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Licensed Therapist Jonathan Decker examines psychology, relationships, family dynamics and more in this deep dive into Pixar's masterpiece: Inside Out.
Jonathan shares his insights from a decade of professional marriage and family therapy to examine the themes and ideas presented in Inside Out, to see what the filmmakers got right, and horribly ruined (not much, really.) Alan says some things too. His insights are of middling quality.
Also, Alan cries.
Like, a lot.
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Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker and Alan Seawright
Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright & Alan Seawright
Edited by: Alan Seawright
Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen

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3 Jun 2020



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Joshua Almodovar
Joshua Almodovar 2 horas atrás
2nd time watching this. More will come.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 3 horas atrás
Embrace sadness everyone. It's ok to grieve.
Briana Pearson
Briana Pearson 13 horas atrás
Dammit. Every time BingBong dies my eyes absolutely FILL with tears 😭
Zeithri 21 hora atrás
Didn't realize I needed a tissue today for folding my laundry. Lots of feels.
Michaela Krosova
Michaela Krosova Dia atrás
Have you done Steven Universe?
__ Dia atrás
Oh god why did I watch this knowing it would make me cry xD
ScarySara93 Dia atrás
I want to see these guys do a video on 'Frozen'; where they talk about "Elsa" suffering from anxiety and depression, and then one on 'Soul' that talks about "22" suffering from an inferior complex.
Michala Pedersen
Michala Pedersen Dia atrás
Thank you. Just.... thank you
Temmie Dia atrás
I'm about 13:08 and they start talkin bout dreams get me all messed up. Like i have messed up nightmares, last one i had was getting lost in a shopping centre with someone i dunno, and i had to go forth and back between certain areas, with shops that didn't made sense or selling only one product. Another nightmare i once had was where i fell downstairs but the stairs stopped earlier than the floor, creating a gap that i couldn't climb back up. A few dreams about getting lost in my elementary school building except it had a weird staircase and such, being eaten by a massive spider, and so on. One dream where i had to run away, cuz i had a book which two guys on a bike each wanted, they followed me around in my home town area, pushed me and when they got the book i woke up. It was really weird.
Marta Angós Iturgaiz
thanks for your idea
Lola Ffg
Lola Ffg Dia atrás
“It’s okay that’s it’s not okay” I needed to hear that from somebody
Lou Lou
Lou Lou Dia atrás
18:46 This is so true... I have a friend who had eating problems and our other friends just said ´get over it´. One of them who also had mental health issuses said ´I got over it on my own. So just get over it.´ And I said something like ´She is not you.´ And then they replied ´she is just exploiting? you.´ I was the only one who talked to her (the friend with the eating problems) that day. Later on they all talked again... but unlike others (even her parents) I never forced her to eat. At lunch I convinced her to eat a bit of her bread. Just a bit. Because I know that she really tried but just couldn´t. We were 15 or 16 at that time. And some day her stepmother said to me how much I really help my friend... because I, without knowing it, I really helped her and didn´t just said ´get over it.´
The chaos system
The chaos system 2 dias atrás
I’m not sure how to go about this one but I’ve seen this movie before I love it I identify with it because I have borderline personality disorder bipolar to PTSD generalized anxiety disorder major depressive disorder and I also have dissociative identity disorder and there is a possibility that I may have autism it is not easy dealing with emotions which I have always pushed them back and ignore them I’ve always felt fear and I’ve always pushed back to the point where I had for a while in my childhood into my life never felt any emotions because I’ve never wanted to show them to anyone because the way things go for me everything comes out the wrong way I say the wrong things I do the wrong things and things are too complicated for me don’t like crowds can’t stand going in transportation by myself because I get overwhelmed right lights loud noise and other things really get me fear well I’ve had so many things happened to me that scared me that I can’t even begin to start with any of it so my life has been exactly like this movie totally crashing and I prefer following routines it makes me feel more comfortable more safe when I have routines that I can follow and I love animals and animals love me as well sincerely mentally and emotionally confused host of my system Danielle PS and usually overwhelmed and drained
Nightfall Shadow
Nightfall Shadow 2 dias atrás
actually, I Believe it wasn't depression riley was feeling, Depressive is extreme sadness to the point where it might feel like you don't feel anything. This was something much worst, I feel what she was feeling was apathy and only sadness could make her feel anything.
N C 2 dias atrás
Used this a LOT with the kiddo (she was 3). Whenever she was having a meltdown, we would ask what color it was. It really helped us navigate the feelings. (And I preemptively ugly-cried over this back then, I ugly cry over it now with all the yellow-blue memories.)
Carlo Orelli
Carlo Orelli 2 dias atrás
I would point out that Bing Bong is one of the greatest characters I have ever seen on cinema. He does not only sacrifices himself for the girl he loves: in doing so, he knows she will forever forget him. His death is one of the saddest and bravest things ever. Mostly because he's half dolphin and half cat and he cries candies
Rachel Burkes
Rachel Burkes 2 dias atrás
I like how this movie also represents how our emotions often get more complex as we grow up.
WadelDee 2 dias atrás
I like how the movie has absolutely no villains, only flawed characters. Joy is just doing what she thinks is best. The others are ignoring them because they're just doing their jobs. The abstract thought machine was only activated because the workers thought that it was empty. The scary clown just wants to have fun. Riley's father sends her to her room because he thinks he's disciplining her. Riley doesn't hate her parents but only does these things because she thinks it will make her happy. Even the thoughts of the clown Riley's fear was originally based on are revealed at the end of the movie. The only characters in the entire movie who act maliciously are those who reminded Riley of the Triple Dent Gum commercial.
Halfblood 47
Halfblood 47 2 dias atrás
This movie literally changed my parenting style/behavior...
Adam Ollerenshaw
Adam Ollerenshaw 2 dias atrás
Genuine reactions and emotions and very informative guys loved it
Bandigustin 103
Bandigustin 103 2 dias atrás
I already watched this movie, why am I crying now??
WadelDee 2 dias atrás
You say that joy is not possible without sadness. However, that should also mean that sadness is not possible without joy. According to the movie, if joy had failed to leave the pit she would have disappeared with Bing Bong and never returned to the headquarters. Sadness might have eventually found her way back but Riley could have never become happy again. Is this possible? Is it possible for someone to just lose the ability to feel a certain emotion forever? If so, is there a name for this phenomenon?
Zak Christian
Zak Christian 3 dias atrás
This gives me a whole new appreciation of inside out
Anjie-Kun 4evur
Anjie-Kun 4evur 3 dias atrás
Congratulations Pixars! You managed to make grown men cry, on camera! I hope ur all happy!
John Tchoe
John Tchoe 3 dias atrás
"Soul" That's all.
SmellyFeet 3 dias atrás
It's SUCH a good film. If I get to have kids in the future, this will be playing on repeat. I totally needed this film when I was a kid.
WadelDee 3 dias atrás
"Don't make decisions when you're angry. Don't make promises when you're happy." The movie starts with the question of what the purpose of sadness is. I heard that a previous version of the movie had Joy making Riley act childish all the time. The final version of the movie briefly answers the question by saying that "Sadness brings us together.". However, when it comes to sadness's moment to shine, it results in a memory that is classified as being both sad and happy at the same time, which kinda defeats the point. You're saying happiness isn't the goal. Utilitarists would disagree with you. Yes, sadness does have its uses, but it still all just amounts to happiness. What is your opinion about that?
Teun 2 dias atrás
I think it's important to make a distinction between being 'happy in the moment', and being 'happy in life', even from a utilitatian perspective. While experiencing sadness doesn't make you happy in the moment, it can contribute to being happier in life. As they said in the video, you can't be happy without also experiencing sadness. In the long term having excessive happiness without sadness diminishes the 'happiness in life' you experience. Being sad sometimes makes you appreciate the happy moments and memories more. As such, being happy (in life) can still be considered the goal of life. Always being happy (in the moment) just isn't the way to achieve that.
WadelDee 3 dias atrás
2:35 "If I went to a neuroscience restaurant, like, I'd be comfortable ordering food." What does that even mean?
mieuxdisante 3 dias atrás
"when children start to have abstract thoughts it's a sign that they are no longer children"- well according to this i stopped being a child when i was five or six years old because that was when i started to think of what the universe was made of and how - and consecutively learned about the big bang theory for the first time.
TheLordofDarkness95 3 dias atrás
Inside Out is one of the only movies that really makes me FEEL something. And it scares me, so I subconsciously suppress it.
Dr Agon
Dr Agon 4 dias atrás
18:28 - 19:07 This whole section low key made me cry almost as much as Bing bong's death. My anxiety has been getting worse and worse lately and my mother just tells me to tell the little voice in my head to go away but it really is like you've broken your control panel and you know you shouldn't feel like that
Megas Alexandros
Megas Alexandros 4 dias atrás
"My wife makes fun of me constantly" "Yeah mine too" Even if family do not have bad intentions, sometimes when they made fun of you when yo cry as a man this really discourages you, to cry and show emotions on public, to even some friends or family for fear that they also make fun of you too.
James Edwards
James Edwards 4 dias atrás
It's the middle of the night. BRdesk randomly suggests I watch your The Martian reaction. I love it. 2 hours later i'm crying like a baby and having a mini therapy session watching inside out with you. Good lord what a channel.
Name Here
Name Here 4 dias atrás
I had a psychiatrist that loved this movie, she even had small toys of sadness in her consulting room. I guess that was a reminder of her that sadness was good to feel sometimes
Kasandra Campbell
Kasandra Campbell 4 dias atrás
Can y'all watch Grave of the Fireflies (subbed not dubbed)? I would LOVE to hear y'all's commentary on that movie.
dedf15 4 dias atrás
I'd love to know where that line is, between parenting, and OVER parenting. Does Cinema Therapy provide advice on that?
starshymn 4 dias atrás
I really think Inside Out deserves more praise as a film, when I watched it some years ago I found it very beautiful. And this video is just as good! Very educational and comforting. Thank you for this kind of content!
Cristine Kay
Cristine Kay 5 dias atrás
this movie made me cry. i refuse to watch it again.
Emerie Latta
Emerie Latta 5 dias atrás
when he said every happy memory of my mom is covered in blue I lost it
Maayan Halimi
Maayan Halimi 5 dias atrás
Do Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse plzzzzz! such an amazing coming of age and finding your identity story
cafecitosinazucar 5 dias atrás
Thanks so much for this. Your channel is helping me a lot during my current psychological and psychiatric therapy. You are doing a great job
Kiki U
Kiki U 5 dias atrás
There is a type of love that is only experienced through sadness, there is a type of joy that is only experienced through grief
Stephanie Kovach
Stephanie Kovach 5 dias atrás
I LOVE these videos!!! Can you two please discuss overcoming trauma and fear in Finding Nemo? I have been suffering from scelerophobia and I believe many people may be suffering from the same after experiencing 2020. Your videos help the layperson see therapeutic messages in easily accessible media, when the financial burden of going to therapy is not an option. Thank you for creating such amazing content to help people! You two rock! ❤️
Beninator10 5 dias atrás
Thanks Andrew for shareing this video in your e-mail newsletter
Soul Angela
Soul Angela 5 dias atrás
I never liked this movie, it bored me. But now after seeing you guys' appreciation for it and explaining it all to me, I've grown to appreciate it myself more too.
Holly 6 dias atrás
Please please please do the incredibles!! I would love to have the plane scene broken down and the obsessive relationship syndrome has with Mr. Incredible!!! PLEASE 🥺🙏
Camy MJ
Camy MJ 6 dias atrás
It's crazy, because I feel this video so so so much. I have clinic depression, I take an antidrepressive everyday and the amount of times I heard the "you just gotta try" made me believe that's all that i'm not doing. I was really against the medication for a very long time. I think part of me still is, because I'm like "you don't have a reason to be like this, you just gotta stop" and anyway, I started the tratment a little over a year ago and I just really realised I needed it when I had to change my dose to one more pill a day. If it was just me being lazy or not trying, I would not have 2 medical professionals trying to help me with medication, you know? And this metafor about depression being that the control is broken is perfect. I would like to add a bit to it to others that may be dealing with some of the dilemas I still deal with sometimes. Clinical depression is like staying for a very long time without control. Is about not even sadness being capable of bringing it back. I remember thinking is was like having no skin, so everything was just hurting so much I could not deal with it. And the medication is about having a temporary control. It helps you to have the controls back until you can keep going without them. Does that makes sense? Sorry if it doesn't. I loved the video. Most of my childhood memories are blue know, even tho they were all yellow some time ago. I had not thought about it like this and it hurts like crazy, but also kind of makes me understand them better? Anyway, congrats on the video, it's trully awesome. About the nightmares, I think they come up when we are trying to deal with things as well, because when we are still processing I feel that they get a bit worst then when I'm just in denial. It needs to get real bad before it starts to get better, right? Thank you so so so much and I hope you keep with the good work!
Maddy DeVeuve
Maddy DeVeuve 6 dias atrás
This had me crying
-- 6 dias atrás
Goddamn! Five minutes into this video and I already hit subscribe, this is awesome on so many levels! Kudos to you for keeping it simple to understand yet tremendously profound, it's very interesting for people dealing with mental health and our understanding of the mind. Keep up the good work!
Guy Fletcher
Guy Fletcher 6 dias atrás
min 13:00 i give their marriage ten years
Cinema Therapy
Cinema Therapy 6 dias atrás
Prophesy already failed, we've been married eleven.
thatcher kaye
thatcher kaye 6 dias atrás
Therapist way overanalyzes/ruins inside out
Cinema Therapy
Cinema Therapy 6 dias atrás
Hundreds of thousands disagree with random commenter.
go away
go away 6 dias atrás
I'd be so interested to see a disordered version of Inside Out, like someone with DID or BPD or any such disorder, how that would affect the happenings of the movie and the "Inner" world and the emotions. Maybe something not necessarily for kids, but teens/young adults with harsher realities, like s*lf harm, dr*g ab*se and things like that. It would be so incredibly interesting.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 7 dias atrás
"To never feel sadness is to never be loved." Whoa, that just really hit me in the face of 🤯
Kunisake 7 dias atrás
I just teared up real bad. But that's okay
squirtiusmaximus 7 dias atrás
Well that was therapeutic...
Loturzel Restaurant
Loturzel Restaurant 7 dias atrás
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Enkibee’s Journal
Enkibee’s Journal 7 dias atrás
Being human is something magic only wishes it could be.
ethertrinity 7 dias atrás
Love your videos! We need to see more healthy manhood in the world!
arjay1016 7 dias atrás
Beyond using this movie to explain these things to children, I was able to use this movie to explain depression to my parents.
Unicørngirl :3
Unicørngirl :3 7 dias atrás
The ending gets me every time- When inside out had come into theaters I was in the process of moving, and after that I feel for the characters in the movie.
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft 7 dias atrás
@1:50 no you are wrong... there is no storage of memory, the brain is not a harddisc...what your neurons do is try to recreate (and imperfectly at that) the neuron firing sequences that happened then that made you feel as such...memory does not exist in the sense of how we understand memory within brains.
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft 7 dias atrás
everything from hollywood is toxic... but @0:00 .. you can break in peoples brain and implant ideas.. just not in the way the movie tells you
Elif Yakut
Elif Yakut 7 dias atrás
Amazing video!
Kurt Mill
Kurt Mill 8 dias atrás
This made me full on cry, thank you.
Brescia Brazil
Brescia Brazil 8 dias atrás
What app do you use for kids to meditate?
Amone Redelinghuys
Amone Redelinghuys 8 dias atrás
Please please PLEASE do SOUL! Would love to hear what the two of you think about it. Pleeeeeease!
Charlie Emily
Charlie Emily 8 dias atrás
“And i need therapy. Very, very much.” Everyone in quarantine
**-Snap -**
**-Snap -** 8 dias atrás
I loved this film as a child even when it was sad I never was effected but when I got older and watched it I had a BIG change and I realized everything I never did, the representation of emotions and depression was on point you can’t have yin without yang- because it would have no difference to know what’s black and white.
Liz Kirwan
Liz Kirwan 8 dias atrás
I wanted to mention, during the abstract scene, Riley is sleeping, which I find appropriate, this happening during a potential dream.
Pamela Khraish
Pamela Khraish 8 dias atrás
This is GOLD.. All my thoughts about this movie made concrete
Dominique Rodgers
Dominique Rodgers 9 dias atrás
Can you please do Bicentennial Man it's an amazing movie
Amber Olson
Amber Olson 9 dias atrás
I think you guys should do the Steven universe movie and handle the subject of amnesia
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 9 dias atrás
When your a kid you don't really understand all this but now that I'm getting older and understanding it's actually really sad and heartwarming
Clara Howard
Clara Howard 9 dias atrás
i definitely wasn't planning on crying today
Ishita Mehta
Ishita Mehta 9 dias atrás
so glad to have found this channel
Coconanigans 9 dias atrás
Could you guys react to Rugrats episodes? I's love to hear your thoughts on the various topics with family, imagination, and growing up.
Anastasia Cooper
Anastasia Cooper 9 dias atrás
you know, the most beautiful thing about this video is seeing your genuine reaction to this movie. Growing up I've been ridiculed for crying in movies and crying in general. And to see two grown men crying at a movie just... mended something within myself. Knowing that people like you exist ist a beautiful thought.
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa 9 dias atrás
And here I am again, crying myself inside out just by re-watching a few scenes from this movie. Oh boy, I need therapy.
Micke Kuwahara
Micke Kuwahara 9 dias atrás
What a wonderful video on a Wonderful movie!
Hugo Antunes
Hugo Antunes 9 dias atrás
Love it
Jazzy Grace
Jazzy Grace 9 dias atrás
6:13 i think i should be happy all the time so i keeo my sadness down 😂
Lindsay Oxley
Lindsay Oxley 9 dias atrás
Am I the only one that didn't cry when bing bong died?
Scot More
Scot More 9 dias atrás
Thank you for this..
Clarissa Browning
Clarissa Browning 10 dias atrás
I will help you cry through it then charge you omg lol
Ana Lucia Flier, van der
Can you two please watch she-ra? Because people are talking about this and they talk about abuse and bullying and love and toxic behavior, but some people say it is good because they have great symbolism and redemption, but some people say it is bad because dream works didn't explain this sort of things right and i want to understand that more.
Ana Lucia Flier, van der
I felt the yellow bleu memorie when shadow weaver died
theclow614 10 dias atrás
I clicked on this video not expecting much. Now I'm crying thinking about my mom who I live very far away from and I think I want to give her a call.
kendra 10 dias atrás
this movie is so fucking good i don't know how anyone can dislike it, or even not relate to it in some way
Daniel Robillard
Daniel Robillard 10 dias atrás
17:40 this hits me hard, I fell into depression at 26 because I was always repressing any sad emotion and tried to just force my way through without dealing with my sadness
AUroraMoon _Draws16
AUroraMoon _Draws16 10 dias atrás
Inconsistent... temperamental... *side eyes* hmmm right
myg seokjinnie
myg seokjinnie 10 dias atrás
i love this reaction so much, im gonna subscribe
Brenda Castro
Brenda Castro 10 dias atrás
Whoa, your view of dreams. I need to keep a dream journal!
Brenda Castro
Brenda Castro 10 dias atrás
Where can I learn more about those 4 stages? Is it supposed to correlate to Piaget's sensorimotor, preoperational, etc stages?
Lilyth Griffith
Lilyth Griffith 10 dias atrás
My mom's boyfriend tries to force this hard setting upon us. He always says that we need it to grow. But I just feel like crap all the time. It's like when american dad tries to be his son's bully but it makes things worse.
Loturzel Restaurant
Loturzel Restaurant 7 dias atrás
I gather people for a good cause: I wanna provide people with Links leading to bad or toxic people. Mobber, Racists, Sexists, Bullies, more. I got the Links and i need help with reporting them. BRdesk is in a bad state and i think you heard of that. Many complain about it, its strike-system and its CEO: Susan. But... I mean... complaining about the State of the world is nice and dandy, but... how about acting? Doing something? So i made a Wiki where i store Links for all to use. Yeah, unorthodox, i know, but whatever. Its my Try to help. Yes, i know this was random...
Every Amber
Every Amber 10 dias atrás
I'm not even watching the whole thing but its still made me shed tears
Lovisa af Schmidt
Lovisa af Schmidt 10 dias atrás
I found this channel like 3 days ago, and I just LOVE IT!!!! These men are so sweet! I have a hard time findibg words in English, but I just love how genuinely nice and down with their emotions they are. I just want to say thanj you for demonstrating that it’s okey for men to show feelings too
Kaleah Collins
Kaleah Collins 11 dias atrás
You both just explained how African Americans feel when whites say Just pull yourself up from your boot straps. Yet forget the 400 years old generational trauma that we as a people have endured. The separations of families the destruction of safe places and systemic terrorism. Everyday being told you are NOTHING even when we do so called Pull ourselves up from our bootstraps All that could be taken from us . We as a people have held on to hope and joy though we are born and bred in sadness do to No fault of our own but the EUROCENTRIC World we are born into.
Olivia Edwards
Olivia Edwards 11 dias atrás
this was much needed
Julia Perry
Julia Perry 11 dias atrás
gOD even just watching this makes me cry. I love this movie so so much
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 11 dias atrás
14:08 Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope! I am TERRIFIED of clowns.
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