Men Should Wear Dresses 👗 

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The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World by Adrienne Mayor
Attitudes Towards Women's Trousers: Britain in the 1930s by Katina Bill
Lucy Stone: An Unapologetic Life by Sally Gregory McMillen
Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America by Jo Paoletti
A History of Costume by Carl Köhler
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26 Nov 2020



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E. S. R
E. S. R 3 meses atrás
Sorry, one thing: Amelia Bloomer was reacting to the many layers of petticoats that made dresses very heavy and restrictive. The cage crinoline was an innovation in womenswear which made it possible to wear the fashionable silhouette while allowing women much more freedom of movement, as well as allowing skirts to become so big that they practically enforced a personal space bubble around the wearer-- both reasons why it was relentlessly satirised in comics like the ones you show. It hadn't been invented at this point in history. Amelia Bloomer actually went back to wearing skirts after the invention of the cage crinoline, since it had essentially solved the problem she was protesting.
SweetBean 13 dias atrás
@that guy with an umbrella whats so scary about saying lolita??
Janae S-Brown
Janae S-Brown 20 dias atrás
@that guy with an umbrella lolita is a very cute hobby. Please remember that the west cares about sex alot. Lolita and gyaru were styles made to combat the demand for women to look mature and working class. You should keep it up!
Janae S-Brown
Janae S-Brown 20 dias atrás
@Mari SP when pigeon skirts were a thing, we had hat pins! But bc women were defending themselves, they banned them
William Wheeler
William Wheeler 26 dias atrás
@Mari SP Also include lots of frilly petticoats.
Mari SP
Mari SP 27 dias atrás
@that guy with an umbrella Yes! I know of it! I think it's very sweet and I love all the different variations and styles it can take!
Wolf pack
Wolf pack 7 horas atrás
You are the one who made me realize that it doesn’t matter what gender you are you can wear what you want
Wolf pack
Wolf pack 7 horas atrás
Thank you
BlueSlushie77 1
BlueSlushie77 1 Dia atrás
Men shouldn't wear dresses because it is a sin to wear a dress if you r a Christian and a guy.
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines 4 dias atrás
Clothes are clothes, I tried on wedding dresses at David's bridal for a cosplay I fell in love with wearing dresses and I tried on a hoopskirt with one and holy crap I loved it
Bruna Teixeira
Bruna Teixeira 6 dias atrás
Great video!
David Persson
David Persson 6 dias atrás
I'm tired of shirt and pants. Now I'm just waiting for a reason to show off in my floral dresses :)
big chungus
big chungus 7 dias atrás
I hate how today we force gender norms upon children AT infancy! theres shirts like "im not allowed to date ever" which truly makes me question the sanity of the dress makers and society in general
Mr. Bad Guy
Mr. Bad Guy 7 dias atrás
I actually love wearing dresses.
STAN *insert kpop group*
wear it you'll look stunning
Phoebe Kerr
Phoebe Kerr 7 dias atrás
I say clothing isn't gendered wear what you want there is a lot of genders, not just two, yes Karen gender and sex are different there are only two biological sexes but there is a lot of genders considering the fact gender is a factor of society a person is a member of society so they can choose there gender,GENDER is not what you wear its what you feel like
Ruth Melendez
Ruth Melendez 8 dias atrás
At 7:00 those outfits are literally what I wished I looked like everyday so fucking cute.
Zadie Fluxx
Zadie Fluxx 8 dias atrás
Its controversial because it's lowkey reinforcing patriarchy and transphobia because there's plenty of trans women such as myself who when we first started wearing dresses we weren't praised we are faced with danger some are killed and the fact nobody wants to talk about this is sad yet when a cis white millionaire does it its admirable its not really that progressive when the media still have barely any trans women and when they do they try as hard as possible to point out the masculinity only to marginalize us more so no its not just conservatives cause I am definently liberal
Story K
Story K 9 dias atrás
“...Alexander the great was another proponent of the anti-pants movement..” That is the best thing I’ve ever heard
Frank Bingham
Frank Bingham 9 dias atrás
I do think both genders should wear women's clothing including dresses.
rachelx 10 dias atrás
My Canadian elementary school had a uniform, and I wore pants to school every day because I simply liked wearing them. (i mean why not?) The principal would always call me to her office and threaten me that she would call my parents (which she did) just because I was a girl and I didn't wear skirts. she's still a principal there and i wonder if she still attempts to brainwash her stupid gendered clothing ideals. This happened in 2007 by the way.
Rebecca Farrell
Rebecca Farrell 10 dias atrás
I love this, and I agree about the "insult." But I also wonder if I would be interested in wearing dresses or looking feminine if it weren't segregated. Because I also like to wear make-up and make my hair look pretty, and I'm definitely aiming for "femInine." And by the way, I love your style.
Nadine B.
Nadine B. 10 dias atrás
You forgot to mention that in every culture and time period (only exception was communist China) there was always a clear distinction between men's and women's clothing. A scottish kilt for example is very clearly not a women's skirt. In our culture men wear women's clothing for fetish reasons (crossdresser, sissy fetish).
伏見猿比古 11 dias atrás
12:33 he looks good in that dress.
Pink Lasagna
Pink Lasagna 12 dias atrás
I 👏just 👏 want 👏 to 👏 wear 👏 a 👏 dress 👏
Daddy _quack
Daddy _quack 12 dias atrás
My teacher was going on about how you shouldn’t let your boys where dresses bc they want to she was like they want to eat rocks and stick things in the light socket you shouldn’t let your kids where dresses bc they want to but that argument is actually so stupid bc those things kill them wearing a stupid dress doesn’t it’s a dress why do people feel threatened by clothing get rid of those labels and it’s clothing if my son daughter or child wants to wear something they can who am I to stop them it’s not gonna hurt them
SweetBean 13 dias atrás
My mum dressed me in unisex clothes and when i saw the pictures i thought it was my brother... now im obsessed with pink stuff and Lolita style (.--. )
Hithereimcool 13 dias atrás
On the Twitter post so,domes reply was that ‘then again people are going crazy with the Wuhan virus going around’. I thought that the remark was racist since they called the coronavirus the Wuhan virus and being a Chinese I was hurt. I tried pointing it out, only to be met with a ‘oh, fuck off!’ GIF replied by another person the next day. You have no idea how hard it was for me to control my anger issues
Blocke 14 dias atrás
I don’t feel like watching this but they were made to be worn by certain genders
Isdjeu Keix
Isdjeu Keix 2 dias atrás
@Yellow you only prove the point that clothes don't have gender and people care a lot about others think of them
Isdjeu Keix
Isdjeu Keix 2 dias atrás
@petty ten you think it's weird because of social norms. Bet you don't care about women wearing pants though
yellowty apie
yellowty apie 6 dias atrás
@petty ten one again thank God I'm a girl so I don't have to worry about wearing what I want to wear without being judged 😅
petty ten
petty ten 6 dias atrás
honestly i don't care what anyone does personally but it's wrong to say that 20 years down the line that it should be a norm for men to wear dresses. if you look back in history pants and dress shirts (normal clothes) weren't really a thing. so they wore something that they could just throw over, of course if you were rich you looked boujee, but now it's an advanced society and tbh with all the clothes men can wear now, it just looks weird for daily life. obviously celebrities making a "statement" is different than your neighbor down the street going out to dinner with his family wearing a dress.
yellowty apie
yellowty apie 9 dias atrás
@Yellow thank God I'm a girl.
Antía Aliheyoli
Antía Aliheyoli 17 dias atrás
8:52 hi! love your channel, I'm loving this video, but please don't use the term 'asexual' as genderless. Asexual refers to asexuality, a sexual orientation.
Zion Thomas-Harmon
Zion Thomas-Harmon 17 dias atrás
Dresses are inconvenient. I don’t think women should wear them either.
infjuicy 18 dias atrás
nothing to do w the vid but i love your makeup and hair so much
UhOhSteenky 18 dias atrás
the idea of "manly men" changes depending on the years, men have worn dresses and skirts (scotland, somalia, greece ect..) . there is no one way to be manly, the whole idea is hypocritical.
Roxie S
Roxie S 18 dias atrás
can I just say ur so pretty omg
panqueque445 19 dias atrás
Bottom line. Clothes bad. Reject modernity, return to monke.
Yellow 12 dias atrás
I fucking love this comment and I love your style I honestly hope both sides of your pillow are cold
The Reebstir
The Reebstir 19 dias atrás
Why do we have to assign clothes with gender? Like its a peice of cloth.
Fredly 19 dias atrás
The only thing I got from this video is that humans were and still are dumb af to believe a *f/cking piece of fabric* should be linked to genitals. *The fabric does not care about what you have between your legs and what you identify as.*
Serena Tsukino
Serena Tsukino 19 dias atrás
The clothes shown at 7:48 for young girls had me wondering how did they think that was okay???
downrighthorizontal 20 dias atrás
the comments and information on gendered clothing through history is FANTASTIC as always. mina does a fantastic job. i also think that baby's fashion is something i've never really thought about before, despite loving fashion, and its so cool to see some of it
NitroFairyWing 20 dias atrás
I can't wait till we get to a point where nobody gives a fuck anymore on a broader scale and people can just wear clothes...I hope I made my point make sense with just that
siaenne. 21 dia atrás
Bitches really be out here comparing *clothing used for war or culture/history* to a *women's fashion piece* 😭🤚
CompanionCait 21 dia atrás
David Bowie ran so Harry Styles could sprint.
shiny sableye
shiny sableye 21 dia atrás
way ahead of u
Grumosa 069
Grumosa 069 21 dia atrás
13:45 where is the lie?
babayaga 21 dia atrás
this was such a great overview of the history of gendered clothing! just one thing I felt I should point out is that anti “cross dressing” laws have existed all the way up into the 2010s. although they went unenforced for the last few decades, it’s important to recognize the effects of the criminalization of feminine presentation as “obscene” in people not regarded by the law as female. this reflects the misogynistic idea that femininity is inherently sexual, as well as the hypersexualization of trans-feminine individuals. these laws were largely harmful to trans and gender non-conforming people, but their effects on cisgender and heterosexual people cannot be overlooked
ithie cake
ithie cake 22 dias atrás
When morals and whats right from wrong are thrown out the window, the result is confusion among the masses. You've got transgender people, and males wearing dresses intended for women. We are literally living in the end times, this is exactly what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah. Repent and be saved by the blood of Jesus. Or mock me. Your choice, your will, your salvation. I'm just here to spread the good news of Jesus and salvation. God loves you. 💕
The Ultimate Shipper
The Ultimate Shipper 22 dias atrás
I think everyone should be able to wear whatever they feel like wearing. Clothes are clothes, they don't have genders.
イザベラ 22 dias atrás
Sometimes I wear skirts and people like me more because of my clothing. So wear pants instead, but then I feel bad that I can't wear what I want. lol anyone feel that?
rafael rusydi
rafael rusydi 22 dias atrás
brad pitt also got bashes when he dress as a women in magazine 2000
Cami love
Cami love 23 dias atrás
Please make this into a series I would love to know more about these types of things!!
Наталья Возняк
Even my kitten (girl) was offered pink girly food mats (!) by the Pet shop assistant. She ignored blue ones putting them away instantly. Do you really think my kitten cares if the damn food mat is feminine enough? Will the blue one turn her into...a boy kitten? It's. A. Cat.
Наталья Возняк
The first time i bought a sweatshirt from men's section - i felt GREAT. I looked cool wearing it, it was simple, comfy, great sizing (im 5'10). Watching Harry Styles do his Harry Styles thing is inspiring and we should all learn from it.
Conor O’Brien
Conor O’Brien 23 dias atrás
Harry Styles is a wannabe David Bowie cliché. Androgyne icons such as Marlene Dietrich will always be better. Also your alienation and exclusion of conservatism will only anger people to say dresses are for women more.
f-lorui 23 dias atrás
just a tiny nitpick, "asexual" is a sexual orientation and it has nothing to do with the persons gender what you were referring to with people treating their children as cherubs is "agender", unless i misunderstood your intention great video otherwise, amazing points and well researched, really enjoyed it, just thought i'd share ! ♥
ʜɪ ʜɪ
ʜɪ ʜɪ 23 dias atrás
Woman can wear pants and dresses so why can't men wear pants and dresses???
THANOS 23 dias atrás
Mr Bowerrr
Mr Bowerrr 24 dias atrás
Mina Le that is stupid
Olclarkey19 24 dias atrás
Did you say that when women can’t where something it’s sexist to women and when men can’t where something, it’s also sexist to women? What? You said that the fact that men couldn’t wear trousers in Roman times and the fact that women couldn’t wear trousers in Victorian times shows that misogyny to women has been around for centuries. Erm no- it shows that misogyny has been around for both genders for centuries. People say that is is sexist to women that they were expected to stay in the home and look after the kids and that was their only ‘worth’ but no one talks about the fact that men were expected to work and provide for their families and that was their only ‘worth’. In the modern day, misogyny towards women has decreased drastically ( I agree that is great ) but for men, nothing has changed. Women now can dress ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ whereas men are constricted to what their gender ‘should’ wear.
Elsif 24 dias atrás
Re: The opening Harry quote. When you scrutinize _why_ you feel and think a certain way about these things, you realize it's not even YOU who's putting up these walls inside your brain. It's the loud, forceful, screams of dead people's bad ideas and the hateful people who try to keep them alive. That makes it even more infuriating😠 You've allowed your brain to be sectioned off by these people you don't even respect and wouldn't hang out with if you met them 😄
trystan davis
trystan davis 24 dias atrás
Untrustful 25 dias atrás
"Boys and girls must wear different clothes" Us: **throws away skirts and dresses** "Clothes aren't gendered" Us: **happy but also remembering how we threw away our skirts and dresses**
Amélie May
Amélie May 25 dias atrás
Normalise men in dresses and women in suits. P E R I O D
William Wheeler
William Wheeler 26 dias atrás
Iqtrab Fatima
Iqtrab Fatima 26 dias atrás
im a girl and the constant pressure of being ''feminine'' had resulted in me trying to be ''masculine'' in every way as a kid. I would purposefully use male pronouns in my country's language, wear menswear and everything in between. When i grew up and finally decided to wear a dress i found it so fun, then i realised that clothes are clothes, they're a means of expressing one's personality and protecting the body from the environment, and since then i've stopped seeing clothes as feminine and masculine, i wear anything that looks good on me poor me as a child
paulgotik 27 dias atrás
There's only one problem here. Clothes associated with women are made to accentuate female characteristics. And if men want to feel masculine they would want to wear clothes that accentuate masculine traits. If some men don't want to be masculine that's ok, but some do. Like some women like tight desses that accentuate their boobs and their hips. The bigguer problem here is that there's way more choices of clothes that accentuate femeninity than clothes that accentuate masculinity. The same goes to make up. The other thing that I don't get is that this video is supposed to be something like "people can wear what they want without being judged" but you still make some judgy remarks on what other people wear. 13:25.
Cheddar Cheezit
Cheddar Cheezit 29 dias atrás
Me, a genderfluid person: *sees this* SAY NO MORE, IM IN
Shiloh Grace
Shiloh Grace 29 dias atrás
"Why did men stop wearing good clothes after the 18th century??" Girlll i ask myself this all the time XD what happenned
nuova911 [Daniel vance]
Than you have the Scottish highlands man warring skirts and being the most fairer solders
Erinyes 29 dias atrás
You’re gorgeous, the pictures are gorgeous, everything is gorgeous, and i seriously need to go draw something before I explode.
Barton Campbell
Barton Campbell Mês atrás
You're completely wrong about skirts. Skirts were Male before the 20th Century. For example the Scottish kilt. The first skirt for women was only introduced in 1905 as a bathing suit.
Hannah Gardner
Hannah Gardner Mês atrás
My great grandpa wore dresses as a young boy, and he would always joke with me and my cousins as kids and say “when I was a little girl” when he would show us pictures
George Rockwell
George Rockwell Mês atrás
All, you useless tank bred kids need a boot on your head.
narzog gash
narzog gash Mês atrás
I want to wear Tunics all day.
Ari :3
Ari :3 Mês atrás
I have no issue with guys wearing any “feminine” articles of clothing. Harry looks amazing in a dress , but I’ve seen some men and they don’t look that good in a skirt. All the celebs I’ve seen wearing skirts and dresses look great. I just have seen many guys in my area wear them and they don’t look good in my opinion. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to wear them if they want to
Enter your username
i personally dont find harry attractive but his personality IS AMAZING
Gammareign Mês atrás
The problems are control and bigotry. There are too many people who are control freaks and bigots. Society is quite literally built around control and stigmatization of anyone who is different. That's why there are antisocial and asocial people, because society itself is sick.
Yik Long Tay
Yik Long Tay Mês atrás
I like how your use of history just puts into perspective how unimportant it is that Harry just wants a nice little breeze near his gifts.
Godlike Cynaddol
Godlike Cynaddol Mês atrás
Okay it's not that it's misogyny but now against men it's misandry which has existed for a while from a guys point of view we are in the same position that girls used to be in like what we wear we can't talk about our feelings and abunch more stuff
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Mês atrás
Weren't David Bowie and Iggy Pop wearing dresses and skirts before it was controversial?
Cheerio Totoro
Cheerio Totoro Mês atrás
It was still controversial back then
Kris McDaniel
Kris McDaniel Mês atrás
In one place I worked I had a man who wore long dresses, a string of pearls, and rode a bike everywhere. He didn't go any further than that. Man's haircut, no wig, he just felt more comfortable in dresses. And we were fine with that.
Caroro J
Caroro J Mês atrás
It is not the clothes but a deeper message within gender bending. It is to obscure any objectivity to common reality. There will always be two genders. There maybe different levels within the spectrum, an individual can be attracted to the same gender, but they will always be in between two absolutes. That is what the big fuss is about - It is not the dress so much Harry Styles is wearing - it is the biological roles that are being confused.
Melissa Teodola
Melissa Teodola Mês atrás
Harry Styles was always my favorite.
Zachary Hatfield
Zachary Hatfield Mês atrás
Me and my comrades wear olive drab jumpsuits, exclusively.
That one messy artist
Yeah, it’s especially hard for us trans people. A lot of people tell you to start dressing like your “real gender” which can mean that they don’t believe in trans people and we should dress based on our genitals, or they think you have to dress in a stereotypically masculine/feminine way to be that gender (which still implies that clothing is based off of genitalia.) Both of those are terribly wrong. You can be a trans woman and dress masculine, or be a trans man and dress feminine, etc... I still like dresses even though I’m a trans guy, but I’m not going to let those stereotypes stop me from liking something. Let’s all just all make clothing less gendered and be happy. 👍👍
Yeou t
Yeou t Mês atrás
i am a guy and i like pink and do not care
ej Mês atrás
its weird how brainwashed people are that they think dresses are just inherently feminine even though its pretty obvious that men haven't always worn trousers. like they're convinced that it's some deep innate natural order of the world that has to be preserved.
Chibi Bun
Chibi Bun Mês atrás
I'm glad you cleared up the false equivalency when it comes to men "wearing dresses" in history a lot of people point to 15th century princes wearing tights and tunics that were basically ye ol athleisure and equate that to what Harry Styles did
maximus Alves
maximus Alves Mês atrás
i HATE dress !
trazh yard
trazh yard Mês atrás
nah i don't want to wear a dress
Lizzie Of The Darkness
The Amazons were Transgender women...the hidden herstory they will never tell you all...
M Minnaert
M Minnaert Mês atrás
It might be interesting for a next video to also address the link between colonialism and the gender binary. I'm pretty sure this also affected fashion
Jacqueline .C
Jacqueline .C Mês atrás
Can I like this more than once? I love how well informed your videos are!
theladynim Mês atrás
Obsessed with your make up in this. It looks gorgeous.
dcbsmt Mês atrás
Speaking of blue and pink, back in the day all children were called girls. Male children were knave girls and female children were gay girls. :)
Amooor Cuenta Random
Just one thing, a couple years ago I study about the color association with gender and I find very interesting that you didn´´t mention anything about the marking system in the nazi concentration camps because pink was assigned to homesexuals normally men. I consider that this fact also played an important part on the color association with genders at that time
Emily R
Emily R Mês atrás
I always tell my grandmother that I don’t like to wear pink but she always buys me pink clothes even when I tell her otherwise. She buys me the same clothes as my 8 year old cousin and I just don’t like pink.
I have to power of god and anime on my side
I just found you on accident and it's the best accident i've made in a long time
Francine Gee
Francine Gee Mês atrás
I'm very fond of highly-gendered clothing, as well as a spectrum of clothing so you can decide which "niche" you want to inhabit for the day. I would say that I don't want gendered clothing to disappear---but unless the world becomes even uglier than it is, gendered clothing will NEVER disappear. What's more important to me is having the world open enough that you can Make A Statement by what you wear, and the world *ACCEPTS* your choice and doesn't need to arrest or shoot you for it.
Eirle Mês atrás
As a man I would use a greek tunic without any issues, but wearing those fucking ugly modern dresses is a dishonor for any man, pants became a man thing when jeans was invented, I perceive that man are the ones that uses the best clothes because of their lifestyle and not because it's feminine or not, it's like saying that belts are feminine, but a man will still need to use a belt so his pants don't goes down.
Jess_Marie_G Mês atrás
My only issue with that cover is with me not liking that dress. Too many ruffles. I'm more of a sleek silhouette kinda girl.
Lo On The Go
Lo On The Go Mês atrás
I am loving your videos... legit binge watching them! The painting above your bed is gorgeous! Who is the artist?
Once i bought a maid dress as a joke but i actually loved it and now i wear it round the house like a sort of dressing gown / pajamas thing. (Btw i am a man)
C Wonderland
C Wonderland Mês atrás
After 2020, I think there is a strong anti-pants movement again.
Andy Machcinski
Andy Machcinski Mês atrás
Love the way you present! Great subject, thank you.
Kr Gr
Kr Gr Mês atrás
This video is so good.
Natalynn Mariotti
Natalynn Mariotti Mês atrás
a lot of people decide that clothing=sexuality, when in reality, the only correlation comes from the fact that for (I'll use a man for this example but it goes in any direction) a man to come out a gay or any variation, he is forced to accept that most of society does not expect him to fit "norms" and alienates him, and this gives him more "freedom" to embrace things going against the "norm" like "feminine" clothing. There is no correlation between what fabric man wears and who he is attracted to, but because most straight men have stronger relationships with toxic masculinity, you see them wearing things like dresses less. People who genuinely think there's some actual connection are delusional and looking for excuses to spread hate. Jesus basically wore a dress, if you wanna spread hate and talk abt embracing "tradition", COMMIT and buy some robes and tunics.
nommh Mês atrás
I must be unspeakably old, because my mother put me in navy blue, my brother often got red accessories. I wore mostly skirts though. And there was very little pink. What can I say - I still love navy blue and prefer wearing dresses. I never forget when a boyfriend of mine put on a skirt of mine and he was overwhelmed by the feeling of freedom (it was a time of tight jeans for both sexes and although lycra had been invented decades earlier it was far from ubiquitious). And you are so right! Men should wear dresses - if they want to.
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