Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | Skin Care 

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【Vlog】24hours of Japanese mom and 23 month-old-baby. My name is Moe. I'm a housewife living in Tokyo. This is my, realistic day from the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed. Skin Care, Parenting, Cooking, Terrible Two
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12 Mar 2021



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Kimono Mom
Kimono Mom 2 meses atrás
Thank you for watching guys☺️🌸Don’t forget to follow my Instagram🌸 This video has several subtitles so I hope you enjoy this vid in your language. Since I use a translator, they’re unnatural. Thank you for your understanding!
Letty B
Letty B 16 dias atrás
I wish I could understand what your talking about 😞
Letty B
Letty B 16 dias atrás
Your both very beautiful x
dayana morales arce
dayana morales arce 20 dias atrás
You are doing the best you can I am sure. Best regards.
dayana morales arce
dayana morales arce 20 dias atrás
Hi. I hope in a short time you get time for you.. i know kids need attention, but I think, as a parent you are not obligated to entertained her all time.. she needs to be bored sometimes and look for what to do by herself.. maybe when she grows up a little, apply this advice will be easier. Best regards.
David Sensei
David Sensei 24 dias atrás
Maman sutan kimono 👘oda 🦦🤎🤎🤎🤎🙏from corsica 😊respect for life modèles
たかぼんこたのん 5 minutos atrás
好奇心旺盛なかわいいお子さんですー❤️!!! 最後のお話で、私は息子の1年前のイヤイヤ期、ダメと言い過ぎかなとか、どこまでを自由に、どこまでのルールを教えたらいいかそう言うことで1年半くらい前悩んでいたのを思い出しました! 何かで読んだ「一人の人間として何故こうしなきゃならないのか何歳でも理由をきちんと教える」と言うことだけ言い続けていたら、いつの間にか子どもの方から「駐車場では手を繋ぐんでしょ?」と手を出したり、「冷え冷えの食べ過ぎは良くないね」と自分で言っていました。大人は食べたい時めっちゃ食べることもあるけどね…という後ろめたさは封印して、笑 なんだか子どもってすごいなーー!と思った瞬間でした💡 悩みに合ってるか分からないコメントを、既に動画公開から時が経っているのに、長々と書いてすみません💦ご家族皆様、健康にお過ごしください✨ 娘さん天真爛漫で、2歳児らしく伸び伸び自主性あってすごい素敵だなぁ💓日頃沢山愛されてるんだなぁ💓って感じしました🥰🥰すーたんにキュンキュンしっぱなしでした😙!!!
Ema Maslej
Ema Maslej Hora atrás
Your daughater is very beautiful!
Helena Lee
Helena Lee Hora atrás
I have a 16 month old and he also likes to be held a lot just like Sutan. It makes housework almost impossible sometimes but I'm trying to enjoy the cuddles too. 🥰 Please take more time to sleep and rest. You need that to continue to be a great mama for Sutan. ❤️ We can always wait to watch your videos.
Manisha Thapa
Manisha Thapa 3 horas atrás
Your sister is so beautiful and cute love from nepal😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bengisu Arıkan
Bengisu Arıkan 7 horas atrás
omg watching this one felt like im watching a real life anime
Galih Adi
Galih Adi 7 horas atrás
Have we ever thank to our mom for her care so far guys? If not, do it now!
Pun 17 horas atrás
Sutan, please let your mom rest 😂
Yasir Fawad
Yasir Fawad 22 horas atrás
Grace !!!
Meg Dia atrás
I love how no matter where you are in the world, toddlers are exactly the same.
Luunaar Moon
Luunaar Moon Dia atrás
Its the review at the end for me...healthy parenting ✨✨ I love this
鹿人假 Dia atrás
start frm 10:05 the conversation is so cute
mohamad gh
mohamad gh Dia atrás
Hello kimono y r very nice and babe beauty
Elliana L
Elliana L Dia atrás
Question : how many hours she sleeps a day?
Lucky girl
Lucky girl 2 dias atrás
Very smart baby girl 💜
Aneesha Vm
Aneesha Vm 2 dias atrás
What is the secret of glass skin and natural home remedies for skin
Mamta Devi
Mamta Devi 2 dias atrás
Hii mom i am indian and iam 12 year's old and i love my mom and you also
Gabriela Añez
Gabriela Añez 2 dias atrás
Linda familia transmiten mucha paz ❤❤❤
Miserimus Lovestarvus
Miserimus Lovestarvus 2 dias atrás
Every child needs parents like you. And you need a spa day! You're a role model Moe. Thank You! 💚💚💚
Sunrise NRG
Sunrise NRG 2 dias atrás
Hi, Moe-san! 頑張って! I love your videos, and I think you're doing a great job exploring the ups/downs of life, motherhood, family and finding the best version of yourself. Thank you for being so honest and for thoughtfully sharing your life with us. We, mothers, experience many of the same things, and it's so nice to know we have a community with you.
shahzman madni
shahzman madni 2 dias atrás
Wow so beauty full life ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍
Mohini Verma
Mohini Verma 3 dias atrás
Language to smjh me ni aayi but ek house wife or ek maa jrur smjh me aayi
Lalji Valani
Lalji Valani 3 dias atrás
Good job moe sister 🙏👏🌹 India
Ariel and Malody
Ariel and Malody 3 dias atrás
Sutan is soo cute baby girl.She is sooo sweet.
Dee Kue
Dee Kue 4 dias atrás
Sutan is growing up too fast! She's super smart!
uha aid
uha aid 4 dias atrás
Sutan is so intense watching the video on that iphone.
Anu Km
Anu Km 4 dias atrás
Nice Video 🤩 Love from India 🇮🇳
soft raga
soft raga 4 dias atrás
I have 2 years old kid and i am working a fulltime job and i am daily trader. trust me i am always tired exhausted and sleepy😁. I have one option to be patient all the time😂 Motherhood is a mess huge mess😎
matt chisa
matt chisa 4 dias atrás
Your dollars facial expressions are hilarious
Esha Dutta
Esha Dutta 5 dias atrás
Hey I love your videos 👍, love from india
The PresentTech studios
2:50 thank me leter
Be Red
Be Red 5 dias atrás
She indeed is taking more care of herself
Joiem Konyak
Joiem Konyak 6 dias atrás
Awwwwww your baby is so cute and beautiful ❤️❤️🔥
King Goe
King Goe 6 dias atrás
If there is a commerical for Sutan, the product sales turnover will be boost up highly and effectively. Everybody in the world love to watch Sutan because she is the fruit of happiness.
Amber Gaiama Flows
Amber Gaiama Flows 6 dias atrás
Delightful video share here. I don't have offspring, but I taught children for 14 years and have found offering alternatives (when it is not a dangerous situation) was assisting to re-orient the child's energy and attention ("how about this instead of that cause that could be messy, dangerous, etc.). I think you have a wonderful parenting method though and appreciated this video. Has moved me to seek sake lees even. Cheers to growth and flow on divine souls!
Sauchi Ishaya
Sauchi Ishaya 7 dias atrás
You are incredible ~ by the way have good rest
Александр Баулин
Вы молодцы, приятно смотреть на вас, Ваше видео. Понемногу растёт число подписчиков - казалось, вот недавно Вы получали кнопку BRdesk за 100 тысяч подписчиков, а теперь у Вас их почти 900 тысяч - так и миллион подписчиков уже будет не за горами. Приятно быть с Вам!
Macca 1975
Macca 1975 7 dias atrás
You are such a wonderful, patient mama ❤ Children grow so quickly, what lovely memories these videos will be. Thank you for sharing them with us!
vini 7 dias atrás
9 may- happy mother's day from India...Ur doing gr8✨more power to uh💖
aparna r
aparna r 7 dias atrás
Just from nowhere I got ur recommendation nd right away I subscribed donno why but I just felt like to do from india ❤️
Hailey Bailey/ Ehat
Hailey Bailey/ Ehat 7 dias atrás
moe you are such a good mom it is amazing how you have such patience i’m not a mom but i help my mom raise two toddlers and let me say YOU ARE AMAZING my mom and i are always about to explode at the end of every day and the fact that you can just stay calm even when something stressful might be happening is beyond my capabilities 😂 but i just wanted to let you know that you are doing great and i’m seeing this on mother’s day so happy mother’s day, you deserve everything and more ❤️
Win Pa Pa
Win Pa Pa 7 dias atrás
😍cute baby💞💝
Shafa Aliyeva
Shafa Aliyeva 7 dias atrás
Hi from Azerbaijan. It's more interesting 👍
Hilma Mardiah
Hilma Mardiah 7 dias atrás
Semangat Mom Sutan 💪🏼
Shraddha Bapardekar
Shraddha Bapardekar 7 dias atrás
Pls add English subtitles if possible...Arigatoue 🙏
That baby is adorable!!!!
Muhammad ashrofun
Muhammad ashrofun 8 dias atrás
How old are you son
Nasrin Jahan
Nasrin Jahan 8 dias atrás
All the Asian mom are like that.
risna edey
risna edey 8 dias atrás
beautifull girl
King Goe
King Goe 8 dias atrás
Sutan is full of energy. I love to see her happy
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson 8 dias atrás
Great papa💕🇯🇵❤
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson 8 dias atrás
I love Japanese culture. Sudan is showing her independence 💖❤🇯🇵❤💖
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson 8 dias atrás
I love Sutan,she's a handful.. But intelligent, curious, Kawaiiii💖 Mama's perfect❤🇯🇵💕👘🇯🇵💕
Nurul Hidayah
Nurul Hidayah 8 dias atrás
Cantik kaka
Kaylynn Crawley
Kaylynn Crawley 8 dias atrás
I struggle with the same thoughts daily about parenting my son! Maybe it's just a mom thing
Teresa P
Teresa P 8 dias atrás
As a parent, one must do the best they can. Don’t worry so much. Your daughter is very sweet and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown 8 dias atrás
What a beautiful and honest video - parenting is difficult and wonderful all at the same time!
Jimbo Relax
Jimbo Relax 8 dias atrás
I hope one day I have wife like you ✨😍
koa gin
koa gin 9 dias atrás
i luv your channel and your baby is above beauty she's beautiful! you work very hard as mom and i give you full respect because it also gives me the idea of what mother hood is all about! thank you so much!🐚✌🏾💚
Nabila Nabila
Nabila Nabila 9 dias atrás
I am happy there are arabic subs🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀
Kanishka rhythem stormy kids
Purevjav Bat-Erdene
Purevjav Bat-Erdene 9 dias atrás
Sutanちゃん 食べてから 「美味しい」と 言うのは かわいい🥰
Ngân Cuộc sống ở Nhật
I am also a mom who livings in Japan. I understand how much tired you have every day. But I can learn from you how to work hard. I am also try to make videos on BRdesk. I hope I can do like you!
shine bright like a diamond
Ma'am you don't need to put makeup your already very beautiful and I love your skin care and your daughter too she is so cute I just want to play with her she is so cute sweet I hope everyone have a mom like you and a daughter like Sutan love you
Uijj Tiut
Uijj Tiut 9 dias atrás
Lots of love from tamil Nadu ❤
笨蛋 9 dias atrás
You look even prettier without makeup 🌝
asma sofea
asma sofea 9 dias atrás
❤️ from mareshia
maitri vyas
maitri vyas 9 dias atrás
I just became a mom of baby girl Yr daughter is to good
Maria Isolina Orellana Saez
Soy de Chile, que linda familia. Tu bebé es una niña muy dulce.
Priyanga M
Priyanga M 10 dias atrás
13:16 so cute baby😍😍😘😘
Gabi Cooper
Gabi Cooper 10 dias atrás
MyrtheDV 10 dias atrás
So relaxing to watch your video's. I know it is hard work for you but for me this is a nice escape.
eshaambawata 11 dias atrás
Your angel hair is soo long👼
植山加奈子 11 dias atrás
Thank you Moe san. I’m definitely leaning from you. I’m a mother for 3kids. I always try to take care of them and understand their feeling without “ adult convenience “, but I can’t. Every I watch your BRdesk channel, I think that I want to be like you.:) Your husband is the happiest in the world.
Haicha ETIENNE 11 dias atrás
C'est apaisant de vous regarder 😊🥰😍🔥
Suci SG
Suci SG 12 dias atrás
I hope I'd be able to smile as many as she did, once I raise my kids....
Muskan Besarwaria
Muskan Besarwaria 12 dias atrás
Can u show ur hair care routine ..They r gorgeous💓
Sathya Kokila
Sathya Kokila 12 dias atrás
Cute child so cutie 😍😍😘
Candy Mar
Candy Mar 12 dias atrás
I love your skin 😍Please we need helppp my skin is terrible 😫more videos with this particular information, I love you girls 👧💗💖
E Von
E Von 12 dias atrás
Watching your video makes me cry because I remember the time I was as small as Sutan and how my dad love the moment seeing me everytime he come home from work. My parents worked very hard in the past, even now, while the best thing I can do for them is being a good and happy daughter 🥺 wish the best to your family Sutan
Guneet Sodhi
Guneet Sodhi 12 dias atrás
Beautiful skin you have. May God bless you both and cute daughter👧 👍
Number Five
Number Five 12 dias atrás
I love how's she look at her way of parenting and acknowledge what must she do and dont
Юлиана Георгиева
Hello what a beautiful girl you gave birth to a holy princess🤗😘💝
Jerry Friday
Jerry Friday 13 dias atrás
I see Sutan relly loves her dada
Fatin Aqilah
Fatin Aqilah 13 dias atrás
I salute you for handling your child, I know how exhausting it is when you can’t have your own “ ME TIME “. But don’t worry! Once Sutan starts going to school, you can chill down abit 😊😊 Hang in there
Nithya Pillai
Nithya Pillai 13 dias atrás
It’s very difficult for a housewife. All the best for your future endeavor
sowndharavalli sugumar
sowndharavalli sugumar 13 dias atrás
You and baby soo soo cute sister 😍🥰🥰🥰
JUNGKOOK ! 13 dias atrás
hope you all happiness ! youre so pretty and kind love you❤️
Muskan Patel
Muskan Patel 13 dias atrás
So cute mamma and baby
TatyLU J
TatyLU J 13 dias atrás
Gracias a ti por este video tan bonito 🙂
stellababy1998 13 dias atrás
Sooooooooooo cute! :)
Gaming Pro2012
Gaming Pro2012 14 dias atrás
I am so happy for you and your family! I am feeling so proud when i see your almost hit 1M :D I am subscribed on your channel for 2 years probably
emey Khalid
emey Khalid 14 dias atrás
Trisca Mahendra
Trisca Mahendra 14 dias atrás
I can relate with your situation so much, it was terrible two and then threenager phase.. It took awhile also for my husband to realize that taking my son to the toilet is such a big help. Sometimes we look all great and pretty, sometimes we look sloppy also at home and THAT'S OKAY, don't be too hard on yourself as mother too😊😊😊😊 Love you Moe, you are doing great job, Ganbatte 😘😘😘
SANYUKTA KAMBLE 14 dias atrás
I think mothers give so much efforts and do so struggle to be a good mum to her are doing such h great work🥺💫..stay blessed and healthy!!love from india🇮🇳💓
Renata França
Renata França 14 dias atrás
Happy Mother’s Day from Portugal! You are a really great mom, Sutan will grow up to be as strong as you are !! 🥰
五十嵐みき 14 dias atrás
jason bodino
jason bodino 14 dias atrás
Hello there new subscriber here I'm from the Philippines 🇵🇭 Im carol and I love watching ur vlogs 💛 keep safe and godbless ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
fiorella gift
fiorella gift 14 dias atrás
Haii im new mom..and i feel tired everytime😂😂 my boy just 15 month, but looking your vlog give me some insight about motherhood.. you look amazing, i can't imagine how tired you are😂😂 thank you for sharing this VLOG
Hey adora miss me
Hey adora miss me 14 dias atrás
As sutan grows she looks more and more like you
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