Zlatan Ibrahimović | He came to stay | 1999-2021 

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The Best goals and assists so far in Zlatans 22-year-old career


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13 Mar 2021



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Some Bruh Moments
Some Bruh Moments 4 horas atrás
one of the most iconic football player
BlackGhost 4 horas atrás
wusste garnicht das Zlatan so krass war , also schon krass aber nicht soo krass
DERDOR 11 horas atrás
He is and will be my idol Oh and he returned to the national team this year that is such a good thing for me to hear
Khalid Eldhrawy
Khalid Eldhrawy 19 horas atrás
فلسطين ..plastine ✌❤
RAF 20 horas atrás
In my books he is batter than ronaldo
Umesh Bentaker
Umesh Bentaker Dia atrás
Angry man
Clinton Ahonsi
Clinton Ahonsi Dia atrás
From cub to the Lion 8:43 the dude be like come on men am just happy for U
GOATs Dia atrás
I don't think people fully realise how amazing you have to be to be THIS good for this long, he is truly one of the greats of the game. "Zlatan agrees" i imagine him saying to me in his agreement haha
ahmet can abay
ahmet can abay Dia atrás
Ronaldo fenomeno > Zlatan > Lewandowski
elio rey petrizzo viciconte
perdon tengo prablemas el escribir era claro no era clro
elio rey petrizzo viciconte
eslatan estubo en el milan este 2020 eres bruto no fue anel 2010 noooooooo clro que no
Khawlhring tlangval
Zlatan was shut by C.ronaldo 😂
Thomas Effenberg
Thomas Effenberg Dia atrás
Lions don’t compare themselves with humans
Thomas Effenberg
Thomas Effenberg Dia atrás
Zlatan Ibrahimovic ordered a Big Mac at KFC. He got one.
Music name
Mohammed Almomari
من سمع معلق عربي
abg masly
abg masly Dia atrás
this mean he is the last player of the 90's
Amr Ngty
Amr Ngty Dia atrás
how can i get full matches without rights
Flo r
Flo r Dia atrás
Laszlo Molnar
Laszlo Molnar Dia atrás
5:10 Itt Magyarország ellen játszik? 😃🤨
dead man walkin tonight
He deserves an ucl
Black White
Black White 2 dias atrás
One of the greats to have never won a Champion's League. And might never win. Unless AC Milan some how win it b4 he hangs up his boots for good
GG- Boiii
GG- Boiii 2 dias atrás
alway is the king
Nama Nama
Nama Nama 2 dias atrás
This man is a true Highlander ⚔️
Mihir Kolvankar
Mihir Kolvankar 2 dias atrás
If Zlatan where in italy or Portugal they may win world cup because he goal twice goal against Portugal and most comback at last min was bring by Zlatan
Devito Ramadhan
Devito Ramadhan 2 dias atrás
King Zlatan
Hoàng Trần
Hoàng Trần 2 dias atrás
How about ronaldo de lima, milan-inter-barca-real
Adil Gill
Adil Gill 2 dias atrás
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Michael VJ
Michael VJ 2 dias atrás
El mejor delantero neto del fútbol para mi, mi preferido. Muy completo, te hace goles imposibles, la potencia que tiene, un capo
Radan P
Radan P 2 dias atrás
Grymt jobbat !! Jag är imponerad över insatsen .
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 2 dias atrás
Zlatan Ibrahimović, the God. 🇸🇪
ack 2 dias atrás
it’s like when he got bored he changes team and makes them champion
iam ovi
iam ovi 2 dias atrás
Wherever he goes he always wins.. he is in lion race can't be compared to human.. btw m Messi fan
ESI TV 2 dias atrás
Collateral Damage
Collateral Damage 3 dias atrás
His bicycle goal from 35m away against England is the best goal ever in football history. It felt like an anime show, like one punch man or Tsubasa. No one would even think about let alone try it xD what a lion. He kicked the ball into the goal and shocked the whole world
henok bokhray
henok bokhray Dia atrás
sike that was wrong number
Miroslav Cvetkovic
Miroslav Cvetkovic 3 dias atrás
3:41 :D
Hamed Lotfi
Hamed Lotfi 3 dias atrás
King of football
Juan xD
Juan xD 3 dias atrás
Uno de los mejores...
KokkeAiyne official DM'
What's the name of this orchestral song..?
RGming Star
RGming Star 3 dias atrás
Can someone provide every music in this video?
blaze foru
blaze foru 3 dias atrás
This guy has mastered the shaolin soccer skills
橙枫 3 dias atrás
When Zlatan goes to beach, he does not get sun-tanned. The sun gets Zla-tanned.
S.V THARUN 3 dias atrás
Zlatan simply won everywhere he played
León Bussetti
León Bussetti 3 dias atrás
What goal 2013 sweden v england
Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez 3 dias atrás
Name Music Bro?
ivan Figueroa
ivan Figueroa 3 dias atrás
More please!!!!!!
I AM FOOTBALL TV 3 dias atrás
First. Music name ?
FIFA wala
FIFA wala 4 dias atrás
Suraj Thapa
Suraj Thapa 4 dias atrás
Won all domestic leage tittle expect
KING PLEX The KING 4 dias atrás
Abdi Hakeem Hashimi
Abdi Hakeem Hashimi 4 dias atrás
What a legend since 2000 up to 2021 only his problem is no champions league no world cup no euro but he has a score that he moved to all big clubs
Devashish Kumar
Devashish Kumar 4 dias atrás
Most complete player in the world
woro 4 dias atrás
What's with all of the black cuts?
Đi đây đi đó
Đi đây đi đó 5 dias atrás
Did Lukaku see this ? Zlatan is the best
trickywarfare kyle
trickywarfare kyle 5 dias atrás
Gotta admit this guy is prolly the best striker in terms of era of play
Marisk89 aka Shaormaker
8:43 Adrian Mutu cry!!!!
Ole tuallot MUF
Ole tuallot MUF 5 dias atrás
HDT Tổng hợp
HDT Tổng hợp 5 dias atrás
Anh vẫn đẳng cấp cao nhất
Hurketekung Channel
Hurketekung Channel 5 dias atrás
Dari awal karir sudah terlihat sekali kesombongannya, tapi dibalik itu banyak sekali tercipta gol2 magic...
Mateus Pacely
Mateus Pacely 5 dias atrás
Name music? 5.00 time?
SH REZANIA 5 dias atrás
what is the name of the first song?
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's 5 dias atrás
ele é o melhor, de longe, um assassino
Slump 5 dias atrás
Always will be a legend
Eshfx Beatboxer
Eshfx Beatboxer 6 dias atrás
what a legend!
N I A Z Y ム
N I A Z Y ム 6 dias atrás
He scored goals that we couldn’t score in PlayStation the man is a legend 🔥👏🏻
bruh 6 dias atrás
last song?
Shoemaster Software
Shoemaster Software 6 dias atrás
How moved ad free to another clubs?
bris 6 dias atrás
Absolute machine
k.k Rai
k.k Rai 6 dias atrás
Zlatan has conquer wherever he goes to 💥 He had conquered in every clubs and was been on form in every clubs he played to 🙏 #DARETOZLATAN
Bilalsamator123 7 dias atrás
The man who made me fall in love with this beautiful sport.
Rich Dan
Rich Dan 7 dias atrás
Started from 7 m reached 65 m ended up free legends says he is still warming up
JtotheP 7 dias atrás
He's been my IDOL since he left Malmoe! Love you Ibra, all the joy you given me AND will keep givin me!
Disorder 23
Disorder 23 7 dias atrás
Which name of this song?
Seny4p Fi5hin9
Seny4p Fi5hin9 7 dias atrás
Pemain hebat yg selalu memenangkan piala di liga lokal namun kesombongan nya yg dikutuk untuk mengangkat piala liga champions... Badboy👍
Syahran Rifdy
Syahran Rifdy 7 dias atrás
Why he's keep being transferred for free like a useless player?
Zapee HRT
Zapee HRT 7 dias atrás
zlatan it's better than cr7
awais asghar
awais asghar 7 dias atrás
Real Don of football for ever
phas3rrr 8 dias atrás
1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s Four decades of Zlatan
chris brown fan
chris brown fan 8 dias atrás
Zlatan ibrahimovic deserve every awards and trophies euro, world cup, confederations cup, fifa player of year and BALLON D'OR
Bajak Darat
Bajak Darat 8 dias atrás
What is the name of the first song, please 🙏
Delano Blanco
Delano Blanco 8 dias atrás
Well decorated footballer that is well traveled. I would take his career over messi or Ronaldo
Themindu RSanjana Rsanjana
Old is good
Nonita Afrilia
Nonita Afrilia 8 dias atrás
Shoot power 95 Header 77.. Height 195.
Thorbjörn Vass
Thorbjörn Vass 8 dias atrás
ryantres85 9 dias atrás
He had speed, technique, and power. He has scored some of the most impressive goals I've ever seen. Some consider his goal with Ajax as the best goal ever scored because of his speed, technique, and finish.
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius 9 dias atrás
My favorite player.
geo 9 dias atrás
lmao look at messi bounce and Zlatan not even moving and inc at 10:17 xd
Fabian andres Supayabe galvis
Grande HIBRA 👹
FLOREN78 9 dias atrás
Por su carrera merece un ballon d'or....
Video 4 Football
Video 4 Football 9 dias atrás
good player
Clacla Dia atrás
@ГрузинофашиЗд Ronaldo is laughing
Not good,iz it best
ឆេង Music Official
Song name ??
Jeremias Israel 10
Jeremias Israel 10 9 dias atrás
My idol ❤ Amazing zlatan
Martin Bulgaria
Martin Bulgaria 9 dias atrás
No doubt he is a super talanted
rdmcabee 9 dias atrás
Maybe it is an underrated skill, but I have never seen someone better at holding a defender on their back than Zlatan.
Mudassir Mohsin
Mudassir Mohsin 9 dias atrás
Tejum Zirdo
Tejum Zirdo 9 dias atrás
PES should introduce Zlatan's iconic of his last goal for Ajax.🙏🏻
Minsu-chan 10 dias atrás
name music ppls
Phil Thatcher
Phil Thatcher 10 dias atrás
Zlatan and Buffon still playing in 2021 💪 Wouldn't be surprised to see Ronaldo play on until his 40's.
Mari Banks
Mari Banks 10 dias atrás
What’s the song called?
GamePlay 10 dias atrás
Such a big talent but still he missed something to be Nr1
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