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Xiran Jay Zhao
Xiran Jay Zhao 4 meses atrás
PS. My book Iron Widow, a Pacific Rim meets the Handmaid's Tale reimagining of China's only female emperor Wu Zetian, is now available for preorder! Yes, I'm wearing a pure silver Millennium Puzzle necklace.
Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas
@IDoNotFeelCreative they’re not a couple
IDoNotFeelCreative 5 dias atrás
Thank you for teaching me and the rest of the world about gay lions guarding the palace doors in Mulan 😻
jessie 1500
jessie 1500 6 dias atrás
omg i totally love wu zetian. like i think i have spent almost 50 hours watching docu's and reading about her.
Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas
The ballad of Mulan took place in the west of China. The Muslim reform institutes have NOTHING to do with it! LET IT GO ELSA!
Petrino 10 dias atrás
my wife is requesting the poppy war.
Galaar Hora atrás
I made the mistake of sticking my chopsticks in my rice while stationed in Japan, I was "asked" to leave the restaurant by a very handsy man.
colosine 3 horas atrás
I don't think the huns are meant to be offensive, they are designed to be an evil demon like presence so they are drawn as such, just my opinion I have no source but it's how I see it
Gameskyjumper 6 horas atrás
35:15 I am a Taiwanese and I don't even know about it. Mind blown.
Gabrielle Chaddon
Gabrielle Chaddon 6 horas atrás
"To some people, Crickets are delicious-" * Burger king ad pops in *
That Witch
That Witch 6 horas atrás
Mulan is my fave movie! This was very informative. Thank you! Earned a sub 🥳
Carmen B
Carmen B 7 horas atrás
"I tried to be white once, never again". That's very relatable. I tried having Pop-Tarts for breakfast, but they're sugary dessert food, so I stuck with chilaquiles.
Carmen B
Carmen B 7 horas atrás
I absolutely love this. I has already read the thread on Twitter, but hearing it with your own voice is delightful.
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia 10 horas atrás
This was fascinating! I'd love to see the equivalent for Mulan 2. I mean, I know it's... a Disney Sequel that isn't Rescuers Down Under... but still! It might be interesting!
m3ntl3g3n 11 horas atrás
I thought The dragons were just myths made of highly venomous snakes and "fire" being burn of The venom, which would fit even on spitting water as some snakes spit their venom. And stories of huge dragons would Be people over exaggerating The size similar to todays Fishermen telling of huge fish that got away
Zanji1234 11 horas atrás
sometimes youtube algorythm reeeally show something nice :-D more videos please about such themes... like how funny / strange for asian / chinese people some Asian Fantasy Stuff in the west might be (like Legend of the 5 Rings card game had some strange names of characters, every asian fantasy country is basically descriped as a mash up between "put everything asia in a blender") :-) but also some other cultural things :-D just had to subscripe! Also back then i didn't know that i was gay but when i watched the movie again with my little niece 4 years ago ... i was like boy that is THE coming out song :-) so yeah correct
Maja Z.
Maja Z. 14 horas atrás
Religious candy bar
Religious candy bar 18 horas atrás
Fun fact this story was stolen by the Han Chinese. It was originally a Manchu or possibly another steppe peoples story originally. Most researchers believe this was the case while the story was still being orally told and kept alive through camp stories. She’s was a nomad probably or at least a recently settled nomad. The original has tons of clues to this with her fighting for a khan not against one 🤷‍♂️ And the original story takes place in the 360s evidence of this exist. Possibly the 600s a lot of the same players are fighting in the area at those time.
Olivia Lescarbeau
Olivia Lescarbeau 18 horas atrás
Must obey your son after widowhood: "I ain't obeying shit, that fucker wants to tell me what to do, we can square up, I'll punt that lil shit."
Zeithri 19 horas atrás
This slain me in so many levels x) Listen lady, you ain't gonna get white with THAT attitude! You need to get some proper breakfast! Filmjölk and Flingor! :P
Darius Schroeder
Darius Schroeder 21 hora atrás
I have not and will not watch the 2020 remake. So far that’s the only Disney remake I haven’t seen
Angelシ 21 hora atrás
I know the hans however you spell that sorry I know there racist but they were probely just trying to make them look different you know how the bad guys have different colour pallets compared to the heros you knowhat Ima saying classic disney basically😅
TheAnnaMiracle 23 horas atrás
She is amazing! So glad this was recommended to me.
monika kavaliunaite
monika kavaliunaite 23 horas atrás
The idea that the stuff the cricket wrote came from a take out menu is freaking hilarious
hi there
hi there Dia atrás
When Shang pays off his debt to Mulan by sparing her life, all he says is "my debt is repaid." In that scene it's already implied that if she shows up again she will be killed. But in the 2020 version, they made Shang say something along the lines of "if you show your face again, you will be killed". (idk if he said that exactly since i only watched that shit once) But yeah, you don't need to outright *say* that she can't come back.
GrandH Dia atrás
My friend just watched this and said Xiran Jay Zhao and I have really similar energy, and I've never been so happy in my life
Kristoffe Brodeur
safe space time
The Snek Lord
The Snek Lord Dia atrás
8:16 Now that I have learned some Chinese culture I know how to curse those who I despise :D
Ghost Laboratory
Ghost Laboratory Dia atrás
I really did enjoy the video. But all the jabs at Euro persons was disappointing to me. If we wish to truly respect one another, we have to show it both ways.
Evelyn Pascoe
Evelyn Pascoe Dia atrás
🌙So glad you started this channel for real! Absolutely love your work 💙👌🌾
EYKS Dia atrás
This was interesting! I honestly left learning a lot
Maggie Gold
Maggie Gold Dia atrás
The reason why they Hun’s eyes are yellow is because in Disney movies the bad guy/woman’s have yellow eyes. Not because they are being racist.
Kendy Blum
Kendy Blum Dia atrás
"Asian parent unhappy" 🤣
Jasmine연지 Dia atrás
Chinese people should make a culturally accurate cartoon in Chinese style
Raigan Avalon
Raigan Avalon Dia atrás
I think the use of honour instead of face is as a result of many might not understand what it means.
conswithoutpros Dia atrás
Y A M S ? !
Skully Gem
Skully Gem Dia atrás
For every sin Mulan committed against accuracy within Chinese culture, they were surprisingly progressive with the cross dressing, low key gay and bi depictions and female fan service. Which absolutely went unrealized lol because lets face it. It's Disney, they do what they know the Karen's will buy and take zERO social chances. We need more of THAT though! it's TIME Disney. be the first to tackle the big gay elephant in the room or Dreamworks will do it for you and be hailed as being one more progressive step ahead of you. Pixar where you at! you tackled all of the other big issues! GET IN THERE! I NEED WHOLESOME GAY NORMILIZATION!
not your momma's barbie
I love how actually gay this movie This was my fav movie as a kid and it explains so much now
Finsey Dia atrás
she is real i looked up
powerist Dia atrás
Also you forgot Shan Yu saying “soldier from the mountain” without referring by gender. Nomads like Huns and Mongols tends to be less sexist, so probably a nod.
The amount i learnt from this video is more than my teachers have taught me
zaqareemalcolm Dia atrás
11:28 wait what c o u l d i t h a v e b e e n a p u n a l l a l o n g ? !
Indasa Dia atrás
I am amazed by how much you know about your culture. Did you study it or is it just common to learn so much about the history in China?
Myahi Myahu myhaha
This cat painting was done by an actual emperor, what have you been doing with your life? ... Why you out of nowhere attack me like that..
woodbc21 Dia atrás
Are you like an Degreed Anthropologist, historian, or art major , or is this just like a hobby for you?
Dalton Slayton
Dalton Slayton Dia atrás
Listening to I'll make a man outta out of you in Mandarin by Jackie Chan is amazing
Kezia E
Kezia E Dia atrás
Parts of the video that have me keeling over in laughter/joy: -Random Lan Wangji/Wang Yibo cameo at the headband explanation (My brain legit stopped for a moment to admire his beauty. Again.) -The whole Shang being shirtless thing. Especially laughed when he's shirtless in the middle of the night -"Chinese dragons don't spit fire. They spit water." I DiEd -wHy iSn't ShAnG iN DrAg (which, I completely agree. That fine specimen of a man, in a dress?? Beautiful) -Gay lion guardians
drat s
drat s 2 dias atrás
12:20 XD
Anna Anna
Anna Anna 2 dias atrás
when my mom saw me stick the chopsicks in the rice like that her eyes just widened. it was weird.
Phoenixesper1 2 dias atrás
I feel this movies obsession with honor has less to do with china and more to do with the makers obsession with worfs klingon heritage! LOL
Sky Cookie
Sky Cookie 2 dias atrás
powerist 2 dias atrás
4:08- It was based on a very old mistake of anyone coming from Steppes as Huns or Mongols, because they do affect Western history (not Kipcheks, Pecheneks, Bulgars, Cumans, and even Tartars got more recognition even if they are influential in European politics). Like catch-all terms for Nomadic people, like Tartary or Huns.
powerist 2 dias atrás
Ahh yes, Sinologist will hate Mulan animated and live action. I mean one of them blows open about Northern Wei, their society, how Wei are more female-friendly than other dynasties, Mulan being Xian Bei, Han military manuals, and how Father Hua/Fa would be given cushy position due to his injury and lack of son.
melissa meyer
melissa meyer 2 dias atrás
When I learned that the 2020 movie didn’t have mushu or the comedic parts from most characters, I refuse to watch the 2020 movie.
flamespear86 2 dias atrás
2:22 in and I already love this woman. She is hilarious and real.
Hannah Evanson
Hannah Evanson 2 dias atrás
Okay you are the BEST media-reviewing youtuber I have **EVER** seen, and I will DEFNINITELY be reading your book!! Also please can we talk about your queenly hair comb? I remember seeing similar combs in the museums in Beijing and trying to get my fellow but male engineer buddies to understand how dang elegant they were.
ERYN 2 dias atrás
lol the chopsticks in the rice in her room alone could mean she'd rather die than be some man's "perfect" wife.
Discordia Dingle
Discordia Dingle 2 dias atrás
That cat is so cute!😍
ERYN 2 dias atrás
I loved the 1998 version! I got to see it in theaters 3 times. I had sneakers with Mulan on the sides. It was also one of the first 3 DVDs my family owned was watched a lot.
Tracy Bryant
Tracy Bryant 2 dias atrás
I wish the 2020 Mulan was a real live action version of this Mulan. I wanted to see Mushu and the granny in live action.
Alastor George
Alastor George 2 dias atrás
there autogenerated subtitles translate some of these names odd
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres 2 dias atrás
When you said “gender-traitor”I had to google who Ban Zhao was. Gender-traitor is often used by TERFs against trans men (to say they have ‘betrayed their gender’ by being trans). Please be careful of the words you use, if I hadn’t looked them up I would have assumed you were a TERF 😅
Love Light&Peace
Love Light&Peace 2 dias atrás
Isnt it a shame someone wants attention so bad anything works. Beautiful person, its just an entertaining thing, lots of millions of thing are not culturally perfect.
Highice007 2 dias atrás
Thank you so much for educating us in this. Is there anyway cou could critique the movie 55 days at Peking? I don't think one of the primary actors who played Chinese was actually Asian.
*foodie has gone 买米当卡*
Shira yuki
Shira yuki 2 dias atrás
*woooow!!! okayyy*
Kayla Tomkins
Kayla Tomkins 3 dias atrás
Love this!!! You Should Totally Do a Video on The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li!!!
Crystal light
Crystal light 3 dias atrás
Gay lions gay lions this is the most amazing movie I've ever watched with a lot of problems but good enough
WelcomeToHELL 3 dias atrás
Shan yu- Omg yess the YAMSS 😭😂😂
ashmon16 3 dias atrás
I have to share this, At 13:21 you look right at the camera and say that some people find crickets delicious, and that is when youtube decides it is time for a hungry jacks add.
•ScarletLight• 3 dias atrás
A female soldier happened every fifty years or so it really wasn’t that weird
Violet_ Vibes
Violet_ Vibes 3 dias atrás
I just realized this but, In the matchmaker scene Mulan threw the pot of tea on the matchmakers face and it puts out the fire on her butt I-
wallflour 3 dias atrás
my brain trying to compare the grandma to lan wangji
Jada Michelle
Jada Michelle 3 dias atrás
Watermallow 3 dias atrás
I love your voice.
Chris UwU
Chris UwU 3 dias atrás
27:47 #ShangIsBi2020
Leafeon 3 dias atrás
Fun fact! In Japanese society, sticking chopsticks into your rice is also considered to be very rude. Normally, this is done at funerals out of respect for the deceased, so doing this outside of a funeral is very rude
Flutenany Idk
Flutenany Idk 3 dias atrás
The 2020 movie got rid of Mushu. 😡 Me at the beginning of the video: "What are you talking about? Shang isn't bi!" Me later: "Actually... Home girl's got a point."
Sara Plett
Sara Plett 3 dias atrás
This is so well made! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
WildKamots 3 dias atrás
sagwa the chinese siamese cat please.
Count Dooku
Count Dooku 3 dias atrás
Filmed entirely in new Zealand to in order to accurately depict china? nani?
Shyann Hall
Shyann Hall 3 dias atrás
g paco
g paco 3 dias atrás
I would like to know what kind of make up remover Mulan used before she sang reflection? I mean dangggg one swipe and the make up is gone.
Tamati Nicholas
Tamati Nicholas 3 dias atrás
This is a great video. I wish every disney movie had a vid like this
kιttყ 4 dias atrás
Auntie Fa ANTIFA
D. P.
D. P. 4 dias atrás
25:46 omg i didn't know they ate crickets in china too, in mexico we do that too :0 well not everyone either lmao
Zuri Beboo
Zuri Beboo 4 dias atrás
g-gay lions Y E S
Jeremy C
Jeremy C 4 dias atrás
The first video was good to watch. This one was great. You've definitely got me as a viewer. Love your humor. Looking forward to the future 👍🏾
The Derp Squad
The Derp Squad 4 dias atrás
"SHANYU??! YAMS!?!?" Just the way she says it LOL.
Andrew Alderman
Andrew Alderman 4 dias atrás
Can you review Joy Luck Club
Karas T
Karas T 4 dias atrás
in china, women never had to change their last name after marriage.
Fiddleronthecube 4 dias atrás
Chinese dragon with a street thug speech pattern, I watched the movie ONCE.
Andre Lewis
Andre Lewis 4 dias atrás
Yuexuan Ding
Yuexuan Ding 4 dias atrás
07:24 Simplified Chinese existed since the northern and southern dynasties or even the Han dynasty in the form of 草书,but of course, they did not exist as a print font, they were only meant for easily written notes or letters, and not on official books or scrolls. Just a small thing to clarify edited for timestamp accuracy
DON STRONG 4 dias atrás
Thanks for all the knowledge I've learned in this video
Sonya Willis
Sonya Willis 4 dias atrás
Mulan and Belle are my favorite because they were the first to save their family instead of needing to be rescued. Belle saved her father and Prince Adam, who was better as a beast, imo. Mulan saved her country.
Sonya Willis
Sonya Willis 4 dias atrás
Even as a child when I watched this movie, I wondered where all the dead bodies were in the scene of the demolished village
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 4 dias atrás
It’s hard to tell but I think they set the movie around the Tang Dynasty just judging by the match maker fashion. Although is could be earlier
KingOfNormans 4 dias atrás
To be fair, in a world where dragons and ghosts exist, the idea that the Huns higher caste would be made of half-demons isn't too far fetched.
Kitty727 4 dias atrás
Goddamn the gay lions got me. “They’re gay, they’re gay lions” “The palace is guarded by gay lions”
Luaan 5 dias atrás
Don't worry, "traditional white breakfast" would include all sorts of normal foods, not the mess it has become in the 20th century. Eggs, pastry, bacon, peas, milk, cheese, all sorts of things, and definitely not a light meal - after all, breakfast was meant to pretty much last until the afternoon/evening meal (usually with a quick snack in place of lunch) before lunch became the big meal of choice. And it's not all American nonsense either, despite what people tend to think :)
Sam Roe
Sam Roe 5 dias atrás
I think there's one thing you missed. According to my research, they did not break out into showtunes in ancient China
Jack Lazer
Jack Lazer 5 dias atrás
So pretty much, this entire movie was old guys throwing "Chinese" things at a wall and somehow made it work Neat
OG23IV 5 dias atrás
Lol it bothers me how she pretty much says white people are the only ones that do certain things. Like “white people tattoo syndrome” or “eat cereal for breakfast because she’s trying to be white”
Jordan Paramo
Jordan Paramo 5 dias atrás
Brave was a Disappointment
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