really opened the video explaining what a movie is
Soap 17 dias atrás
This movie is for dumb people lol.
EnVeritas 17 dias atrás
Early on, make the film you can make, not the epic film of your dreams. A finished, well made short film is the first step to getting the resources for your magnum opus. A half finished, badly made, epic scope mess is worth nothing.
cerisskies 17 dias atrás
Sushi refers to rice that has been treated with vinegar. Of course sushi chefs spend a lot of time on the rice. That's the sushi
TheModer8ter 18 dias atrás
Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 3:14 "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life."
Troll 18 dias atrás
I'm so deep in the fish that I can't reach my rice cooker
Playmation Shorts
Playmation Shorts 18 dias atrás
well said
Jay M
Jay M 18 dias atrás
Godard said all you need to make a film is a girl and a gun. I think once you are able to make a film from the bare minimum, then you can begin to add more and more. It took me a long time and many lessons from a very overly ambitious beginning to understand this.
tonywords 18 dias atrás
I like what Tarkovsky said where if he sees something in a scene that resembles what another filmmaker has done he goes out of his way to change it up.
Whisker Biscuit
Whisker Biscuit 18 dias atrás
The up talk in this video is almost infuriating. Also you don't need to keep repeating your slogan. It's kind of weak to begin with and it seems like you desperately want it to become standard lingo. The analogy doesn't work either because it insinuates that you shouldn't make your own movies but but apprentice under someone else doing grip or gaffer until they give you the go ahead to make your own movie after decades of training.
Emir Latinović
Emir Latinović 18 dias atrás
Although I hate cheese, there was something like the 1st class cheese there. Yummy.
GAMERBAY 19 dias atrás
in the beginnning, I though u had Kenneth Brannagh as actor
Queazy 19 dias atrás
Nowadays it seems like political agenda and diverse cast seem to be the focus instead of quality
Molly Cutpurse
Molly Cutpurse 19 dias atrás
So true for any artist. I've recently finished my 74th novel and I'm just getting the hang of it.
Ramon Alan
Ramon Alan 17 dias atrás
I don't even have a short story that I am proud of, a lot of work ahead. It's' easy to get anxious about it.
Sir Nigel Cogs Gaming
Sir Nigel Cogs Gaming 19 dias atrás
Interesting little video. It's true that these days the adage of starting small is often overlooked.
bensas42 19 dias atrás
Just watch 12 angry men.
Hey i have done a short can you review it...
Ssalamanderr 20 dias atrás
Nice video! I saw this first hand in a filmmaking workshop. At the end we had about a day to shoot a short, using professional actors and our fellow classmates as crew. Several groups planned ambitious films with multiple locations, and weren't able to complete their project at all. With so little time to shoot they had no chance. The projects that did small, contained stories were able to be completed. A friend of mine is a filmmaker and took this approach as well. He started with very simple shorts, then in each subsequent project tried pushing his limits a little. One project would have a big "1er" long take shot. The next would add digital effects. Stuff like that. It worked and he recently shot his first feature film, building on all his previous knowledge.
Anthony Hett
Anthony Hett 20 dias atrás
Good advice. Very much along the lines of what I say in my videos. Concentrate on that rice people.
Funky Fungi
Funky Fungi 20 dias atrás
I’m a musician with a hobby of providing free soundtracks for student films. I have seen many of them. My advice: do not end your film with somebody waking up from a crazy dream. I’ve seen it more than anything else. Suddenly, the story takes an unusual turn. Bizarre activities begin to take over the screen. And then… yawn... You know this is going to go nowhere. Except someone waking up in a grand... GASP... their face staring straight into the camera. Try something else.
Alex HF
Alex HF 9 dias atrás
how can i contact you for a soundtrack?
zebjwest 12 dias atrás
people actually do the "it was all a dream" thing ?!
EnVeritas 17 dias atrás
Having seen (and made) a lot of low budget films I can agree with this. Most would easily have been made 100% better by cutting the "She wakes up" bit and letting all the surreal mad stuff ride out. leave the audience guessing if it's a dream, don't spoon feed them it.
Brian Mardiney
Brian Mardiney 20 dias atrás
Yeah this is bullshit, sorry. The best advice for anyone to make anything is "go make it". You will fail, probably dozens of times, before doing it well. But this extremely rigid Japanese way of teaching skills is not the only way, and I would argue, it isn't even a very good way. And that's why the Japanese have been in an economic slump for decades - successful entrepreneurs would never heed this advice.
Messiah Entertainment
Messiah Entertainment 14 dias atrás
I agree, I’m not too well versed on sushi, but it seems like they train that long to make and replicate a recipe(s) that is extremely precise, and that’s not what the art of film is. There’s a technical side that of course requires more practice which would be the craft of filmmaking, but experience, not only in film, but in life comes through trial and error and going through it. You learn things through the failures that make you stronger and wiser. Go balls to the walls crazy, pull inspiration from the biggest of blockbusters and try to push yourself to think outside the box like they did with the resources you have available, not just do what is safe and ONLY film another 10 dialogue scenes. If your passion is noir detective films, or action movies, or aliens, make it best you can, give it 1000% and separate yourself from the rest of the herd that won’t.
js10351 20 dias atrás
Thank you! This video is right on time for me.
LORD IMAGES 20 dias atrás
As a young filmmaker, I’ve learn a lot from this video 👍👍👍✅
Din Djarin
Din Djarin 20 dias atrás
when your starting out and are a student, its important to make films no matter how good they are because you can learn from mistakes and become better, learning from experience is better because you've progressed and no one is perfect straight away
Reuben Hayward
Reuben Hayward 21 dia atrás
Same can be said for animation students! The number of projects I saw fail before they started was incredible. Probably 50+ in my time at uni. Scope is absolutely essential.
Alexander du plessis
Alexander du plessis 21 dia atrás
decent content bro ... but please outsource the voiceover work to an actual actor ... your voiceover is like some kind of eisteddfod performance
Sparky 21 dia atrás
Kaizen is a compound of two Japanese words that together translate as "good change" or "improvement." However, Kaizen has come to mean "continuous improvement" through its association with lean methodology and principles. Kaizen has its origins in post-World War II Japanese quality circles.
Lauren Barnett
Lauren Barnett 21 dia atrás
Before breaking the rules, one must master them
Ross Ozarka
Ross Ozarka 21 dia atrás
I think you should take this video down. This is all great theoretical advice, I got a very similar message from film school, but I think what you are saying is extremely misguided. The message "master the fundamentals, then increase your scope" is a flawed ideology, because you are always learning the fundamentals over a lifetime. Filmmaking is art, not sushi making. You are not an apprentice, and do not have a grandmaster watching you and deciding when you are experienced enough to move to the next level. You are an artist, you have to decide for yourself when you are ready for the next step, and telling yourself "I will master the fundamentals until I am good enough for bigger projects," turns quickly into fear-- fear of failure, as you berate yourself into a neurotic mess who is too afraid to ever touch a camera because they've given themself an inferiority complex chasing quixotic standards of mastery. I have lived this, telling myself for 10 years that I was not good enough at drawing to be a cel animator. Only in the last year have I overcome this fear. Sometimes you are incapable of comprehending the importance of the basics until after you've had to grapple a significant artistic challenge without them. I never felt like my short films worked, until I made my first feature. Now I write short films that are much more comprehendable, because I had that big project to practice on. I was able to identify artistic problems I had, which only became evident over a long runtime, and now my short films have significantly improved. Running a marathon makes the quick jog to the corner store so much easier. You also didn't define "failure" in this video. My feature film was weird, stilted dialogue, nebulous genre, a bit grating to watch, was rejected from every film festival in my home country, only made me $39 on video-on-demand, and has only 1,500 views on youtube. A classic example of a no-budget feature. Is it a failure? No, I use it as a calling card and have gotten multiple long-term clients with it, showing what I can do. Well-intentioned as it is, the message of this video is discouragement. This may be good advice for your own past self, but it does not apply to everyone. This is why you should take it down, or at least amend it, because people actually take seriously the advice they learn on BRdesk and treat it as gospel. I recently acted in a student film, and I could recognize every youtube video the filmmaker got his ideas from. Today's filmmakers are getting their education from youtube, even the ones who go to film school. This video is teaching people neuroticism and fear of failure. Better to make that Christopher Nolan rip-off and fail spectacularly than make a boring short you don't believe in.
Alex Alexis
Alex Alexis 9 dias atrás
I could not disagree more with your comment. This video is reminding people that, first and foremost, they need to know what they are doing - how sharp their story sense is, how they are using camera position, lens choice, light quality and direction, blocking, staging, space, rhythm, tone, editing and sound - and then yes, it makes sense to expand your horizons and start climbing the ladder. We all start from the bottom. No way around it. This video is about reminding people who lack significant experience behind the camera that they should place their ambition on how to communicate effectively within this medium, not on the scope of your ideas. The larger and more complex the idea you’re working with is, the more stuff you have to be able to manage - and when it inevitably fails, given how many variables there are, you’ll be hard pressed to understand what went wrong and where you should start course-correcting. We are eternal students in this profession and that’s one of the things that makes it so fascinating. But let me ask you a question, then: imagine you were running a production company (in the traditional sense) and got two people on your doorstep looking for an internship; one’s short film is a genre piece, original idea, extremely ambitious, some polished VFX work but has all the pitfalls you’d expect from a film made by someone who lacks experience - mainly, no sense of pacing, camera work that calls too much attention to itself and stilted acting; the other’s short film dramatizes a simple, perhaps even trivial situation, but manages to pull you in and hold your interest due to how consistent and nuanced it is in observing and narrating what is happening - the shots work and flow effortlessly, the tone is engaging and the acting is totally believable. Who would you give the internship to?
Andrews 21 dia atrás
Reality today though is, that the marked opens up for so many many many more filmmakers, that almost anybody can produce a movie and get it out on the market. This has the effect, that also a lot of not so good movies will get a place in a podium. Just look at “Captain Marvel”.
Radical Larry
Radical Larry 20 dias atrás
Thor the Dark World is a far more apt example.
Greg Somlai
Greg Somlai 21 dia atrás
When learning to make sushi takes longer than mastering nuclear physics, and building a space shuttle by hand, I'd say you're not cut out to make sushi!
East Lake Films
East Lake Films 19 dias atrás
Michael Joshua
Michael Joshua 22 dias atrás
I knew this early on in film school. I won our local film festival with a 2.5 minutes short comedy, which I had been working all summer. Then, I pitched my larger project and began shooting that, knowing that it was ambitious and was a long shot to finish. I did not finish it but I learned a ton from that experience. I've been waiting for this very time, when the tools to make a film are very affordable, and one day very soon, I am going to polish up one of the many treatments and scripts I have and shoot something. Thank you for the video. It reminded me of being young and ambitious, but also that I understand film more intuitively then I give myself credit for.
Ein Filmprojekt
Ein Filmprojekt 22 dias atrás
In other words, chose your battle.
Hellseeker 22 dias atrás
Teachers must really suck in Japan
Josh Powell-Morris
Josh Powell-Morris 22 dias atrás
This applies very well to almost every craft. Here in the West we've been raised in a culture of instant gratification, giving up before we've really taken a proper a swing at something because we're pissed off that our sushi is crap. We need to stop lambasting ourselves for taking things too slowly because we're 'wasting time'. You're sure to fall if you try to run before you've learned to walk. I actually think when students try to mimic big blockbusters, it represents a failure of imagination as opposed to one that lacks the tools it needs. Films at the end of the day are always a human story (and genre as you pointed out is good for covering shortfalls in those), so if you really care about your art, you'll find a way to tell one of those stories regardless of the fact that all you have is an iPhone and your mates Bob and Jim for actors.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 22 dias atrás
The Evil Dead: *am i a joke to you?*
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 21 dia atrás
@Sum Boi offcourse the Evil dead had alot of issue's. The characters were cheesy and, as you mentioned, the budget was very low. But it is still impressing that a movie with such a low budget could look very realistic and is still good.
Sum Boi
Sum Boi 21 dia atrás
The evil dead still had several limitations though. Limited casting, budget and locations. It even got to a point where Sam Raimi got his family members to work as body doubles for some of the shots where the characters aren’t facing the screen. Also worth mentioning that Raimi had a clear vision on how the film should play out, and focused on the execution of the production.
Adam Grant
Adam Grant 22 dias atrás
This is a bad video
msfasa 22 dias atrás
What is the film at 6:36?
Alexandre Beaudry
Alexandre Beaudry 22 dias atrás
Thank god I'm not japanese and can make sushi with fish. There is something ot learn here for sure. I would just add it to my own ideology of doing on thing at a time (to enjoy it, be focus). I guess it could look like "Smell the fish and the rice while preparing the sushi"
Jose Luis P. C. Rocha
Jose Luis P. C. Rocha 22 dias atrás
creating games is something similar. If you start tryng to make a AAA title or a MMORPG you will probabily fail, the teachers say: start small
R i K X
R i K X 22 dias atrás
ahem, The Room...
R D 23 dias atrás
Good advice BUT...RESERVOIR DOGS? And a non-filmmaking example -- H.R. Giger. Giger did study to be an industrial designer -- yes, technical training -- but as such had no training beyond basic tech-drawing of geometric shapes, schematic projection etc., stuff very alien (sic) to the visionary art he's famous for. Thing is, he hated industrial design -- product design -- and his childhood had been spent drawing his "visions", not studing the basics of drawing, meaning he dove right into his grande visions unprepared. His early drawings were awful, and even his ink drawings up to age 26 were barely competent, despite having 4 years of industrial design studies. My point is: Giger was a painter who didn't slowly work up to his visions with practice sketches of people, still life, landscapes etc. -- he jumped right into the "visionary" stuff since childhood -- with crappy amateurish results at 1st -- and the technical skills came later. Another example: Dark Star.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 23 dias atrás
IMO one of the best films made for this message was Locke. 99% of the film was shot in a car at night using one on-screen actor. It really comes down to a great story with conflict, pure and simple.
buck rogers
buck rogers 23 dias atrás
most dont realize that the camera sees everything and cast actors that have no idea how to act for a camera.....and the director often doesnt understand the power of mise en scene (composition of the shot....) INHO
NostalgiNorden 20 dias atrás
Sounds like a director issue.
Joseph van Wyk
Joseph van Wyk 23 dias atrás
Let me sum it up for you in these few words: CAUSE AND EFFECT. Students fail to understand this simple principal in storytelling.
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger 23 dias atrás
Perfectly sensible advice for people who want to become the camera man of a news show . . .
Oweirwin -
Oweirwin - 23 dias atrás
You got Joe Pesci for your first film? Woah
Ayeee CK
Ayeee CK 24 dias atrás
I love this channel what more can I say❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
i sleep on couches
i sleep on couches 24 dias atrás
Loving the videos man. ZA represent!
Y. Zhao
Y. Zhao 24 dias atrás
Simply the best advices for young and aspiring filmmakers ive seen in years.
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