Missing Divers, Charles Manson, & the Rarest Fish in the World 

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The DEEPEST hole, the CUTEST fish.

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Mortician: Caitlin Doughty
Producer & Writer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1)
Editor & Graphics: Andy Windak
This video was greatly informed by the book "Relicts of a Beautiful Sea: Survival, Extinction, and Conservation in a Desert World" by Christopher Norment. Thank you, Mr. Norment, for your passionate and exhaustive research as well as your insightful storytelling.

Relicts of a Beautiful Sea: Survival, Extinction, and Conservation in a Desert World
Norment, Christopher J. The University of North Carolina Press. Chapel Hill, 2014.
"Devils Hole divers fight to save rare desert fish in Death Valley National Park"
"The Last Dive Into Devil’s Hole."
"Divining Devils Hole: Part 2"
"Rare Fish Hold Up Nevada Desert Resort"
"Ash Meadows NWR Fish Conservation Facility"
"The Phenotypic Plasticity of Death Valley's Pupfish"
"A little fish that’s mighty as a mountain"

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29 Mar 2021



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Comentários 100   
SecondBreakfast 15 horas atrás
Too bad we can't be that protective of all of nature.
Gerald R.
Gerald R. Dia atrás
Yes, your beauty is flawless. I'm in Pasadena, I'd love to meet you over a bite of food.
Wallace Spangler
Wallace Spangler Dia atrás
Saving Eagles going instinct because of rarity is the same of the extremely rare’s one and the same.
Wallace Spangler
Wallace Spangler Dia atrás
She is soo adorable 😊
Emmalee Arias
Emmalee Arias Dia atrás
hey would you please cover anatoly moskvin? he made a bunch of dead bodies into dolls and i really want to hear your take on it
Stephen murray
Stephen murray Dia atrás
Considering that 99.9% of all species that have ever lived on this planet are now extinct, I find it obscene that any government that has homeless people and so many children living in need in it's country would spend $4,500,000 trying to save a pointless fish that can not adapt to any other environment. In fact it has often been the case that the inability to adapt is what leads to extinction and is the natural order of things. Maybe people should stop thinking that they somehow know better than nature and just let the fish go. Save the children!
Jessica King
Jessica King 2 dias atrás
Urkinorobitch 3 dias atrás
Super old rare animals are particularily interesting because they have something that made them resist everything that the other ones did not. Pupfishes might cure cancer, who knows?! There is also interest in rebuilding extrme habitats to survive after all the zombies die of hunger.
A Kiri Anbu
A Kiri Anbu 4 dias atrás
Does anyone else find it unsettling that we're spending more money to keep the man-made created pup fish alive more than the original pup fish? Imagine This being applied to cloned animals and essentially taking more priority in your billion dollar investment more than actual conservation.... Something tells me in the near future no one's going to give a crap about the pupfish in the pool but rather the ones that have been artificially brought up.... Seeing how human beings are, we take more pride in what we created than what nature intended... I think it's the sad reality of life.
Dave Sippel
Dave Sippel 4 dias atrás
Rolf reminds me too much of dad’s friends. I may get a Save the Pupfish bumper sticker out of spite.
Peanut Decided
Peanut Decided 4 dias atrás
how many more animals or people could that money go towards helping, and an actual difference be made? these pupfish are cute, but they are a vanity project. they cannot expand beyond the devil’s hole without the help of huge sums of money and an artificial, highly regulated environment. they are not being bred to increase their numbers in the wild, but rather as a very expensive fish tank in the middle of the desert. if this was a privately funded venture, i’d say go for it. but i don’t think it is, and any tax money that is being spent to monitor the hole and maintain this expensive artificial environment that nothing but this fish can survive in is money that should be spent elsewhere and in ways that will benefit the people paying those taxes.
Ajay Blake
Ajay Blake 4 dias atrás
I am so glad Dr.Mike featured You in a video. 😁 You are truly delightful. Thank You. 🙏
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor 4 dias atrás
7:27 that “Oaxaca” pronunciation was just perfect... mexican user approves
Aren Sereathy
Aren Sereathy 5 dias atrás
Frankly the devil hole pupfish is a species so specifically adapted it's evolved itself into a hole (Ha) it's a complete evolutionary dead end I say let Darwin end the poor things. There genetic diversity is probably nonexistent by this point.
Eglom123 History 26
Eglom123 History 26 5 dias atrás
Why don’t we get some of the diva fish and put them in zoos. More of them will exist, and they might contribute something.
Sabrinah Hartsell
Sabrinah Hartsell 5 dias atrás
Hot take: animals have innate value and are worth saving regardless of how they benefit us.
I keep coming back to rewatch this video, and at this point it lives rent free in my head
Pivke Mrzli
Pivke Mrzli 5 dias atrás
such a fuss about some shitty fish. im gonna laugh so hard when a random earthquake collapses the hole and ends this madness once and for all.
Emily White
Emily White 6 dias atrás
Thank you for pronouncing "Shoshone" tribe correctly. I appreciate that you took the time to respect my ancestors. Keep up the great videos, Caitlin! With love from Texas, Emily Donzie.
Raymond Gibbs
Raymond Gibbs 6 dias atrás
That’s what I’m talking about...
Leandro Tami
Leandro Tami 6 dias atrás
The lowest place in the western hemisphere is Laguna del Carbon in Patagonia, Southern Argentina. It’s 105 meters below sea level. The highest point is also in Argentina, that’s Aconcagua mountain with 6961 meters over sea level
Guns and Moses
Guns and Moses 6 dias atrás
I think if you have to spend so much money for the fish when people are starving around the world. We all need to get our priorities straight
Scooter Girl
Scooter Girl 6 dias atrás
This all shows why we can't have nice things. SO LET'S AT LEAST HAVE OUR PUPFISH FRIENDS LIVE!!!!!
Arin 7 dias atrás
caitlyn doughty: style icon
Chris 7 dias atrás
I’m assuming you didn’t vote for Trump.
M lucas
M lucas 7 dias atrás
can we just agree that cave diving just makes no sense
Wild Owl Metaphysical Svs
I agree that it's important to protect the pupfish! Not only do we need to save them for the fact that they deserve to not have their habitat taken away, which will kill them, we need to for the unique scientific research they can provide.
Dennis Mason
Dennis Mason 8 dias atrás
The Mojave used to be an inland sea. Mystery solved.
Joseph Vanucchi
Joseph Vanucchi 8 dias atrás
I thought you were saying "amarosa" puff fish. Remembering her from reality tv it certainly made sense lol
supersonicsegax1 8 dias atrás
They spend several millions on a worthless fish species yet there are countless homeless americans sleeping on the streets starving!
L 8 dias atrás
Damn what did that guy do to Caitlin
Blame Ekatoneikosipente
You just forgot to think of something, if we weren't there the pub fish might have survived or died themselves. After a certain point, perhaps they are putting too much money in rescuing a tiny part of the eco system rather than focus on bigger problems. I am not saying that conservation is wrong, but , if you could excuse the pun, I think that there are bigger fish to fry. ^^
collecting21 9 dias atrás
I can't believe Caitlin still hasn't covered the Estonia Ferry Disaster from 1994....!
Rei Reddy
Rei Reddy 9 dias atrás
Can you block certain ads on your videos or does youtube not allow that? I'm getting anti-trans women ads here
ajiut aeft
ajiut aeft 10 dias atrás
Make video on aghori... From India who eat dead people
Ulrich Minky
Ulrich Minky 10 dias atrás
I am just fine with this. The little fish should win, every once in a great while. Also the people that would be mad about this, well let's just say I am alright with them dying mad about it.
Alaric Rex
Alaric Rex 10 dias atrás
Are you a Pisces sun, Gemini moon? Just curious. Outstanding presentation, by the way. Sure, I'll sub that .......
M W.
M W. 10 dias atrás
if their little habitat is being destroyed naturally then its only a matter of time before their gone. my solution? Collect all 200 of the little suckers put them into one tank and breed them. then make them a trendy commodity Pet to keep. That's how mankind can save them.
SavageGreywolf 10 dias atrás
alternate title: Caitlin makes fun of some random guy for 23 minutes
Beauty and the Boat
Beauty and the Boat 10 dias atrás
I used to live near where desert pupfish naturally lives and know how rare *they* are. Cool to see their cousin covered here, although I would say that they are threatened because there isn’t a whole lot of water in the desert and they were in the middle of a drought.
Aboli Nimbalkar
Aboli Nimbalkar 10 dias atrás
I liked the editing in your older videos better
MsSmurk 11 dias atrás
I kind of need to know where you got that vest from.
Jess Rushworth
Jess Rushworth 11 dias atrás
The other benefit of the pupfish facility is it will be something we can learn from for saving other species
Catrien Bester
Catrien Bester 11 dias atrás
Hi Caitlin. There is a tiktok going around about funeral homes putting bras on corpses - I would love to hear your take on that.
Boopy Schmoops
Boopy Schmoops 11 dias atrás
Honestly if you’re mad about the government “wasting” a few million dollars you should see how much of the multi trillion dollar budget is wasted on truly useless and negative things. There are so many bigger fish to fry (haha fish) that I couldn’t even begin to list them.
Miss-jerk 11 dias atrás
Oh to be a tiny fish competely ruining a huge company's plan to ruin the environment (yes a dessert is an environment and doing that much changing to the land would have had heavy negative affects on everything around) just by existing
CF J 11 dias atrás
more worth it than all the money spent on the royal family
Shane Kasper
Shane Kasper 11 dias atrás
We have homeless people on the streets and these fish have a condo.
Peter Grandahl
Peter Grandahl 11 dias atrás
Puff fish farts are clearly causing global warming. I say kill the puff fish!
Indy S
Indy S 12 dias atrás
So here's a question: If the water in the devil's hole is saltier than the ocean, how was it supposed to be any good for farm land anyway?
ixbreakxaway 12 dias atrás
I watched this video 3 times in a row when it first came out, and so many more times since. I fucking love your pupfish impression so goddamn much
octo scut
octo scut 13 dias atrás
they a tiny lil fishie in the middle of the most hellish desert on earth, GIVE EM A BREAK JEEZE!!!!
Sabrina Rosario
Sabrina Rosario 13 dias atrás
We’ve been trying to save the Pandas for years now. What’s another animal at this point. They are gorgeous fishes though. I rather they spent millions on saving them than throw billions towards another war.
Sabrina Rosario
Sabrina Rosario 13 dias atrás
Those weird 1950’s ad videos followed by something humans did to fuck with nature or, their fellow human beings, reminds me of Fallout.
And There We Have It
And There We Have It 13 dias atrás
Fuck the capitalist and colonial-extractivist systems; save the pupfish and destroy suburban sprawl + corporations.
persona2grata 14 dias atrás
Those fools, by not draining the water they allowed the water babies to breed and grow. You think those cute little Pupfish are your friends? Those are just the juvenile stage of the water babies, before they grow their teeth and claws and soon, strong legs that will let them crawl out at night and stalk their favorite food: humans.
Othello Tyrant
Othello Tyrant 15 dias atrás
Fish sticks from the devil's hole? No thanks.
coffee with two sugars please
if these pupfish were some ugly creature nobody would care , humans tend to only feel sorry for creatures that look cute , what about those uglyfish that look like penises , nobody cares about that sort of creature because its ugly so they rather eat it instead, thats human nature for you, lol
Pj Rock
Pj Rock 15 dias atrás
Death Valley, just when I thought she couldn't get any hotter!🌞
Captain Deathsquirrel
Captain Deathsquirrel 15 dias atrás
The irony is, in 2247, the pupfish became the primary food source for the remaining population of the former United States. Their numbers exploded when global warming became irreversible.
Paul Mabley
Paul Mabley 15 dias atrás
Caitlin, have you lost weight?
David Henderson
David Henderson 16 dias atrás
Looks like the walk way into the Teradactyl park
acester86 16 dias atrás
Fact: There are children going hungry Also fact: the US government spent 4 million dollars on a fish bowl. I'm more in the camp of, leave them alone. If they die off 🤷‍♂️. If they thrive good for them 👍.
Wizard 16 dias atrás
i unironically adore how much trouble these little fish have caused for big business. go comrade pupfish. keep doing what you do you fantastically useless creature
Luke 17 dias atrás
How many human babies, (little girls, little boys), are worth saving an animal species thought to be endangered? How many human babies, (little girls, little boys), would it cost to bring back the saber tooth tiger; the mammoth; the passenger pigeon, the white rhino. . . .? Not against saving endangered species: CITES enforcement is needed. Just not entirely convinced that short-term, radical action to save an animal at the expense of children & families is the right thing in some parts of the world.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore 17 dias atrás
Caitlan, I stumbled on your brilliant channel today, and have been binge watching since. Loving the channel
K3L News with Koalaby Jenkins
I can’t believe you got almost 500k people to watch a video about pupfish 😂 kudos the science community needs you
Sarah Lynn
Sarah Lynn 17 dias atrás
Thank you for the pupfish info. 😊
Courtney B
Courtney B 18 dias atrás
My husband talking about bison: They say the best way to bring back a species is to start eating it because then it falls under several extra government guidelines. Me: Not the pupfish!! 😱 Husband: What...?
Carolyn Hicks
Carolyn Hicks 18 dias atrás
Love u too DEATH 😆😆😆
Silas Mayes
Silas Mayes 18 dias atrás
I'd really love to go scuba diving in the devil's hole!
goodguy 630
goodguy 630 18 dias atrás
Hehe. The Devil's hole...
Jenny BK
Jenny BK 19 dias atrás
I love this but I get major anxiety reg the dives!
Brian Garrow
Brian Garrow 19 dias atrás
I want the names of the corporate officers who decided that this attack on the pupfish was a good idea. Yes, I want to shame them publicly until they die!
Charles Blake
Charles Blake 19 dias atrás
Got my leg amputated 6 weeks ago, said I couldn't keep it, is that true?
Gene Stewart
Gene Stewart 19 dias atrás
Investment created responsibility. Also, for all we know, their extinction = ours. Also, someone needs to drown your fictional snide nemesis.
Twin One
Twin One 20 dias atrás
That "strong pieces vibes to the pupfish" line was just 👌
GlassWisteria 20 dias atrás
Honestly, I'm all for anything that'll stop greedy corporations from destroying the environment and ruining for future generations for money, so SAVE THE PUPFISH.
Tedious Crow
Tedious Crow 20 dias atrás
Very entertaining. 4/5 stars. That's right, still missing that last one.
True Patriot
True Patriot 20 dias atrás
Its not about thr pupfish. Its about keeping folks out of those tunnels. And finding out more about our true history. Just a theory. 😉
Don 20 dias atrás
This is what tax payer dollars are going to....😒 over millions of dollars to keep 5 fish alive. Nevada won’t be seeing me
neo coolatta
neo coolatta 20 dias atrás
this is a deeply interesting topic with a lot of nuance that I appreciate being brought up. the line between conservation to prevent the death of species that humanity directly caused to become endangered in the first place and throwing money at a species that, naturally and evolutionary speaking, wasn't meant to survive is a blurry one and it's difficult to make the right call- would the pupfish survive on their own, if humanity didn't exist to threaten its natural habitat? would the pupfish die off naturally, like so many ancient species? could the money spent on the pupfish be better used elsewhere, like on stopping the capitalist systems that caused the depletion of natural resources in the first place - and, if those systems were torn down, would the pupfish be any better off for it? the waters, no pun intended, are murky and it's interesting to ponder over. (for reference i'm an anticapitalist leftist, i'm against corporate america's expansion and i'm not at all trying to imply that the devil's hole should've been built over. no matter which way you cut it, if you believe the pupfish should've been left to their own devices or not, corporate and capitalist expansion is killing off both animal life and human life.)
Anna Chase
Anna Chase 20 dias atrás
If we ever want to colonize another planet, we will need extremophiles and need already established methods for creating artificial environments for plants and animals. If we've already killed most of them, we'll have a much smaller pool to pick from.
Harrison Sanders
Harrison Sanders 21 dia atrás
What a great video! This was amazing
Serendipity Shop
Serendipity Shop 21 dia atrás
Could do without the imagined dialogue with the cranky old man, but like the video otherwise.
Political T
Political T 21 dia atrás
"That's what I'm talkin' abouuuuut!"
k.c. Bake
k.c. Bake 21 dia atrás
*strong Pisces energies to the pupfish! 🤍♓
im19ice3 21 dia atrás
that was beyond fucking cool 💕🌟🥇 your channel is a reliable delight before i rant let me just tldr with a simple 🔥⚔🌵 NO MORE ANTHROPOCENTRISM 🔥⚔🌵 i think we must protect the fishies at all costs because several species that were not in a vulnerable biome and were by most standards innocent and self-reliant have reached extinction for human greed and nothing else. i wont get into the food thing but we're all clear on the fact that humans wanting certain land, under no threat to their own survival, have seized the homes of animals and subjected their earned place within nature as evolution shaped it to our whims without the ounce-est consideration. Those fish could be not special and they'd still deserve to be saved, ideally to be respected along with all other forms of life not threatening our survival.
Mar 21 dia atrás
loved this little fish tale
Soulless Bunny
Soulless Bunny 22 dias atrás
Best Caitlin video ever!
Greg Feneis
Greg Feneis 22 dias atrás
Thanks Caitlin. We can always count on you to give us the hole story
Nota Rookee
Nota Rookee 22 dias atrás
Ms Doughty’s vlogs Are very intelligent and entertaining
Richard Hutchison
Richard Hutchison 23 dias atrás
This was very enlightening! I really enjoyed hearing this tale of the Devil's Hole! God bless the pup fish!
Fluffy Cat
Fluffy Cat 23 dias atrás
I love your videos. (And your hair!)
GrandmaChelle23 23 dias atrás
Saving an inconsequential fish at any expense exemplifies what occurs when people worship the creation instead of the Creator. Conservation is one thing but this pupfish house is absurd.
Audrey Lin
Audrey Lin 23 dias atrás
Something from the natural world could destroy the ecosystem in the hole. Will pupfish extinction be ok then? How about allowing some professional aquarium people to raise a few and breed them to become more common? Then if something temporary happens to the hole (wiping out the fish there) the colony could be restocked?
Calvin Won
Calvin Won 23 dias atrás
As a biologist and ichthyologist, I definitely agree that the pupfish is worth saving for the research interest. But I also know that evolution favors adaptable species. If humans were responsible for the depletion of a species, then of course we carry the responsibility of saving them. But we also need to keep in mind that any species that is highly adapted to an extremely specific set of environmental parameters is doomed sooner or later. The earth is not a static place. It's in a state of constant change that preceded human existence. So this species will never "bounce back" because it will eventually lose its suitable habitat. And yes, humans are causing a tremendous amount of change to the earth, but it doesn't mean the earth was unchanging before we existed. If the funding continues to exist, keep them going in captivity and definitely continue to study them!
Andromeda Neko
Andromeda Neko 23 dias atrás
The pupfish have just as much a right to exist on this planet as we do. I think it's great people are taking measures to protect them. We have done so much damage to this planet it's the least we can do to try to save some of it.
giulia 23 dias atrás
yes i'm still here
Daniela Lange Andersen
Daniela Lange Andersen 23 dias atrás
if you name a fish something as cute as the pupfish, you should expect people to fight for them
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