Trying Out Your Made-Up ✨Aesthetics✨ 

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I hope you like earth tones.... whoops.
SO yes, I've been seeing all these AesTheTiC names going around ye olde internet, and I wanted to poke a little fun at that idea. I asked you guys on Instagram for some made-up Aesthetic Names and MAN, you guys nailed it, hahaha. So I chose 11 of my favorite ones and ones that I could do with what I already have, and uh, this video was birthed. Enjoy, ehehehehe.

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17 Jul 2020



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Memphis Hoover
Memphis Hoover 5 dias atrás
Why not drunk hobbit
Memphis Hoover
Memphis Hoover 5 dias atrás
Sorry bad grammar
Memphis Hoover
Memphis Hoover 5 dias atrás
Why did not drunk hobbit
Hope Thornton
Hope Thornton 8 dias atrás
where is your 57 corvette
Skye ID
Skye ID 8 dias atrás
Her Meadow Punk looked a lot like Steampunk.
Allison Starend
Allison Starend 8 dias atrás
I remember the very first time I heard the word "aesthetic" used as a style of dress, and not as an art or design concept. I was volunteering (read: doing professional work for no pay) as a designer/stagehand at a small suburban community theatre in the midwest. The director told me she "liked my aesthetic" and said it was very "goth chic, you know, very deep, very i don't care what anyone thinks". I said "um, lady, have you ever met a real stagehand before?".
Teja Johnson
Teja Johnson 8 dias atrás
This was the first ever Rachel Maksy video i ever saw, fell in love + subscribed instantly, and rewatch this occasionally for fashion inspo throughout the year. Being reminded this was the origin of whiskey grandpa, who got a shoutout in a recent video, made me grin. Long live whiskey grandpa
Crippled Kitty
Crippled Kitty 9 dias atrás
I can honestly say, I swear I've seen Marisha Ray in the whiskey grandpa look numerous times on critical roll. 😄
• Kxminxru •
• Kxminxru • 10 dias atrás
is it bad that I want her whole entire wardrobe? I don't think so
Liz H
Liz H 11 dias atrás
As soon as she said hobbit I hit subscribe lol!!
Jack Paugh
Jack Paugh 11 dias atrás
My aesthetic is Bardcore. Not just a music style, it includes tall heeled boots, flowy shirts, cloaks, jewel tones, lots of sparkle, and always carrying an instrument of some kind.
E M Blogger
E M Blogger 12 dias atrás
Heather Anne
Heather Anne 12 dias atrás
Year late, but.... Hep Cat Burglar
alierons 12 dias atrás
hobbitcore is actually a thing tho
ChaoswithCurlyHair 13 dias atrás
I want Velvety Boi to be a real thing so bad.... like soft bois.... but velvet and probably earth tones???? though I'm preppy goth so anything can be any color nothing is real
Pop-Punk Reptile
Pop-Punk Reptile 13 dias atrás
i think ......... circuspunk is a good one.
Saige Pilgrim
Saige Pilgrim 14 dias atrás
I wish I had actually watched this when it debuted, because my birthday would have been 2000 times better
Y/N L/N 14 dias atrás
My aesthetic is ''imgothbutidon'thavesatanicthing''
Theo Tauriainen
Theo Tauriainen 15 dias atrás
Mine is “I’m tired of trying to figure that out so I just find something and put it on “ core
LuciferTeaParty 15 dias atrás
Where is my pirate lolita!
羅雨 16 dias atrás
My favs are shrekcore and piratecore
Veronica Mollod
Veronica Mollod 16 dias atrás
Nikki Nikki
Nikki Nikki 16 dias atrás
I really like the pirate one
rainbug 17 dias atrás
Mags 17 dias atrás
Alenka Venx
Alenka Venx 19 dias atrás
Halloweencore, I love it! So sad 2020's Halloween was cancelled :(
Rena Hafeez
Rena Hafeez 19 dias atrás
That was fun to watch.
Jay-Dene Bispott-Peart
I need her in a moviec ASAP
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 21 dia atrás
weasly core has something to it as if they weaslies were french
Tabitha Kathlene
Tabitha Kathlene 23 dias atrás
I need a part two 😍
Sarah Rawley
Sarah Rawley 23 dias atrás
My desired aesthetic- whiskey grandpa My aesthetic- She spends half the time trying and the times that legit matter and need her to put in actual respectable human being clothes on she instead clothes her self in the basics of basic lazy depressed teen with no individuality at all even thought I’m a complete weirdo/ lazy Peace of garbage.
Nea Zenzen
Nea Zenzen 23 dias atrás
Meadowpunk ideas: -Dark choker with flower studs -Jeans vest with farmer themed political patches -Knee length plaid skirt or pants with a messed up hem -Messy hair and makeup -Rainboots -Broken wrist watch -Belt with farming tools
Flotiesgirl 24 dias atrás
I need a gif of you aesthetically saying ,~*aesthetics*~,
*}NightFury{* 24 dias atrás
Can you try your take on “Iliveinabasementcore”? Btw I don’t live in a basement
Jodie Garner
Jodie Garner 24 dias atrás
10/10 references, and ironically, your ogre outfit is quite similar to what Shrek the Musical landed on as well XD though your "meadowpunk" moodboard is just depression era dustbowl USA
noe 24 dias atrás
kinda obsessed with meadowpunk tbh
Zoe Jeffery
Zoe Jeffery 25 dias atrás
Ocar the trash monster core
Emma 25 dias atrás
Rachel really went off with the hair and makeup for these outfits and never mentioned either. Girl, you're incredible👏👏👏
lila 26 dias atrás
Comfortable goth
C 27 dias atrás
Meadowpunk, basically the "Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't" guy.
Georgia Robichaud
Georgia Robichaud 27 dias atrás
I love the Grinch quote at 7:55
Linny Lee Cecilia Crow
Linny Lee Cecilia Crow 27 dias atrás
Knightcore ... I scrolled a while and started to wonder if nightcore music is something I imagined XD --- I hate that that is the "best" comment I can currently come up with as it is not as poetic as I would have hoped XD
Chava 27 dias atrás
i love these!
Nai Daniel
Nai Daniel 28 dias atrás
Finally someone know about my core 😭😭😭💖💖💖 thank you (piratecore)
Claws Productions
Claws Productions 28 dias atrás
I read make-up aesthetics but I am not disappointed
Beccy K
Beccy K 29 dias atrás
I honestly thought that her drink was a candle until she drank a little
SangwoosBaseballBat 29 dias atrás
I want: bakery core I have: Holmes's man lookin core
Amy F
Amy F 29 dias atrás
Watching this video for the 5th time. Best ~fashion~ much ~beauty~
Madison Birch
Madison Birch 29 dias atrás
why are these all so good omg elfpunk reminds me of an edgier Peter Pan and gOD if I'm not vibing with Hobbitcore. I love lotr
Catherine Kuehner
Catherine Kuehner 29 dias atrás
Pretty sure my main aesthetic would be called something like "Rebellious 50's Housewife" or "Just escaped a sock-hop"
Alessandra Sanders
Alessandra Sanders Mês atrás
Shrek seems like “Magical Creature assistant researcher”
Kahkob Mês atrás
justaleafinthewind Mês atrás
Can we get some archeologist-core...? :3
Chris Ohcaptain,mycaptain
My made up aesthetics are: Old architecture aesthetic Artistic academia aesthetic Dark piano aesthetic
Emily B
Emily B Mês atrás
meadowpunk is like you're in the apocalypse but instead of murdering your neighbors for food you decided to farm like a normal person
Tabitha Kathlene
Tabitha Kathlene Mês atrás
I think the three best style compliments I've ever gotten are: 🌟That I have "librarian vibes" 🌟That I look like an enchantress 🌟That I look like Maria Vontrap
Héloise Laurency
Héloise Laurency Mês atrás
I'll be calling my current aesthetic 'lazycore'
Queen Chickadee
Queen Chickadee Mês atrás
I feel like my style is sorta cottage lolita I take inspiration from classic lolita and cottagecore so I think it's pretty cool Lolita is just a little over the top for me, and cottagecore just isn't 100% me so I mixed my favorite parts of them
Scarlett Mês atrás
punk as a suffix means basically futuristic
Glitched*Gacha Mês atrás
We love made up aesthetic
Emily Atherton
Emily Atherton Mês atrás
my very late suggested one is pastel-zombie-core
Sierra Hale
Sierra Hale Mês atrás
My aesthetic I literally only do in church.... *Black, gray, and white*
AlyInk Mês atrás
My aesthetic is "yes". 50s housewife? Yes Mid 2000s emo/scene? Yes Safiya's "comfortable vampire"? Yes 6 year old girl? Yes Androgyny? Yes
Camila Lucena
Camila Lucena Mês atrás
I’d love to see all of the characters created in this video by these outfits in a book
Mage Mês atrás
Good God someone tells me they're into the Nightcore and then they are into knightcore begin the confusion
Bella Black
Bella Black Mês atrás
how about if u do a part 2, you should do queencore or princesscore or christmascore or valentinecore maybe heartpunk? ooo! cottagecore!!!!
Phantom Knyte
Phantom Knyte Mês atrás
My outfits for different occasions (that I want, but usually can’t afford. Listed from least formal, to most formal): At home: good ol sweats and a t shirt (or any of the below if I'm feeling fancy) Friends hangout attire (because my cousin likes to roughhouse): Blue jeans, a t shirt, and my black denim jacket (or I just use my casual outfit and just say no to roughhousing) Casual (with alternatives listed): Slacks (or dark blue jeans), safari shirt (or any comfy button up), leather jacket (or my black denim jacket), my Captain boots from Thursday boots, and an Australian style brown fedora (yes, it is a Raiders hat) “Out on the town” attire: either of my casual outfits, or a navy blue pinstripe suit paired with my trusty hat if I’m feeling fancy Formal attire/Sunday attire: My nice, navy blue pinstripe suit with my raiders fedora (planning on getting a grey one to make it a bit more formal) TL:DR: I love my hat, dressing fancy, and Indiana Jones
Angie Gomez
Angie Gomez Mês atrás
Where do u shop your clothes? THEY ARE SO CUTE AND VINTAGE, I try to find things like them but I never can
Camille La Chenille
I want to achieve a "fantasy novel protagonist" syle but I mosly look like a witchy-grandma in pajamas... still, it's comfy and not too shabby
Mia Čurdinjaković
omg meadowpunk is my life 😍 Edit: also elfpunk Edit 2: also knightcore
Stella Adler
Stella Adler Mês atrás
Where do I get these clothes or how can I learn to make these clothes my dream is to dress like a hobbit but I don't know howwwwww :( :( :(
Saaya42 Mês atrás
her personality is my personality but with more *_confidence_*
Joanie Mês atrás
My mental image of “meadowpunk” was not like what you put together, but might be my new favorite idea to try! I have a strong desire for black gingham used like checkerboard.
K G Mês atrás
only Rachel could take something like WhIsKeY gRaNdPa and make it ~classy~ (edit after watching more) and Shrek too..??!?
Anna Marty
Anna Marty Mês atrás
TigerLily Wells
TigerLily Wells Mês atrás
i love the chaos of rachel’s hair looking completely different in every clip of her picking out the outfits
cathorion Mês atrás
My style - generic t-shirts and jeans because I get super anxious when ever I don't look just like everyone else. So boring is the best way to go
Wombat Doodles
Wombat Doodles Mês atrás
What life I want: hobbitcore while running through a field and living in a hobbit hole with friends What life I have: chilling in my room, fantasizing about the life i want
Most Highly Introverted Lady
For IKEAcore, I recommend Dani Banner's video about making clothes out of IKEA bags!!!
Novo Mês atrás
I found my aestethic Rachel Maksy core
Nasy Aist
Nasy Aist Mês atrás
Warrior princess aesthetic
Fiona Sutherland
Fiona Sutherland Mês atrás
Knightcore, in other words, sword lesbian core
NightFluff Mês atrás
17:54 I literally love this so much oH my god 😫
August LS
August LS Mês atrás
Jam Taylor
Jam Taylor Mês atrás
how many other non-binary folks here?
Café Mágico
Café Mágico Mês atrás
Actually, Meadow Punk is my favorite.
Sister Shenanigans
Sister Shenanigans Mês atrás
You absolutely killed elfpunk and piratecore 🙌
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown Mês atrás
My style is " Ms.Frizzle's younger sister who has an office job."
the masked mockingbird.
Consider: Timetravelcore. Outfits of various different centuries, not unlike a time traveler that forgot what century it is.
niko TM
niko TM Mês atrás
halloweencore fills me with so much joy and i just WISH i could dress like im in a tim burton film
Safira's Tm
Safira's Tm Mês atrás
You need to do Gipsy core aka me
Madeline Vance
Madeline Vance Mês atrás
Rachel: Who’s to say costumes can’t be everyday outfits? Me and my sisters growing up, who wore either costumes or swimsuits 24/7 no matter what we were doing: *Someone who understands!*
Moo The Cow
Moo The Cow Mês atrás
what's even better is the fact that I was making bread earlier a basic white bread and a oatmeal bread!
Katie McLemore
Katie McLemore Mês atrás
I'm absolutely obsessed with your channel. I just discovered it today and I'm in love with your styles!! I've always been a huge fan of vintage fashion, so this is like paradise for me😂 also, I LOVE the background music you put in. It's so pretty!
Dragoness Audios
Dragoness Audios Mês atrás
My aesthetic? Vaporpunk.
helloDonnaBella Mês atrás
As a former scene kid, I am LIVING for meadowpunk!!!!
helloDonnaBella Mês atrás
Holy shit and elfpunk???
Jennie Fernandez
Jennie Fernandez Mês atrás
::in the voice of Jack Nicholson's Joker:: Where does she get those wonderful trousers?
Dawn Chesbro
Dawn Chesbro Mês atrás
Omg, someone else who has watched - and quotes - the Mighty Boosh! It's so obscure my nerdiest friends are unfamiliar with it. Make me so happy I'm not the only one.
My aesthetic is Mexican Audrey Hepburn. Bright yet classy.
The Crowned Cat
The Crowned Cat Mês atrás
Making Some ✨Casual Armor✨
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