Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing (Official HD Video) 

Whitney Houston
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Official HD Video for ”I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston
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But don't make me close one more door
I don't wanna hurt anymore
Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don't walk away from me
I have nothing, nothing, nothing
If I don't have you, you, you, you, you

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13 Nov 2009



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Jafar Ali Khan
Dear future generations Don't ever let this song die.
Marcos Adriano Chicatto
- One of the best songs of 1992;
Ольга Алексеенко
Люблю этот фильм, в нем все красиво! А голос вообще неповторимый!
Esther Gyadu
Esther Gyadu Dia atrás
Still listening in 2022. Her songs were indeed timeless
marcela moraga
marcela moraga 7 horas atrás
Amo esta canción ❤️ año 2022 desde Chile escuchándola, maravillosa única e inigualable.
Played this in the car with my 3 year old daughter. Seeing her nodding her head along to the beat was a beautiful thing. Gotta teach em young.
Júlio e Eu
The best!
Arguably the greatest female vocal performance of all time
[Verse 1]
The absolute standard for singing. Her voice transended time and space - it was perfect.
radu anton
The queen of female voices. There is nothing like that before or after.
she is the best female singer i’ve ever heard! how she sings in this song sounds like it isn’t as much as she could do. a true legend and incredibly missed❤️
Thamires Gomes
Thamires Gomes Anos atrás
Share my life
Gedilza Bernardo Xavier dos santos
Meus Deus, ela cantava com o coração, emocionante, estará sempre nos nossos corações, belíssima voz,que talento, faz muita falta, morreu muito nova
Deko 14 dias atrás
She died but with this she'll always remain in our hearts
Randy Mudge
Randy Mudge 12 horas atrás
I cry every time I watch this one. Our precious Whitney in her prime. Her life snatched away, way, way too early. We miss you terribly, Whitney!
Lineker Almeida
Lineker Almeida 14 dias atrás
A maior vocalista da história. Essa música é tão perfeita em tantos níveis.
Sirlandio Gusmão e Silva Gusmão
okcoolros 6 anos atrás
Regardless of what genre of music you're into, there is no way you can deny that this song is beyond amazing and Whitney's talent is untouchable
Miz Parker
Miz Parker 14 dias atrás
Ain't no other voice like hers. The only singer that gives chills listening to her vocals mmmm ❤